8 Interesting Jobs You Probably Never Knew Existed & How to Find Them

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What does it take to be a “manipulator” or “scrum master”, and what do those job descriptions even mean?

Or have you ever dreamed of working in “brand name” companies such as Apple or a large bank — what job roles are available there that might match your skills sets?

Most importantly, you’ll need to know how to “fish” for these interesting or “brand name” jobs (through a reliable jobs portal, of course) — potentially from a “sea” of over 50,000 job listings.

The team at MoneySmart has been checking out Workforce Singapore’s MyCareersFuture (MCF) portal recently — purely for research purposes, we promised our boss — and we’ve compiled a bunch of interesting jobs you may like, plus tips on how to work the MCF’s search functions to zoom in on what you want quicker.

By the way, the MCF portal also has plenty of job hunting resources, virtual career fair events and you can even seek career advice (free of charge), e.g on how to better your CV.



8 interesting jobs and how to find them


1. Learning Strategist (Centre for Innovation in Learning), National Institute of Education

Pay: $3,200 to $5,200 monthly
Industry: Education and Training, Information Technology
Requirement(s): A University Degree; at least 2 years’ experience in Learning Analytics or related instructional design and development experience; experience in working with Learning Management Systems.
Posted 01 Mar 2021 / Closing on 31 Mar 2021

What is it
If you’ve never heard of a “learning strategist”, this role requires candidates to use Learning Analytics and conceptualise learning frameworks and methodologies, as well as design evaluation instruments and analyse data to measure the efficacy of the enhanced/new learning methods. In short, it’s a job where you design and measure everything about learning.

How to “fish” for similar jobs on MyCareersFuture

  • Search for jobs posted by an educational institute, in this case, NTU/NIE
  • Match skills, such as “Analytical Skills”, “Learning Management Systems”, “Analytics”, “Pedagogy” and so on
  • Search by job title, i.e. “Learning Strategist”


2. Consultant – Scrum Master – SG at Deloitte Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Pay: $5,100 to $12,000 monthly
Industry: Consulting
Requirement(s): Degree in Computer Sciences/Software Engineering/Information Technology is preferred; Scrum Master Certification (PSM 1 minimum); at least 3 – 5 years work experience as a Scrum Master; Agile practitioner mindset.
Posted 24 Feb 2021 / Closing on 26 Mar 2021

What is it
A “scrum master” kinda sounds like the rugby move where players are huddled together, a team play. It’s not wrong, because that’s what inspired this software development term. “Scrum” in software development is all about teamwork via a continuous iterative process (usually complex projects) with ongoing feedback, and a scrum master is the one who leads the team.

How to “fish” for similar jobs on MyCareersFuture

  • Search for jobs with the keyword “scrum master”
  • If you’ve got a scrum master or relevant certification, you can include that for skills matching
  • Those who enjoy the fields of consulting or computer science might also stumble across this job post when browsing the jobs within the categories


3. Geotechnical Engineer at Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd

Pay: $2,400 to $4,300 monthly
Industry: Building and Construction, Engineering, Sciences/Laboratory/R&D
Requirement(s): Degree in Civil Engineering / relevant; fresh graduates are welcome; MS OFFICE, AutoCAD
Posted 25 Feb 2021 / Closing on 27 Mar 2021

What is it
This is literally a “down-to-earth” position. Geotechnical engineers investigate subsurface geologic conditions using rock and soil mechanics, in order to design and build foundations for buildings and structures.

How to “fish” for similar jobs on MyCareersFuture

  • Match skills in “Civil Engineering”, “Foundation Design”
  • Search by industry, “Building and Construction”
  • Search by job title, i.e. “Geotechnical Engineer”


4. Robot Software Engineer (Manipulator) at Transforma Robotics

Pay: $3,600 to $6,000 monthly
Industry: Engineering
Requirement(s): Masters degree in related discipline with 4 years industry experience or PhD in related discipline with 2 years industry experience; proficiency in multi-DOF industrial robot kinematics and motion planning; proficiency in programming using C++, Python and extensive experience in Linux, Windows and ROS; proficiency in 3D camera, LIDAR and other 3D robot perception devices with cloud point processing
Posted 18 Feb 2021 / Closing on 20 Mar 2021

What is it
No — you’re not required to be manipulative, but you do need to engineer software to manipulate robots. Transforma Robotics, a spin-off company from NTU designs and builds robots for the construction industry primarily focused on indoor painting and construction quality assessment tasks. It’s a cool gig, but the academic requirements are rather advanced — you’ll need a postgraduate degree plus industry experience.

