3 Ways to Get a Cheap Massage in Singapore For Not More Than $60

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When life gets too stressful, as it does 99% of the time in Singapore, some turn to alcohol, and others turn to spas. Unfortunately, like everything else here, both are expensive. Alcoholics can turn to the supermarket and 7-11 in times of desperation, but are spa addicts doomed to a life of grudgingly handing over $150 of their hard-earned cash for 60 minutes of peace? Not so. Here are three ways to enjoy a 60 minute massage in Singapore for under $60.


1. Ferret out an affordable spa

Sure, there are ways to get a massage for free, such as by getting your kids to jump up and down on your back or hijacking a friend’s OSIM massage chair.

But spa aficionados know that nothing beats a session at a real spa, complete with the scent of fragrant essential oils wafting through the air and the piped sounds of waterfalls or Kevin Kern.

While they are few and far between, there are some spas in Singapore that secretly offer affordable prices. Here are two spa chains where you can enjoy the complete spa experience for under $60, each with multiple outlets all over the island.

  • Healing Touch – Most of their massages are priced at $55 for an hour and include Thai, Javanese and shiatsu. The Yishun branch is also currently having a promotion that gets you an hour for $46+.
  • Traditional Javanese Massage Hut – As the name suggests, this place specialises in Javanese massage in tranquil ethnic-inspired surroundings. A 60 minute massage costs $60 for non-members.

2. Get a deal on Groupon

I have a friend who goes for massages every week, and while not exactly a beacon of thrift, as far as I know she has yet to be attacked by loansharks. Her secret? She buys deals on Groupon and hops from spa to spa.

Just enter the “massage” in the search field on Groupon and you’ll find tons of full body massage coupons going for less than $25. We even found some treatments in the Orchard area like this one, which means you can go during lunch break at work.

Some people have expressed trepidation at going for spa deals on Groupon for fear they’ll be forced at knife-point to sign up for a thousand dollar package.

Well, we guarantee the staff are going to say something to you about signing up for a package at the end of your massage. After all, the main reason they put deals up on Groupon is to secure repeat visits. But there’s nothing to be afraid of. In our experience, they’re usually quite nice and un-pushy, and a polite refusal is all it takes if you don’t want to sign up.


3. Go to a massage parlour

Sure, the masseuse might look more like a pro-wrestler than your ticket to relaxation, but once you close your eyes you won’t be able to tell the difference.

If you’re not picky about your surroundings and just want to get a solid massage at a good price, a traditional massage parlour—the kind that puts up foot reflexology charts on the walls—might be the answer.

There are thousands of massage parlours in every neighbourhood in Singapore. You can usually avoid the dodgy ones by spotting the scantily-clad women at the door….

Here are some to get you started.

How do you usually get your massage fix? Share with us in the comments!