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Aviva Car Insurance Singapore Review 2018

Clara Lim



Guys might remember Aviva from NS days as it’s the insurance partner of MINDEF/MHA and would have tried to sell you life insurance at some point. But did you know there’s also Aviva car insurance?

Apart from giving preferential rates to policyholders who signed up during NS, it is also known for the lowest NCD penalty (10%) on the market if you do make a claim. Apart from that, here’s what else Aviva has to offer.


Aviva car insurance plans

There’s just the one car insurance plan from Aviva, basically a comprehensive plan with extensive coverage including:

  • Third party damages
  • Emergency, accident & breakdown assistance in Singapore
  • Insuring your car and accessories against loss, fire and theft
  • New car replacement if damaged car is <1 year old
  • Personal accident coverage
  • Medical expenses coverage

One interesting thing to highlight is that you do not have to pay a single cent for excess, nor will your NCD be affected, if Aviva determines that you’re not “at fault”. Of course, the question of who is at fault hinges on your evidence, the surveyor, and a whole bunch of other factors.

Aviva car insurance is best for cars that are no longer under warranty and therefore free to be serviced at any workshop. That’s because claims through Aviva are easy and unlimited if you go through an Aviva authorised workshop.

If you want to go through your preferred or your dealer’s workshop, well, technically you can… but you need to jump through some administrative hoops to do that, and it’s capped at $600.


Aviva car insurance add-ons

Even though Aviva’s car insurance plan is already very comprehensive, there are a few more add-ons you can choose from to extend your coverage even further:

Car insurance add-on Description
NCD Protector Protect your No Claim Discount (good for one claim only)
Loss of Use Cover (Courtesy Car) Courtesy car (up to 10 days) when your car is undergoing repair due to an accident
Locks & Keys Cover up to $500 for replacing locks & keys
Audio Equipment Cover up to $1,500 for replacing audio equipment
Personal Accident Cover Choose your coverage up to $100,000 for driver & passengers
Identity Theft Up to $2,500 for expenses incurred if someone steals your identity and $500 for credit card fraud

Just for Aviva, you might want to consider skipping the NCD Protector (which is available for 40% NCD and above). That’s because if you make a claim, Aviva only penalises you with a 10% reduction in your NCD – super low compared to the industry standard 30%.


How to get cheaper premiums with Aviva?

Because Aviva’s base plan is very comprehensive, it’s not going to be the cheapest around no matter what. In addition, you may not be able to adjust your excess for a cheaper premium – it’s only available for selected models and drivers.

So, how can you get a cheaper premium? Apart from the usual NCD and reduced premium for off-peak usage, NSmen can also get a 15% discount off your plan if you had opted for voluntary term life insurance with Aviva when you were in the army.

Type of discount Description Amount
NCD (No Claim Discount) Given in increments of 10% for each year you don’t file a claim 10% to 50%
MHA/MINDEF Insurance MHA/MINDEF Group Term Life policyholders get discount 15%
Off-peak Usage Cheaper premiums for off-peak cars Varies
Dual Year Plan Lock in your premium (plus any savings or discounts) when you commit to 2 years instead of the usual 1 year Varies


Why (or why not) choose Aviva car insurance?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – you’re not going to go with Aviva based on price, unless you’re an Aviva policyholder and can get that sweet extra 15%.

Aviva isn’t going to play the budget insurers’ game and compete to see who has the cheapest and most basic plan. Instead, they’re focusing on good coverage and support, including emergency roadside assistance within 20 minutes (similar to NTUC’s Orange Force).

But perhaps their biggest selling point is the low 10% penalty on your NCD if you make a claim.

If you don’t want your kid who just got his license to go wild and ruin your hard-earned 50% NCD when he drives your car, Aviva car insurance might be a good option to consider. While the NCD Protector add-on will protect your NCD against the first claim, at least you won’t suffer a huge 30% penalty if there happens to be a second claim.

Also, the Dual Year Plan is a good deal is you currently enjoy a good rate. Even if you get a higher NCD next year, there’s just no telling how much your premium next year will cost – too many factors beyond your control! So if you’re happy to be insured with Aviva, consider locking in your rate for 2 years.


Is Aviva’s low NCD penalty worth the extra cash? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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