3 Weekend Activities You Can Enjoy For Free in Singapore

3 Weekend Activities You Can Enjoy For Free in Singapore

To some people, the weekend means fun and relaxation. But to their reluctant spouses, parents or friends, the mere mention of the phrase “TGIF” could be a warning that the next few days are going to be expensive. No matter how much of a scrooge you are during the week, it’s all too easy to spend all your hard earned savings in one fell swoop in a single weekend.

So when your partner/kids/friends start tugging at your sleeve asking what’s on the agenda for the weekend, here are some ways to keep things not just cheap, but completely free.



Full priced movie tickets are quite pricey on weekends at over $12. Go in a family of four and you’ll be paying close to $50 to spend 90 minutes watching yellow minions run around onscreen. But guess what, there are actually several ways to watch movies for free in Singapore other than borrowing the DVD from the library and screening it at home.

Thanks to DBS Movies by the Bay, every third Friday and Saturday of the month, blockbusters are screened under the stars in the Marina Bay area. Instead of stepping on soggy popcorn and turning around to scowl at the kids kicking your seat from behind, you’ll be stretching your legs on a picnic mat by the waterfront.



If you’re female, you’re already entitled to free entry on Wednesdays or Thursdays at many clubs. But if you’re a guy or just want to club for free on Fridays and Saturdays, all is not lost. You’re not doomed to spending your entire weekend partying at cover charge-free Thai discos.

Join Hazel’s Guestlist on Facebook and you’ll never have to worry about finding a free party ever again. Just RSVP online to get free entry to clubs like Kyo, Penthouse and Attica. There’s a fairly diverse range of parties, from university bashes to chi chi affairs.



Your idea of a good weekend might involve being whipped into shape by some muscle mary with a kettle bell hanging off each arm rather than navigating puke-filled club toilets. If that’s the case, you’re in luck, because there’s a ton of free fitness opportunities in Singapore.

The Singapore Sports Hub organises free events every weekend which range from yoga sessions to mass stair climbing workouts. There are also free learn-to-play sessions for a variety of sports including netball, basketball and dodgeball. Also, because every Singaporean has received $100 in ActiveSG credits, a trip to the swimming pool or tennis courts is completely free.

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