The Quick Etiquette Guide to Doing Business in 10 Different Countries


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Customs are pretty important right? After all, customs govern what’s considered respectful, polite, and rude in society. Of course, customs considered polite etiquette in one part of the world might be downright offensive in another part of the world.

If you’re a tourist exercising poor cultural etiquette overseas, it’s usually forgiven on account that you’re a tourist and don’t know better (c’mon now, is it really that hard to borrow a Lonely Planet or Frommer’s travel guide from the library?).

In business however, you don’t have that luxury of ignorance – if you show poor business etiquette you don’t just lose face, you lose business deals.

Here’s a quick etiquette guide that’ll help you avoid cultural mishaps when traveling to one of the world’s 10 most popular nations to do business:


Source: Zendesk
Source: Zendesk


Final Note: Isn’t it amazing how it’s always the “little things” that can make the best (or worst) impressions when it comes to etiquette?

Showing the right etiquette and consideration when doing business overseas is often enough to seal a business deal, especially if you’re not the only party interested in a certain project, proposal, or strategic alliance.

This is by no means a definitive guide to business etiquette overseas, but it will give you enough information to make a positive first impression – and you never get second chances to make a good first impression.


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