Can A Fresh Grad Earn $5,000/month? Some Jobs That Offer A High Starting Pay & Other Considerations

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Really??? At a time like this?

I know we might sound crazy, given that Singapore’s overall unemployment rate was at its highest in October last year, at 3.6% (resident rate was 4.8% and citizen rate was 4.9%). Meanwhile, 2020 also saw companies resorting to pay cuts, or even going under when things took a turn for the worse.

The government even had to reach into our reserves to offer a Jobs Support Scheme and other Covid-19 support measures, as announced in Budget 2020 and the multiple supplementary Budgets of 2020.

Singapore — and the whole world — entered into a recession, with some industries badly hit as borders closed, such as aviation, travel/tourism and hospitality. Even the Monetary Authority of Singapore says that this downturn will be more prolonged than past recessions, with slow recovery for the jobs market.

However, things are looking up. A Covid-19 vaccine is finally a reality, with over 60,000 people (as of January) having received their first dose. In addition, thanks to the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package, about 33,100 job seekers were placed into jobs, traineeships and training opportunities. There are also opportunities in certain industries, such as manufacturing, marine and offshore sectors, which saw 6,370 job openings despite the recession.

Yes, there are horror stories of fresh grads being ghosted by employers. But that’s literally so 2020! As we move forward into 2021, earning a high starting salary of say, $5,000/month, could become our reality.


10 jobs for fresh grads that offer a high starting pay

The following jobs were gleaned from Workforce Singapore’s MyCareersFuture website (as of 26 Jan). We applied the following filters: “Minimum salary: 5000”, “Employment type: Full time”, “Job level: Fresh/entry level”, and “Posted by: Direct employers”. To make things easier, we sorted the jobs by salary (you can also sort by date posted and relevance).


1. Junior Trader with Ingensoma Arbitrage

Pay: $6,333 to $7,584 monthly

Industry: Banking and finance

Academic requirement(s): University degree, preferably in financial engineering, mathematics, actuarial science, computer science, engineering, statistics/economics or related field.

Other requirement(s): Some Exposure to at least one of these languages: R, C/C++, C#, Java, VBA, Python

62 applications / Posted 22 Jan 2021 / Closing on 21 Feb 2021



2. Account manager – Infectious Diseases with MiRXES

Pay: $6,000 to $8,000 monthly

Industry: Biomedical

Academic requirement(s): Degree in the field of life/biological/medical sciences,

Other requirements: Must be customer oriented, always maintain a high level of professionalism and highest standard of customer service.

20 applications / Posted 05 Jan 2021 / Closing on 04 Feb 2021



3. Graduate – Assistant Economist with Oxford Economics Asia Pacific and Middle East

Pay: $6,000 to $7,000 monthly

Industry: Consulting/Economics

Academic requirement(s): Degree in economics or a closely-related subject, preferably at postgraduate level

Other requirements: highly numerate and have good technical skills, excellent quantitative skills, fluency in English (written and spoken)

39 applications / Posted 06 Jan 2021 / Closing on 27 Jan 2021



4. #SgUnitedJobs Senior Research Engineer (IIoT Mechanical), Industrial Internet-of-Things Innovation (I3)

Pay: $5,900 to $11,800 monthly

Industry: Sciences/Laboratory/R&D

Academic requirement(s): BS/Eng, MS/Eng in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, or related fields

Other requirements: Experience in IOT systems and relevant technologies, good hands-on skills in software programming and knowledge in data analytics, knowledge in aerospace, offshore & marine, automotive and manufacturing would be advantageous

14 applications / Posted 29 Dec 2020 / Closing on 28 Jan 2021



5. Sales Coordinator with

Pay: $5,500 to $6,500 monthly

Industry: Sales & Marketing

Academic requirement(s): N/A
Other requirements: N/A

5 applications / Posted 20 Jan 2021 / Closing on 19 Feb 2021



6. Enterprise Engineer with Facebook

Pay: $5,000 to $10,000 monthly

Industry: Information technology

Academic requirement(s): Bachelors’ or master’s degree in computer science or a related field

Other requirement(s): SQL experience in handling volumes of data and performance tuning, understanding code bases, including API design techniques, programming experience, experience using web services, etc

9 applications / Posted 22 Jan 2021 / Closing on 21 Feb 2021



7. DevOps Engineer with GrabTaxi Holdings

Pay: $5,000 to $10,000 monthly

Industry: Engineering

Academic requirement(s): N/A

Other requirements: Experience with one or more cloud environments (AWS, Azure preferred), experienced DevOps or DevSecOps practitioner, and have operated production services in cloud environments, and more.

