POSB SAYE savings account singapore
POSB SAYE Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2022
POSB SAYE (Save As You Earn) is a special savings account that allows you to earn additional interest on ...
7 June 2022
singapore personal finance myth
6 Personal Finance Myths Singaporeans Need To Stop Believing
When it comes to finance issues, we get wisdom from our parents, friends, lecturers, siblings, and our ...
5 April 2022
3 Reasons why Singaporeans are not happier even with higher incomes
3 Reasons Why Rising Household Income is Not Making Singaporeans Happier
Money is at the root of pretty much everything Singaporeans are stressed about. Work-related stress is ...
15 February 2022
Income Tax Singapore
10 Ways to Reduce Your Personal Income Tax in Singapore for YA2023
I know, I know. It’s not even Chinese New Year and here I am, writing an article about income tax. While ...
25 January 2022
nsf ns singapore pay salary allowance
National Service in Singapore — NSF Ranks, Pay and Other Benefits
I’ve obviously never served National Service (NS), but from what I gather, it’s pretty serious business. ...
24 January 2022
food delivery rider
Food Delivery Riders: How Much Can You Earn as a Deliveroo, Foodpanda or Grabfood Rider?
With low barriers to entry and plenty of flexibility, it’s no surprise that being a food delivery rider ...
18 January 2022
cpf retirement sum
CPF Retirement Sum – How Does It Work and How Much Do You Need?
Already counting down the days to retirement… when you’re only 25 years old? Late nights at the office ...
10 January 2022
bank accounts singapore
3 Types of Bank Accounts You Should Consider Opening This New Year
Getting stuck in mile-long ATM queues is one of the more frustrating moments in a Singaporean’s life—especially ...
6 January 2022
3 Financial New Year’s Resolutions Singaporeans Should Make For 2022
3 Financial New Year’s Resolutions Singaporeans Should Make For 2022
Whether you pledged to save a certain amount of cash, raise your income, pay off your credit card debt ...
6 January 2022
new year resolutions
5 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Finances This 2022
If you had zero financial discipline in 2021, don’t worry – it’s already time to hit reset on those New ...
31 December 2021
civil service salary
Civil Service Singapore: Pros and Cons Of Working For Singapore
These days, the corporate sector is a dangerous place to be. With waves and waves of retrenchment in the ...
30 December 2021
cost of living
Cost of Living in Singapore (2022) — Is Your Salary Really Enough?
Singapore is always appearing at the top of those cost-of-living surveys. But how expensive is it really ...
29 December 2021
quit job singapore
Should You Quit Your Job Without Another Job? Here Are 4 Things To Note
It’s officially resignation season. Once upon a time, quitting without a new job used to sound totally ...
17 December 2021
highest paying jobs singapore 2018
Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore 2022: Which Jobs Pay 6-Figure Annual Salaries?
I firmly believe that comparing ourselves to others is a pointless exercise. Only tiger parents engage ...
7 September 2021
doctor lawyer salary singapore
Ever Wondered How Much Your Doctor and Lawyer Friends Earn?
Kiasu parents all over Singapore put their kids through years of private tuition sessions and enrichment ...
16 August 2021
My Career Future WSG jobs unique Singapore
8 Interesting Jobs You Probably Never Knew Existed & How to Find Them
This post was written in collaboration with Workforce Singapore (WSG). While we are financially compensated ...
WSG My Career Future Sg Fresh Grad Jobs 5k and above
Can A Fresh Grad Earn $5,000/month? Some Jobs That Offer A High Starting Pay & Other Considerations
Really??? At a time like this? I know we might sound crazy, given that Singapore’s overall unemployment ...
sugarbook sugar baby singapore
Being A Sugar Baby in Singapore — How Much Money Can This Controversial “Job” Make?
You can say that the rise of dating apps like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel have completely changed the ...
18 March 2020