Here’s How 3 of NTUC Income’s Car Insurance Services Can Make Your Life Much Easier

Here’s How 3 of NTUC Income’s Car Insurance Services Can Make Your Life Much Easier

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You love cruising down the expressway in your car, blasting the air con and your favourite tunes.

But before you can take your car on the road, you need to first have car insurance to protect you.

Motor insurance is mandatory for car owners in Singapore. Some drivers just look for the cheapest car insurance policy on the market without looking at what kind of protection they’re getting. But they don’t realise that they might be shortchanging themselves should they actually end up having to make a claim with it someday.

These days, insurers like NTUC Income offer lots of free added value services with their policies. These can make your driving and claims experience more comfortable and hassle-free.


NTUC Income’s motor insurance makes your life easier

If you’re buying a new car or your motor insurance is up for renewal, NTUC Income’s Motor Insurance policy is definitely worth a look.

The policy goes above and beyond providing basic insurance coverage, offering perks that really value-add to your experience as a driver.

Here are three big advantages NTUC Income car insurance policyholders enjoy.


1. Orange Force, a 24/7 accident response team

When you get into an accident, NTUC Income does a lot more than direct you to their claims hotline.

Their Orange Force team is on-call 24/7 to assist you at the site of the accident. And trust me, being in an accident is so stressful you’ll be glad to have someone to help. So keep their number on speed dial and call them the moment you get into trouble.

Let’s say another car rear-ends your vehicle on the road.

Once you’ve moved your car to the side of the road (if it’s possible and safe to do so), whip out your phone and call NTUC Income.

Orange Force Riders will arrive at the scene, ensure your safety, assist to remove accident vehicles and arrange alternative transportation if necessary. They will also advise you on the claim process.

For anyone who’s ever been in an accident before, you will know exactly how much of a relief it is to be able to have some help navigating a potentially tricky situation especially when insurance claims are involved.


2. Motor Service Centre

So, you’ve had an accident, and now your car needs to be assessed so your insurance claim can be processed.

Your next step, after leaving the site of the accident, would be to head down to the Motor Service Centre, where you will be assisted by customer care staff who are well-versed in the company’s damage assessment and accident reporting process.

They’ll go through the damage of the car with you, and then your car will be assigned to one of their approved quality workshops.

While your car is being repaired, they’ll send you updates and can also arrange for a replacement car in the interim for an additional fee should you require one.

They’ll oversee the repairs to your car and make sure they’re performed to a high standard before releasing the vehicle back to you.

This really helps to reduce the amount of time wasted and the stress experienced after an accident, so you can quickly get on with your life.


3. Accident reporting

Before making a claim, you will need to submit an accident report. This report should be submitted ideally within 24 hours of the accident happening and is a crucial part of the insurance claims process.

For many people, the old way of filing an accident report can be quite a hassle. Recognising this, NTUC Income has created a new app to help solve this pain point. The first of its kind in Singapore, Accident Reporting by Income is an app that makes accident reporting way simpler than it used to be. You can submit a report easily without having to move from your own home within minutes.


From accident to successful insurance claim

As you can see, life as a driver is definitely made a lot easier when you’re insured by NTUC Income because of the free added value services that are provided on top of the mandatory insurance you need to buy.

In fact, there are really only a few steps you need to take from the minute you get into an accident to making a claim.

  1. Call NTUC Income from the site of the accident and be assisted by the Orange Force accident response team.
  2. Turn up at the Motor Service Centre, where your accident report will be compiled and submitted by the customer care executives, and your car will be assigned to a workshop.
  3. Pick up your newly-repaired car. You will then be updated with any further information on the result of your claim after the investigation process is complete.

Ready to protect your car with an insurance policy that genuinely makes life easier? Sign up for NTUC Income’s motor insurance here.

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