How to “fish” for similar jobs on MyCareersFuture

  • Search by matching your skills, such as “Robot”, “Software Design”, “Motion Control”, “LiDAR”, “ROS”
  • Search by employers that might dabble in robotics, in this case, Transforma Robotics
  • Search by job title, “Robot Software Engineer” (simply “Robot” and “Software Engineer” will bring out too many other jobs)


5. Incident Response Team Analyst at Facebook Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Pay: $5,000 to $10,000 monthly
Industry: Legal
Requirement(s): Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience; 2 to 3+ years of relevant experience in investigative or analytical roles; project management, operations or process improvement experience; experience with crisis management, government agencies or law enforcement; multiple language proficiency preferred; available to work weekend days on a rotational basis or a regular schedule.
Posted 4 Mar 2021 / Closing on 3 Apr 2021

What is it
Beyond the right to bragging rights that you’re working at Facebook, this person’s role is key to keep those on social media safe. The individual will bring operational excellence to the team that evaluates threat, risk and user privacy — in a world centered around time critical emergency escalations. Decisions need to be quick, revolving around factors such as imminence, sensitive issues, offensive, graphic content and more. There’s a bunch of coordination to do as well, including that with law enforcement. The incidence response team analyst will also need to create and articulate written and/or verbal responses to questions from law enforcement, government agencies, and internal teams.

How to “fish” for similar jobs on MyCareersFuture

  • Search by employers that have a social media presence or are social media, in this case, Facebook Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Search by industry, for example, Legal
  • Match your skills, such as “Analysis”, “Data Analysis”, “Incident Response”, “Law Enforcement”.


6. Market Insights Analyst, Apple Music at Apple South Asia Pte. Ltd

Pay: $5,000 to $10,000 monthly
Industry: Engineering
Requirement(s): BA/BS or equivalent industry experience; experience with data, financial, or business analysis using SQL, macros, etc; experience with search and recommendations engines; experience working in the music or movies/TV space
Posted 26 Feb 2021 / Closing on 28 Mar 2021

What is it
You just gotta love music, okay? And of course, the Apple brand. While you don’t need a music degree, you’ll definitely need an analytical mind. You will be a market expert for the Apple Music and Apple TV service and will spend your day reviewing data, analysing data, creating innovative ideas and reporting systematic issues.

How to “fish” for similar jobs on MyCareersFuture

  • Search by employers that have links to the music industry, in this case, Apple South Asia Pte. Ltd.
  • Search for “music” and this pops up
  • Match skills such as “Music”, “Data”, etc


7. Play Designer at Semec Enterprise Pte Ltd

Pay: $2,200 to $3,500 monthly
Industry: Design
Requirement(s): Degree in Design/Visual Communications/Product Design/Landscape Architecture or related discipline; proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; good knowledge in 3D software Rhino
Posted 1 Mar 2021 / Closing on 31 Mar 2021

What is it
Play Designer… say what? Well, this company specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing unique and innovative outdoor playgrounds. This designer is kinda like the “play master”, the mastermind of how a certain playground will look and feel — it’s not just design work, but also applying architecture/building concepts, education/motor development and so on.

How to “fish” for similar jobs on MyCareersFuture

  • Search for similar keywords, such as “Play” and “Playground”
  • Match skills such as “Adobe Creative Suite”, “Graphic Design” “Illustrator”, “Photoshop”, “InDesign”, “Creative Direction” and so on


8. Urban Farm Manager at Greenhood Pte. Ltd

Pay: $4,000 to $6,000 monthly
Industry: General Management
Requirement(s): Minimum 3 years’ experience in managing people / workforce, preferably in the agriculture space (hydroponics or soil-based); Degree/ Diploma in Agriculture or related fields; Passion for urban farming and engaging the community to promote a sustainable and healthier lifestyle
Posted 01 Mar 2021 / Closing on 31 Mar 2021

What is it
Many of us probably are plant parents by now, with “urban farms” in our homes, no thanks to the Covid-19 circuit breaker period that pushed us to find new hobbies. If you have green fingers and a track record in management, why not turn it into a full-time career? Urban farms are also the rage in Singapore now, what with limited land space and needing to produce 30% of our food by 2030.

How to “fish” for similar jobs on MyCareersFuture

  • Search by keyword, for example “Farm”, Green”, “Urban” to uncover similar positions and likeminded employers
  • Search by matching your skills, such as “Agriculture”, “Food Technology”, “Gardening”, “Green Technology”, “Horticulture”, “Organic Farming”, “Environment”, “Sustainable Agriculture” and so on


Over 50,000 jobs still out there

If these jobs don’t pique your fancy or don’t match your qualifications, don’t fret! On the WSG MyCareersFuture portal, there are tons of jobs available, over 50,000 to be exact.

However, instead of wading through each and every one, in addition to narrowing your search through minimum salary, skills matching, keywords, location, employer, job type and if there is government support available, you can also create an account to receive automated job alerts based on your preferences, or fill in your profile with your work experience for the portal to provide you with personalised job recommendations (viewable when you log into your account, on the main landing page below the search bar). As you become more active on the site, you’ll also have recommendations based on what other people like you are looking at or applying for.

Visit the MyCareersFuture portal to hunt down your dream job now.