Think Car Insurance is All About Low Premiums? Here’s How FWD Delivers More Than Just That

FWD Car Insurance is more than just low premiums. Lifetime 50% NCD guarantee, 24-hour roadside assistance for breakdowns & more

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As your archetypical Singaporean, the first thing I look at — whether it’s a car insurance premium or the delivery fee of my favourite restaurant — is the price tag.

Sounds mercenary, but hey, that’s pragmatism for you. It’s also a valid concern for those who want to be financially savvy. What value can I get out of the money I spend?

Hence it’s only natural that drivers will gravitate towards the most cost-effective option when it’s time to buy car insurance, as well as…


High rate of successful claims

According to FWD’s 2019 statistics, 98.9% of its car insurance claims were approved last year. It’s good to hear, as this high rate of successful claims shows that, as an insurer, FWD is reliable and delivers on the payouts it promises.

Car repair authorisation is also speedy, thanks to technology.

For example, should your car be sent to FWD’s panel workshop due to a road accident, the car workshop will arrange with FWD’s surveyor to assess the damages via live video. Hence, your car repair authorisation can be done within the same day*.

*within 1 working day and only applicable for cases that do not need investigation, only for repair estimates below $8k 


Features that matter

These highlights aside, we also need to look at other aspects, so that we can benefit in the long run.

Why buy car insurance at all if your insurer refuses to tow your car to the workshop and provide you with alternative transport arrangements?

It’s also ridiculous to buy a cheap plan if your claim isn’t going to be successful anyway. And what if you suddenly get a flat in the middle of the PIE with no spare tyre stashed away in your boot?

Wallet-friendly premiums aside, did you know that FWD also offers excellent product benefits and customer experience?

Here are some of the cool car insurance features (2 are exclusive) that make FWD such a value-for-money insurer to ride with:


Exclusive: 24-hour roadside assistance for breakdown

Currently, FWD is the only insurer to offer 24-hour roadside assistance for both accidental and non-accidental breakdown, for all FWD Comprehensive car insurance plans.

If you’re literally stuck in the middle of nowhere, call FWD’s emergency assistance hotline for free services such as towing, battery jump start, battery replacement, changing of flat tyres (with your own replacement tyre), petrol top-up, and more.

Generally, car insurance companies don’t cover breakdown caused by wear-and-tear such as flat tyres. So it’s good to note that FWD includes this in their comprehensive car insurance plan.

And you shouldn’t be driving on a close-to-empty tank either. For one, it could damage your car’s engine, and you might also be charged according to the law if your negligence causes you to be stuck on an expressway or tunnel.

But yes, petrol tanks can leak, and things can go wrong with your car. So FWD has got you covered for these “what ifs”.


Exclusive: Lifetime 50% NCD Guarantee

FWD is also the only insurer at this moment to guarantee your hard-earned 50% no-claims discount (NCD) for life. But you’ll need to stick with FWD to keep it. No biggie!

How it works: You are automatically eligible for FWD’s Lifetime NCD Guarantee if your current NCD when purchasing or renewing an FWD car insurance policy is 50%. You’ll be protected regardless of the number of “at fault” claims made against the policy as long as you remain insured by FWD and continuously hold a valid and active Singapore motor licence.

This is NOT a free pass to go all out, Daytona style, on your next midnight drive. 

“At fault” accidents don’t mean they were deliberately caused by you or reckless driving. Maybe you were caught in a 4-car pile-up on the CTE and the impact of the car behind bumping into you made you rear-end the car in front of you.

One of the general exclusions in the policy states: “Any loss or damage due to the failure or negligence to take reasonable and necessary precautions to protect property and minimise claims under this Policy…” So you know what NOT to do, okay?


Any driver you trust to drive your car is insured

Many car insurance policies will require you to name the other user(s) of the car for them to receive the same protection.

These people typically include family members, your significant other, a good buddy… people you really, really trust and can alert the insurance company in advance that these specific people will also be driving your MPV.

What happens if a not-so-close bro suddenly reaches out to you and asks if he can borrow your car for an urgent client meeting? Or your new girlfriend/boyfriend insists on taking over the wheel?

The interesting thing about FWD’s car insurance is that anyone you trust to drive your car is insured. Without the rigidity of naming them. But you MUST trust them (and their driving skills), okay?


Daily transport allowance

This is rather standard, but a must-have. Taxis and private-hire transport can cost a bomb, and public transport may be economical but not efficient if you need to be at Paya Lebar at 10am, Tuas at 11am, and then back to Changi Airport to drop-off your client by 12.30pm.

With FWD’s comprehensive car insurance, you can receive up to $80 per day (up to 10 days) while your car is being repaired.

That’s probably enough to rent a car too.


Good customer experience

In addition to the high rate of successful claims and easy-to-use claims portal, FWD also makes it easy and convenient for customers to get insured. I can even get a quote in under 30s from the comfort of my home!

And if there are any issues, there are multiple channels where I can reach out to FWD: Chatbot, call, email… so it’s pretty helpful to me as a customer.


And of course, premiums starting from $383*

FWD has always been known for its attractive premiums and extensive car coverage at competitive prices.

Of course, premiums vary based on the car’s brand/make/model, the driver’s age and driving experience, the driver’s NCD, demerit points (if any), how old the car is, and so on.

Get your personalised car insurance quote from FWD here.


Which of these car insurance benefits from FWD appeal the most to you? Let us know in the comments below!


*As of 28 May 2020. Based on a driver who has been driving for more than 3 years; she is 40 years old and married. She is presently driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L that is 8 years old. She has 50% NDC and hasn’t made any claims to date. She has no demerit points.


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