The Ultimate MoneySmart Guide to CPF Housing Grants in Singapore

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Peter Lin


I’ve never tried skydiving. I guess it’s fun and exciting. But only if you’ve got a parachute strapped to your back when you jump out that plane. Buying a HDB flat is like skydiving. The parachute is the CPF Housing Grant. With it, what is usually the biggest purchase of your life can be a fun and exciting adventure. Without it, you’ve pretty much made your last decision in life, and it was the wrong one.

The CPF Housing Grant can seem like quite a tricky thing to understand, but we at MoneySmart are here to make life easier for you. Whether you’re applying as a family or as a single, here are the CPF Housing Grants that will help make your HDB purchase safe and enjoyable. Like skydiving.

cpf housing grant familiescpf housing grant singles

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