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3 Best Lifestyle Credit Cards in Singapore

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The party hasn’t started till I get there, people. “And when will that be?” Oh, usually about a half hour before the riot squad. Remember: When partying, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Just like hedge fund management. Be sure you’ve got the right credit cards though, so the rewards will compensate for the wallet damage. Check out these top three cards for the socially (hyper)active:


Why Get a Lifestyle Card?

You do realize the alternative is carrying a fistful of money, often in a dark and crowded nightclub?

That aside, lifestyle cards mitigate the cost of partying somewhat. You can get discounts on drinks, escape cover charges, and at the very least get some rebates. For those who aren’t into clubbing or drinking, lifestyle cards also discount things like movie tickets.

Please note that you should pay these cards in full every month. Otherwise, the interest just swallows any potential benefit, and it becomes cheaper just to use cash.


1. American Express Platinum Credit Card

amex-platinum-card copy

The Amex Platinum is the most versatile lifestyle card right now. This one’s equally good for a quiet movie night, or for a “wake up face down in the longkang” binge.

Other advantages include:

  • 1-for-1 drinks at Butter Factory
  • 20% of some premium bottles at Le Noir and Attica (which would make them only mildly overpriced)
  • 15% off spirits, wines, and champagne at The Pump Room

Not interested in clubbing? The card also gets you movie tickets at Cathay for $7 (2D movies) on weekdays, and $9.50 on weekends. You also get $5 off Platinum Movie Suite tickets. Then you get a medium popcorn with every two tickets purchased.

The Amex Platinum also lets you trade reward points for cashback. This translates to around 1% cashback, which is used to offset your next bill. If you shop in a Platinum partner outlet (selected stores), you earn 10 times the points.

For those who can’t have a good time locally, you can cheapen that flight ticket to Bali or wherever. The Amex Platinum gives you a bonus miles for every $1.28 you spend (approximately). This is valid for over 40 different airlines.

To qualify for the card, you’ll need a minimum income of $50,000 per annum. The annual fee is currently waived for the first year, which makes this an even better deal. If you are interested, you can apply for it here.


2. Citi Clear Platinum Card

citi-clear-platinum-card copy

This was one of our top picks last year, and it’s staying. The Citi Clear card still has the best advantages, for special occasions when you want to hit the clubs. “What special occasions would those be?” Well in MoneySmart, those are defined as “after six o’clock”.

The Citi Clear card combines clubbing benefits with an above-average reward scheme. Advantages include:

  • Free entry and 1-for-1 drinks at Zouk
  • 10% of total bill at Wala Wala
  • 15% off food menu at Beer Market

The rewards come in even before the first $5,000 spent, which is unusual. A spend of $4,900 (not hard in a whole year) gets you $20 vouchers at Crystal Jade or Robinsons.

No movie discounts here; but you earn 5 times the points when you buy tickets at Cathay, Eng Wah, or Golden Village.

This card requires a minimum income of $30,000 per annum, and has an annual fee of $161. This is waived for the first year. Interested? You can get the card here.


3. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card


And we’ll name this one after the first city that credit cards bankrupted…


Stan Chart’s Manhattan Platinum makes it on the lifestyle list this year. Mainly, because of the $80 cashback you got just for applying (valid till January 31, 2013).

Oh, missed that $80 huh? Follow us on Facebook, so we can give you a shout-out next time.

Promotions aside, this is a good card for movie-goers and drinkers. Or both. Actually, you should probably do both at the same time, especially if Adam Sandler’s on screen. It’s the only way he’s funny.

Anyway, this card gives you free entry to Velvet Underground (and some other clubs) on Fridays and Saturdays. But you have to be amongst the first 100 to flash it before midnight. You also get one free drink.

For movies, be one of the first 20 to charge the card at a Cathay Cineplex on the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and you get 1-for-1 movie tickets.

The cashback for this card is the best on this list:

  • Spend $1-$999 monthly: 0.5% cashback
  • Spend $1,000 – $2,999 monthly: 1% cashback
  • $3,000 and above: 3%

So rush to put things on your bill (and have your buddies pay you in cash).


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