10 applications / Posted 06 Jan 2021 / Closing on 05 Feb 2021



8. Fundamental Quantitative Researcher with Dynamic Technology Lab

Pay: $5,000 to $9,000 monthly

Industry: Banking and finance

Academic requirement(s): Bachelor’s degree (exceptional performance) or a recent master’s/PhD in the finance, accounting, economics or related field

Other requirements: A key interest in financial markets, attention to detail; experience with Linux, Python or C++ would be a bonus.

14 applications / Posted 26 Jan 2021 / Closing on 25 Feb 2021



9. Back End Software Engineer with Agoda

Pay: $5,000 to $6,800 monthly

Industry: Information technology

Academic requirement(s): Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering

Other requirements: Java, databases, writing SQL queries, unfazed by developing, testing, debugging and rolling out systems that serve millions of users a day

84 applications / Posted 26 Jan 2021 / Closing on 25 Feb 2021



10. Business Development Representative with Recorded Future

Pay: $5,000 to $6,500 monthly

Industry: Sales/retail

Academic requirement(s): N/A

Other requirements: Fluent English language skills with additional language experience in Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Tagalog, Korean and/or Vietnamese. Experience with or ability to learn web applications such as and LinkedIn.

50 applications / Posted 06 Jan 2021 / Closing on 05 Feb 2021



Other ways to work your way up to a higher salary

Jobs that offer high starting salaries tend to be skewed to particular sectors, such as information technology, engineering, biomedical, banking and finance, the sciences or are (possibly) commission-based sales roles.

Before you start kicking yourself for not having the foresight to get the “right” degree, or blaming your non-existent interest in these sectors, it’s okay! There are still other aspects to consider that could bring you to your desired salary level.

Look at the prospects within the role

Are there possible on-job-training or learning opportunities to boost your future employability or is this a niche, one-dimensional role with little exposure? Depending on the nature of the job/industry, expanding your skill sets and knowledge could be the stepping stone to a higher-paying role elsewhere or the chance for you to gain soft skills that will put you in good stead no matter where you work.

Look at the prestige of the company

Admittedly, it can be easier to land your next job quickly and boost your employability when you are able to burnish your CV with a “brand name” company. Even if you’re not working for a well-known company, if you’ve been involved in signature events or have worked closely with prominent clients/organisations, it will also help in your future job search.

Look at the company’s other incentives

Beyond the starting salary, a company might have other incentives built into its overall pay package. There might be bonuses, welfare, free food, a gym in the office, a fantastic and flexible work culture, inspiring mentors you are able to learn from, or even a talent development programme where the company is willing to invest in your higher education or external training so you can always be up to date with highly relevant skills (another factor that will boost your employability).

Look at other practical aspects

On the MyCareerFuture portal, you are able to filter jobs that have government support, such as for SME opportunities or short-term trials if you want to explore jobs/sectors before you commit. Perhaps you are looking for an SGUnited Traineeship, or are considering a career switch and are looking to reskill or looking for an attachment.

Sometimes the most basic factors such as location might save you a ton of money (and time) in the long run, or angst during your morning commute on a crowded train. Maybe even a coffee machine in the office pantry (with your favourite brand of beans) will make you a happy camper!

Did you know?

MyCareersFuture is more than a job portal. You are able to match skills for on point job listings that can save precious time; and you can even seek career advice via a wealth of resources and industry guides, through consultation with a career coach (who can help beautify your CV), or attend virtual career fairs.

Just remember, fewer opportunities doesn’t mean there are no opportunities. Visit the MyCareersFuture portal to maximise your job search now.