Why You Should Consider An Unlimited Data Plan & How To Game The System

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It’s no surprise now that the one thing that a lot of people crave the most when it comes to mobile phone plans is data. With usage of data heavy apps such as Instagram, Youtube and Netflix, the perspective on data seems to be “more is better than less”.

To make matters worse, apps can consume data in the background without you knowing.

That’s where unlimited data plans come in. Here we show you how to make best use of Singtel’s DATA x INFINITY add-on to your advantage.

But first…


How exactly does an unlimited data plan work?

While unlimited data plans do technically provide you with unlimited data, it’s important to understand that there are certain data usage guidelines to note. In all fairness, it’s also to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the benefit of data at high speeds. Here’s what we’re talking about:


Fair Usage Policy

All unlimited data plans in the market come with a fair usage policy. This is a level of data usage that is set based on what the telco deems to be a fair amount per person. For most telcos, a monthly cap is set. In the case of Singtel, the fair usage cap is set at a generous 50GB. Others offer unlimited data only on specific days, but even that is subject to a fair usage policy.

Now before you raise your pitchforks and go “But that’s not really unlimited data!” you should know that this doesn’t mean that you don’t get ANY data after that. In the case of Singtel, it just means that after you use up that 50GB, your data speed limits get reduced to 1Mbps, which is sufficient for day-to-day surfing and light video streaming.

By the way, when you subscribe to DATA x INFINITY, this 50GB is added on top of the base data your mobile plan already encompasses. So if you were on the Combo 12 plan, you would get 12GB + 50GB at full speed.

But more importantly, 50GB?! Really?? I’m sure you might have your reasons for needing so much data, but if you are worried that it’s not going to be enough, or that your Internet speeds are going to be throttled, here’s putting it into perspective: a Netflix HD video stream consumes 3GB per hour. So if you ever decide to stream the entire series of your favourite show on Netflix (13 episodes), you’d still have an excess of 11GB to use comfortably.

Combo 3 Combo 6 Combo 12
Base Price $68.90 $95.90 $239.90
Lifestyle Benefits $500 yearly handset voucher

Free Voice Mail, Caller ID and Auto Roam

Base data 3GB 6GB 12GB
DATA X INFINITY $29.90 (U.P. $39.90) $29.90 (U.P. $39.90) $29.90 (U.P. $39.90)


Who will benefit from this plan?

Working professionals and students

With the steady increase in freelancers these days, it’s not uncommon to find many people working out of cafes and other public spaces on a regular basis. WiFi in cafes may not always be the most dependable, so having a reliable source of data is extremely important.

Some working professionals might not have access to use their office Wi-Fi as well, so that can be a source of heavy data consumption as well.

Whatever the case, you now have the flexibility to work anywhere, any day without having to worry about connectivity.



Now personally for me this is where things get really interesting, and you can fully maximise what DATA x INFINITY has to offer. We’ve previously written about how your whole family can benefit with Singtel Circle, enjoying discounts on your mobile bills of up to 30%.

Now, it gets even better, because you can share your unlimited data with your family!

Introducing MobileShare, a supplementary plan that allows you to share your talktime, SMS and data bundles with your loved ones and/or multiple devices. This is available to both new and existing Postpaid Mobile customers on eligible plans. If you sign up for DATA x INFINITY and MobileShare, the principle account holder of course needs to be on a Combo 3, 6 or 12 plan.

Here’s one thing to take note of: MobileShare needs to be linked to one primary account holder. So those who want to benefit from this needs to have their lines consolidated under one billing account. That might sound complicated but it’s really not. Here are a few scenarios to illustrate that:


1. Friends / Family members who want to switch over from a different telco

When switching over from a different telco, most people opt to retain their numbers, and in this case, there’s no difference. Let’s say I am the principle account holder, and my parents want to switch over to enjoy the benefits of DATA x INFINITY. They would still be able to retain their numbers and just consolidate their billing accounts under mine as supplementary lines to enjoy unlimited talk/text and data.

2. Family members who are ready for their first phone

For those of you who enjoy seeing this play out in numbers, this is what it looks like if you share your plan with 3 kids:

For a limited time only, Singtel is having a promotion for unlimited data at $29.90/mth (U.P. $39.90/mth). This means you have to fork out less than $1 every day for unlimited data!

If you go with the combination above, it adds up to $130.90/month, which means that 4 people may enjoy unlimited talktime, SMS AND data at $32.70/month, which is certainly good value for money.


Why the Singtel DATA x INFINITY plan? 

Other than the benefits of flexibility and savings listed above, here are some other reasons why you should get Singtel’s DATA x INFINITY plan.

1. Heavily discounted flagship handsets

DATA x INFINITY is an add-on to Singtel’s Combo plans, which come with a heavily discounted phone. Want the latest 256GB iPhone Xs? You can get it for $0 on Singtel’s Combo 12 plan.

2. Network performance and quality

Singtel has the most reliable network in Singapore, for the reasons below:

  • Fastest network with peak speeds of up to 1.5Gbps.
  • Widest coverage with more than 99% of the island covered.
  • Only mobile network in Singapore that operates on the LTE900MHZ frequency band, ensuring better 4G coverage indoors and underground (lower frequency bands have better penetration through walls).

3. Better value with Value Added Services (VASes)

Signing up for VASes gives you better value to enhance your lifestyle. For example, with Singtel Music, you can enjoy unlimited data-free music with a Spotify Premium account at a discounted monthly subscription fee of $7.90/mth, (U.P. $9.90/mth) for 12 months. And if you sign up before 9 Jan 2019, you will enjoy the subscription at just $0.99 for the first 3 months.

Find out more about Singtel DATA x INFINITY here!

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