Letting Loose After a Long Week? Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Worry About the Cost

Letting Loose After a Long Week? Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Worry About the Cost

You’ve worked hard all week and you’re looking forward to the weekend to unwind with your friends and family. Does this sound familiar?

Your week in summary:

  • Delivered food to the office at lunchtime to try various foodie haunts without having to deal with the hassle of getting there and queuing.
  • Worked late and needed to catch a Grab ride home.
  • Ran out of groceries and stocked up by ordering online.
  • TGIF! Catch-up time with friends. Checked out a newly opened restaurant and hit your favourite bar after. The night ended late so you caught a Grab ride home.
  • Weekend brunch and dinner gatherings with partner and family, which are a weekly affair.


But are you saving money with the right credit card that matches your lifestyle?

You don’t want to be limited to earning rebates only on weekends or at specific places to earn the highest discounts. You want to be rewarded more without having to change your regular spending habits. That’s when a credit card can truly help you to save more money –when you don’t have to force yourself to go out of your way to spend just to earn the additional cashback.


You need a credit card that is not only an all-rounder, but gives you some of the highest cash back in town

If you had used the Citi Cash Back Card for all these occasions, you would have earned 8% cash back daily.

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MoneySmart Exclusive
Faster Gift Redemption
Cash Back on Dining, Groceries & Petrol
Up to 8%
Total Cash Back Cap, per month
From Shell & Esso
Up to 20.88% savings
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Valid until 07 Apr 2023

With the Citi Cash Back Card, you get:

  • 8% cash back on Dining & Groceries daily, worldwide
  • 20% cash back on Grab rides from now till 6 July, 8% cash back thereafter
  • Up to 20.88% fuel savings at Esso & Shell & 8% cash back on other petrol stations
  • Base rate of 0.25% on all spend

Plus, here’s what you may not have realised – the dining & groceries categories do not only include restaurants, cafes, bars and supermarkets, but also delivery. So, all your expenditure from the week summed up above? All eligible for 8% cash back.

And it gets better – the Citi Cash Back Card earns cash back on all transactions locally and overseas!


Cash back you could have earned over the week:

Weekly spend Amount Cash Back (Rebate)
Food and drinks, including deliveries, during the week $150 $12 (8%)
Groceries $100 $8 (8%)
Grab rides $50 $10 (20%)
TOTAL $250 $20

That’s $20 you could potentially earn from just a week’s spend with the Citi Cash Back Card.


That sounds really good – but what’s the catch?

All you need to do is ensure you spend at least $888 on the card in a statement month – something that shouldn’t be too hard, seeing how you’ve already spent $250 in a week.

Another thing to note is that there is a cap of $50 per month on the amount of bonus cash back you can earn from Grab rides during this promotional period (20% cash back on all Grab rides is valid from now till 6 July 2017, and you will earn 8% cash back capped at $25 per month thereafter). So once you’ve spent $250 on Grab rides in the month, you’ll continue to earn the base cash back rate of 0.25%.

For Dining, Groceries & Petrol, you can earn bonus cash back for each category capped at $25 per month and additional spends will earn 0.25% with no cap.

Interested? Apply for the Citi Cash Back Card now via MoneySmart.

S$120 cash back Terms and Conditions apply, click here for full details.

Are there any other common activities that you do on a weekly basis that you can earn cash back from as well? Share your thoughts with us here.