Total Tyre Shield Programme: Tyres From $96 Each, Free Unlimited Comprehensive Tyre Protection Worth $150 & More

Total Tyre Shield, Tyre Insurance for your Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki from $96 per tyre

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When it comes to our precious car, we regularly send it for maintenance/servicing and make sure we get the best car insurance package that makes our money’s worth. One thing we should also think about is our ride’s tyres, which are indispensable as we rely on them to take us to and from places. 

If it’s about time to replace your tyres, Total Tyre Shield launched in May 2021 by Borneo Motors (BMS) and Champion Motors (CMS) — the first in the industry of its kind — is a sweet deal. 

Not only do you get a completely fresh set of wheels from $96 per tyre, you’ll also get unlimited coverage for a variety of damages that may affect your wheels over their lifespan.


But first… Why change your tyres?

Depending on your mileage, how often you drive and on what kind of roads, tyres will get worn out by a variety of factors and will eventually require replacement.

Wear and tear will reduce the tread depth of tyres and reduce the effectiveness of the grip, making it more dangerous when braking.

Take note: If you’re a driver who’s prone to speeding or can’t resist hitting the pedal on an empty stretch of road, your tyres are probably more prone to wear and tear. Jam braking also contributes to the damage. Even ill fitted wheels and rim sizes can lead to faster damage, as well as different sized tyres.

Tyres also lose their elasticity over time and in humid conditions, which you can’t escape from in Singapore’s tropical climate.

According to SgCarMart, a good rule of thumb for when to get your tyres changed is estimated around 3-6 years from the date of manufacture, depending on driving patterns and usage. Hence a safe gauge is to NOT drive for more than 5 years without ever changing your tyres, as this could affect the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road.

So if you think it’s time for a tyre overhaul, Total Tyre Shield offers the following features that will make the change worth it. 


1. Tyres from as low as $96 each

Good tyres from reputable brands already cost around $100 and up, without additional support or protection. So if you need repairs, you could end up forking out more.

With the Total Tyre Shield programme, purchase a brand new set of 4 tyres from BMS/CMS — that’s 4 new tyres fresh from the factory.

And it’s not only limited to Toyota drivers. There are 3 brands available for drivers of different cars. For Toyota and Suzuki cars, new tyres cost $96 per tyre, whereas if you drive a Lexus, the tyres cost from $160 per tyre.


2. Free unlimited comprehensive tyre protection worth $150

Did someone say unlimited? Yup, Total Tyre Shield offers free protection for the entire lifespan of your new tyres! Not only do you get fresh wheels that can last you a good number of years, you’ll also get unlimited coverage on puncture repairs, patching, rotation, and wheel balancing.

Take our word for it: If your wheels always suay suay kena puncture from some unknown source, you can get them repaired for free!

Also, the additional adjustments that Total Tyre Shield comes with all the adjustments that a car regularly needs. We may not think about these but things like wheel rebalancing makes sure the weight of the car is evenly distributed across all 4 wheels to prevent the tread wearing out faster, while rotation ensures the tyres are repositioned to evenly spread the wear and tear across all 4 tyres and maximise the tread as much as possible.

All these are included for free with Total Tyre Shield. Nothing too much for a lifetime of protection for your car tyres and to get smooth rides, and most importantly, for you and your family’s safety. 


3. Access to skilled technicians

No one wants a random, unproven technician tinkering with their precious vehicle.

Thankfully, with the Total Tyre Shield Programme, you get access to the skilled authorised technicians from Borneo Motors and Champion Motors who are specifically trained to work on the different models of Toyota, Suzuki or Lexus cars — and not some random roadside workshop with a friendly ah beng that you’ve never set foot into.

Safe to say, you can leave your precious car with them for peace of mind and trust that you’ll get it back with your tyres in order.

Pretty worth it huh?

Borneo Motors - Total Tyre Shield - protection for Toyota, Suzuki, Lexus


How to sign up for Total Tyre Shield

Total Tyre Shield is open to all those who own Toyota, Suzuki or Lexus cars. New tyres are available on a first come, first served basis though, so you need to act fast.

National Day promo

From 1 July to 31 Aug 2021, get $56 off when you spend $556 during your vehicle servicing.
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