Singlife with Aviva Car Insurance Singapore Review 2022

Aviva Car Insurance Review

NOTE: Aviva is now Singlife with Aviva

Singaporean men might remember the insurer Aviva from their NS days as it provides insurance coverage during National Service. But did you know there’s also Singlife with Aviva car insurance?

Apart from giving preferential rates to policyholders who signed up during NS, Singlife with Aviva is also known for the lowest NCD penalty on the market if you do make a claim — 10% rather than the standard 30%.

Here’s what else Singlife with Aviva car insurance has to offer.

Aviva car insurance plans at a glance

Singlife with Aviva car insurance policies all offer comprehensive coverage for your car. There are 3 tiers so you can pick the most cost-effective one for your needs. Here are the 3 plans at a glance:

Aviva car insurance plan Lite Standard Prestige
Choice of workshop Authorised workshops only Authorised workshops. Or pay double excess for non-authorised workshops Any workshop
Replacement car provided for New cars up to 1 year old New cars up to 1 year old New cars up to 2 years old
Young & inexperienced driver excess $2,500 $2,500 None
Windscreen excess payment $100 $100 None
Medical expense coverage $500  $2,500 $5,000
Third party liability $5 million $5 million $5 million
Other perks None $1,000 for personal belongings $3,000 for personal belongings, transport allowance

Which Aviva car insurance plan is best?

Of the 3 car insurance plans available, which should you pick? The answer depends on how much you’re willing to pay, who drives your car, and what kind of car it is.

Let’s run through the plans from cheapest to most expensive.

Lite: We’d recommend the Lite plan for older cars that (no longer under warranty), second hand cars, or parallel imports. If your car fits this profile, being restricted to a Singlife with Aviva authorised workshop would not be an issue for you — and it makes claims easier as well.

However, bear in mind that the market-leading NCD penalty of 10% does not apply to the Lite plan. We would assume the penalty is the usual 30%.

Standard: Similar to Lite, we’d recommend the Standard plan for any car that’s not under warranty. Technically you can go to “any” workshop, but your excess will be doubled if it’s not a Singlife with Aviva authorised workshop. Which is just silly.

Singlife with Aviva does offer the 10% NCD penalty for the Standard plan, so you’d be paying a bit more for that assurance.

Prestige: If you’re really finicky about which workshop you go to or if your car is still under warranty, it makes more sense to go for the Prestige.

This priciest plan is aimed at new drivers (or families with young drivers) — it also waives the young & inexperienced driver excess, as well as eCall assistance so you can get personalised support in an accident.

What Aviva car insurance add-ons are there?

Even though Singlife with Aviva’s car insurance plan is already very comprehensive, there are a few more add-ons you can choose from to extend your coverage even further:

Car insurance add-on Description
NCD Protector Protect your No Claim Discount (good for one claim only)
Courtesy Car Courtesy car (free up to 10 days) when your car is undergoing repair due to an accident
Replacement Locks & Keys Covers lost or damaged car locks, keys, and car alarm
Personal Accident Additional coverage of up to $100,000 for accidental injury to driver or passengers

If you’re opting for the Singlife with Aviva Standard or Prestige car insurance policy, you may not need the NCD Protector. With those 2 plans, Singlife with Aviva penalises only 10% off your No-Claim Discount, which is lower compared to the industry standard of 30%.

How to get cheaper premiums with Aviva?

Because Singlife with Aviva’s base plan is very comprehensive, it’s not going to be the cheapest around no matter what. In addition, you may not be able to adjust your excess for a cheaper premium.

But if you’re an Singlife with Aviva policyholder under the MINDEF/MHA voluntary insurance scheme — i.e. if you bought life insurance from Aviva while serving NS — then you’re eligible for up to 35% discount on your premium. If you’re new to Aviva car insurance, use the promo code “CAR23” for 23% premiums discount.

This perk extends to your spouse, children, parents and siblings too, but note that it’s only for new Singlife with Aviva car insurance customers.

You can also look out for promo codes on Singlife with Aviva’s car insurance page. Some of these can be pretty good, although they’re usually only valid for a short window.

Don’t just stop there, though! Before you sign on the dotted line, take a minute to obtain free car insurance quotes by using MoneySmart’s wizard. You might get a quotation that’s even cheaper than Singlife with Aviva’s after discounts.

Why (or why not) choose Aviva car insurance?

So unless you managed to score a sweet promo code, you probably wouldn’t go with Singlife with Aviva car insurance based on price alone.

Singlife with Aviva doesn’t play the budget car insurers’ game and compete to see who has the cheapest and most basic plan. Instead, they focus on offering comprehensive coverage and family-oriented policies.

Their biggest selling point is probably the low 10% penalty on your NCD if you make a claim. That’s great for certain types of drivers.

For example, if your kid just got his license and you don’t want him to go wild and ruin your hard-earned 50% NCD, Aviva car insurance might be a good option to consider. Plus, if you opt for the Prestige plan, you get a waiver of the usual $2,500 young & inexperienced driver excess.

But if those aren’t must-haves for you, there are cheaper car insurance options out there than Singlife with Aviva’s Lite and Prestige plans.

Want to get more car insurance quotes to compare? Use MoneySmart’s car insurance wizard.