DirectAsia’s Motorcycle Insurance Review 2021 — 5 Standout Value-for-Money Features

DirectAsia motorcycle insurance review 2021

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If you’re looking for motorcycle insurance, DirectAsia is one of the insurers in Singapore that offers this protection for you and your bike.

DirectAsia offers various motorcycle insurance coverage options for riders to choose from — comprehensive, third party fire and theft (TPFT) or third party only (TPO) — and safe riders are also rewarded with a No-Claims Discount (NCD) on their motorcycle insurance premiums.

Perhaps one key consideration is how DirectAsia allows you to freely customise your motorcycle insurance policy to your needs, along with optional benefits for peace of mind — from as low as $8.50 a month.

Let’s take a look at 5 standout value-for-money features that DirectAsia’s motorcycle insurance policies offer:


1. You can get up to NCD30 (with protection to boot)

Typically, if you’re a safe rider with no accidents, you can accumulate a No-Claims Discount (NCD) on your motorcycle insurance premium. To earn the maximum of NCD20, you need to be riding safely for a minimum of 3 consecutive years.

The added bonus is DirectAsia’s motorcycle insurance plans aim to reward safe riders with NCD up to 30%. Here’s how it works:

If you’re currently at NCD20: Your NCD at DirectAsia is:
For 1 year 25%
For 2 or more consecutive years 30%

Riders may still be entitled to their NCD even if they made a claim, provided the accident was not their fault.


2. You can repair your bike at any workshop

One glowing feature of DirectAsia’s motorcycle insurance policy is that you can repair your bike at any chosen workshop. Riders have the total freedom to use their own trusted garage — or in the event of a breakdown/accident, they can send the bike to the nearest workshop without worrying about it not being covered by their insurance.

That’s one less thing to remember, and one less thing to worry about.

In addition, bike owners whose motorcycles are still under manufacturer or dealer warranty will likely not be penalised if they choose to use their own workshop. In Dec 2017, the Competition Commission of Singapore announced it had worked with major bike dealers to remove restrictions on bike owners from using independent workshops — bike dealers can no longer use this to void warranties.


3. You’re covered if your bike is damaged by a flood or natural disaster

If your area often experiences ponding or other issues, you might want to consider a motorcycle insurance policy that covers your bike should it be damaged by a flood or natural disaster.

DirectAsia’s comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy covers damage by flood or a natural disaster (and even vandalism), in addition to fire and theft. This includes the bike’s market value and its original accessories.

Remember, if your bike gets stuck/damaged in a flood, do not attempt to start your motorcycle immediately after as the water could damage the engine. You should also report all such incidents to the insurer.


4. You can get add-on coverage for more peace of mind

Need additional coverage to suit your lifestyle and family needs? DirectAsia’s motorcycle insurance plans come with add-on options that include NCD Protector Plus, Any Rider, Medical Expenses, Personal Accident, 24-Hour Breakdown Assistance and New for Old. Let’s quickly look at each add-on feature:

NCD Protector Plus

Earlier we discussed DirectAsia’s special NCD30 feature for safe riders. It also offers the option for those with NCD20 and above to protect and advance their NCD with its NCD Protector Plus. With this optional cover, riders can still advance their NCD to the next level the following year, provided they don’t make more than 1 “at-fault” claim.

Any Rider

Motorcycle insurance policies generally require all riders to be named. With DirectAsia’s optional Any Rider benefit, the motorcycle insurance will cover any other person you trust and authorise to ride your bike.

The onus is on you, however, to ensure that this person has held a valid motorcycle licence for at least 2 years, hasn’t had their licence suspended or cancelled, hasn’t had an accident in the last 3 years, and will not be using your bike to carry out unauthorised activities.

Medical Expenses

Coverage of up to $2,500 per insured person for each accident that immediately and directly involves your bike (excess of $107 on each claim applies).

Personal Accident

This is different from medical expenses as Personal Accident cover is a lump-sum payout depending on the type of outcome arising from an accident involving your bike.

24-Hour Breakdown Assistance

It’s 3am and your bike broke down. DirectAsia offers 24-hour breakdown assistance, which pays the activation or call out fee, and towing if needed. This benefit only covers the assistance, not repair/replacement fees or services needed.

New for Old

You’re able to get your motorcycle replaced if it gets stolen or it suffers a total loss in an accident (irreparable, or cost of repair outweighs the cost to replace).

No doubt, these add-ons are a relief to bike owners, in fortifying their protection for more peace of mind.


5. Fast and personalised claims process

DirectAsia has a team of dedicated claims specialists, who are on-call 24/7. They are on hand to listen to your queries and the personal claims specialist will follow through your claim process from start to end.

These dedicated claims specialists have also helped DirectAsia clinch the Feefo Gold Trusted Award, meaning, DirectAsia collected at least 50 reviews in the calendar year assessed, and achieved a Feefo service rating of at least 4.5.

Remember, all accidents must be reported to the insurer within 24 hours, even if no claims are being made on your insurance or when there’s no damage. Otherwise, your NCD may be affected.


DirectAsia motorcycle insurance — current promotions

Riders who purchase DirectAsia’s motorcycle insurance can benefit from the following promotions (valid till 31 Dec 2021):

  • Up to $30 worth of Shell fuel vouchers
  • Get 10% off your motorcycle insurance policy if you’re insuring more than 1 bike
  • Refer a friend to receive $25 shopping vouchers (your friend gets them too)

Find out more about DirectAsia’s motorcycle insurance plans and sign up here. You can also check out DirectAsia’s promotion page for the latest promotions.