Singtel’s New Combo XO Plan – You No Longer Have To Choose Between Only Huge Data Or Discounted Phones

singtel combo xo mobile plan

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These days, it’s very easy to choose an affordable plan that gives you huge amounts of data. Large data allowances on affordable SIM Only plans are tempting, but the reality is that it sucks to have to pay full price for your phone to go with this plan.

Many operators currently offer SIM only plans with a large allowance, but having to decide between that and having a relatively large cash outlay to get a brand new phone can be quite a headache.

That’s always been the case until Singtel released their newest Combo plan – the Combo XO plan. We’ll get into more of what the plan has to offer in a bit, but let’s just say the moment I got to work on Monday and found out about the plan, I signed up for it immediately.


Let’s have a look at just how this new plan stacks up against current SIM only plans on the market.


The new Combo XO plan – the big value alternative to SIM Only?

A quick glance will already tell you what a huge disparity there is across the plans:

Singtel’s Combo XO


Operator A

SIM Only Plan (24-month)

Operator B

SIM Only Plan


Operator C

SIM Only Plan


Data 18GB 15GB 26GB 16GB
Singtel Wifi Unlimited NA NA NA
Talktime 300 mins 100min 100min Unlimited
SMS 300 100 Free incoming,

$0.05/SMS outgoing

Price /mth $78 $70 $48 $54
iPhone 8 64GB $0 (for new customers) $290 $1,148 $1,152
Total cost after 24 months $1,872 $1,970 $2,300 $2,448

What’s more, when the 18GB data allowance is used up on Combo XO, you get the next 18GB for only $18.

On a side note, it’s important to also note that Singtel has offered Mobile Leasing to offset the handset price for their SIM Only customers. They can upgrade to a new handset yearly at $0 upfront, and pay less for R.R.P. for their phone.


Handset discounts

This was a huge factor for me. I had been eyeing the new Huawei P20 Pro for awhile and being a huge Apple fan boy, the initial lack of stock from most sellers was really tempting me to switch over to an Android platform for the first time in… forever.

To my pleasant surprise, the phone was so heavily discounted it was even cheaper than what I had originally expected, and a phone that has a regular retail price (RRP) of $1,198 is now $0 if you are new to Singtel.

But that’s just my own preference, and if you are looking at other phone models, there are options which allow you to get phones for $0 when you switch over to the Combo XO plan from Singtel’s SIM Only.

For reference, here are some promos Singtel is launching for its new and existing customers (valid till 3 Aug, check on for latest phone offers):

  • Huawei P20 at $0 (U.P. $178)
  • OPPO R15 Pro at $78 (U.P. $198)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 at $78 (U.P. $198)
  • iPhone 8 64GB at $178 (U.P. $346)
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 at $178 (U.P. $328)


What else do you need to consider?

You can get other exclusive Singtel perks such as:

  • Data-free, Ad-free Spotify Premium at a discounted rate ($1 for the first 2 months, and $7.90 per month instead of $9.90 for the next 10 months)
  • Free 6 mths Data-free, Ad-free Apple Music

This means I also save on the apps that I’m utilising my data for.

And if you are part of a newer small family, you can generously share the 18GB of data with your family members on MobileShare.

Let’s just say that if you’ve been paying about $60-70 for a SIM Only plan monthly, you may find this plan compelling enough to sign up now. And you know I’m not just saying this as a writer. You can find out more from the FAQs here as well.

If you are interested to find out more about Singtel products, you can fill up this simple form here.