10 Cheap Things to Do When Having Friends Over at Your Place

10 Cheap Things to Do When Having Friends Over at Your Place

So you’ve blown all your cash on your resale flat and are now enjoying the much-delayed experience of having your own place. Congratulations, but now that you’re broke and repaying loans for the next 30 years, it might not be such a good idea to continue knocking down those $30 cocktails at Marina Bay.

Sure, you could invite your friends over to your place, but there are only so many tours of your home you can give before they start to get bored. Here’s a list of affordable activities you can pull out of your sleeve when you’re trying to think of yet another reason to convince your friends to head over to your place.


1. Food-themed

Singaporeans love to eat, and the easiest way to shore up support is to organise a food-themed evening. If you’re handy in the kitchen, offering to cook for your friends is an easy way to lure them over. Otherwise, devise a theme (steamboat, pizza and beer, turkey Thanksgiving, sushi night, barbecue, pot luck party) and then pig out in the comfort of your living room. Don’t be too shy to ask your guests to contribute to the costs if you’ve got a huge party.


2. Karaoke

If you’re that one guy who actually bought a karaoke machine, your friends are probably already inviting themselves over to your place or showing up unannounced at 1am on a Saturday night. Even if you don’t have one, you can easily improvise by searching for the KTV versions of your favourite tunes on YouTube and hooking up your laptop to a few cheap microphones. Or you could just use the KaraokeAnywhere mobile app. Martell and KTV hostesses not included.


3. Games night

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a pool table at home, by “games” we’re referring to board games or video games like Rock Band. We also prefer to think of mahjong and poker as games rather than gambling, so they fall under this category too. The best thing is that even if your guests are hopeless conversationalists, they can still be fun to have around if they play well.


4. Binge watch movies or TV series

So maybe you’re the resident movie pirate… I mean collector with a film stash that’s the envy of all your friends. Instead of paying $10 to sit side by side in silence in a theatre, why not just do it for free at home? Whether you’re into arthouse cinema, blockbusters or Korean drama serials, you’ll probably be able to find whatever you need online… er, at Poh Kim, I mean.


5. Theme or costume party

There’s a reason company D&Ds often have a costume theme. They make an otherwise pointless event seem fun and purposeful. The same can apply if you’re entertaining friends over the weekend. Just think of a costume theme, prepare some food to go with it and perhaps throw on an appropriate film or soundtrack. You could have a Hawaiian luau, put on Lilo and Stitch and order Hawaiian pizza. This gives your friends a chance to finally let their Haiwaiian shirts from 1998 see the light of day once again.


6. Play badminton

Badminton is practically Singapore’s national sport, and virtually everyone played it as a child. A cheap way to squeeze in some exercise without having to bother trudging to the gym or pool is to get one to three friends together and whack some shuttlecocks around downstairs. Many HDB estates have badminton courts downstairs that you can use for free.


7. Use your condo facilities

If you or your parents paid for your condos with your souls, it makes no sense to not use the facilities as often as you can. Invite your friends over for a swim or a barbecue, for a game of tennis or to use the gym together. Sharing is caring, and it doesn’t cost you any extra money, since you’re forced to pay for them anyway.


8. Doggy date or play date

Those who have kids might miss the days when they had a lot more social time. It’s not easy having to always tell your friends you’re not free whenever you’re asked out for a drink because you can’t just leave your young children alone at home. Your friends with young children probably feel the same way, so why not organise a play date at your home? The kids get to learn how to interact with other children while the parents get some much needed social interaction with other adults. If you’re a dog owner, you can do the same with your other pet-owning friends.


9. Find a ridiculous or unique event to celebrate

You don’t need a birthday as an excuse to throw a party. There’s a “special” event every single day of the year. For instance, the 5th of March is the birthday of the founder of Nissin Foods—throw a cup noodle party where everyone brings a bag of their favourite flavour… or something. The 8th of March is International Women’s Day, which is a great excuse to round up your girl friends.


10. Spa night

This is probably more appealing for those of you who wear eyeliner, but it’s worth a try anyway. A bunch of face masks, a few bottles of nail polish, a tube of foot scrub and a bottle of wine can be a nice way to end a stressful day.

What activities do you enjoy most when you have friends over at your place? Tell us in the comments!