3 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs You Can Do While in School

top paying part time jobs for students singapore

When I was at school, I worked as a waitress for $5 an hour. Each shift was 4 hours long and paid me only $20. To make matters worse, I always woke up late and ended up taking a cab ride that cost more than $5.

Students these days are much smarter than I was. Here are some of the highest paying part-time jobs that can make even working adults envious.

1. Tuition Teacher

Thousands of university and polytechnic students in Singapore make extra cash by becoming tuition teachers to students lower down than them on the food chain. Once you’ve got your O level cert, you’re pretty much considered a qualified tutor. Admittedly, seeing a 16-year-old address a 17-year-old as “Teacher” can be a bit weird.

How much? O level graduates should be able to command rates of at least $20/hour to teach lower primary kids. University students can earn anything from $30 to $50 for teaching O level and A level students.

2. Insurance Agent

Never mind that at your age you have no idea why someone might need insurance in the first place. Tertiary students who are at least 21 can join insurance teams affiliated with some of the biggest insurance companies such as Prudential. There are a couple of examinations to pass and a licence to obtain, but afterwards you are very much on your own. The job itself isn’t rocket science—your main task is to convince people to turn up for appointments with you by telemarketing, approaching them on the streets or digging through your network, and then persuading them to sign up for insurance policies.

How much? A good insurance agent can earn a few thousand dollars a month and still have time to turn up for school.


3. Real Estate Agent

While Singaporeans are always complaining about how unaffordable property is, for some reason many real estate agents seem to be doing quite well for themselves. Real estate agents in Singapore make a real killing during boom time, and there’s no reason a student who’s at least 21 years of age can’t do it too. Aspiring agents will have to pass an exam and then apply for a licence from the Council of Estate Agents, which costs about $1,000. You need to invest a little to make money, though–many agents have their own vehicles so they can ferry clients from one place to another, and many spend money to take out ads in the newspapers.

How much? Many full-time real estate agents in Singapore earn five figures a month on average. While you’re unlikely to earn anything the first few months—the learning curve is a bit steeper than for other sales jobs, just closing your first deal will earn you some serious cash. You can make up to $5,000 for selling an HDB flat.

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