From Seasonal Japanese Kit Kat Flavours to Fine French Wine: 11 Imported Products You Can Get on RedMart Without Spending Money on a Plane Ticket

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Singaporeans, being a well-travelled lot, have favourite food products from all over the world. But when the craving strikes, it’s not always feasible to hop on a plane to buy your favourite overseas products on a whim, neither is it convenient to continually turn to AirFrov hoping that somebody will be willing to help you bring back what your heart desires.

Now, thanks to RedMart, purchasing some of your favourite imported products is as easy as literally popping into an online store and then waiting for your shopping to appear at your doorstep…stat! Here are just some of the imported products you can find on RedMart.

Prices are accurate as of 29 Nov 2019.


From the USA:
Beyond Meat Meatless Beefy Crumble — Frozen 325g, $9.90

Beyond Meat’s plant-based meats are making waves in Singapore, but at the moment the only place you can enjoy them when dining out is at Beyond Burger at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. But thanks to RedMart, you can now prepare meatless meals at home, too. Beyond Meat’s meatless beefy crumble works well with pasta, lasagna and soups. If you’re trying to convince some of your family members to eat less meat, this is the perfect substitute.

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Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Aka Rooster Sauce 435ml, $6.90

This hot chilli sauce is a staple at Asian restaurants in the US and is frequently featured in Southeast Asian cuisine. Huy Fong is a California-based company that has created what is possibly the Western world’s most famous iteration of the sauce. Though it can be found more commonly here these days, RedMart actually started importing this product after customers who’d tasted it overseas requested that it be brought to Singapore.

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From France:
Beaumes-de-Venise Cru des Côtes du Rhône red wine 750ml, was $35 now $22.75

This high-quality red from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in France is the perfect accompaniment to a home-cooked meal or as a contribution to any celebratory dinner at a friend’s. Full bodied, with well-developed acidity and tannins, this bottle hails from the Rhône Valley, a major winegrowing region in France.

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From the UK:
Sainsbury’s Greek Style Natural Yoghurt 500g, $4.50

Greek-style yoghurt, which is thick, creamy and velvety, is fantastic in Middle Eastern or Indian recipes. Now, thanks to RedMart, you can get it delivered direct to your home. Even better, RedMart has a partnership with Sainsbury, one of the UK’s top supermarkets, and also stocks other goodies from its house brand.

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From Korea:
HaiTai x Calbee Korean Honey Butter Chips 60g, $2

Forget about regular potato chips. These decadent chips with the aroma of French butter and acacia honey are all the rage — they are a bestseller in Korea and are now specially imported by RedMart. Snacking in front of your favourite K-dramas just got better! Even as more retailers start to carry these moreish munchies, prices are usually higher than RedMart’s $2.

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Lottemart Only Price Korean Lemon Flavour Sparkling Cider 6s, $4.20

Mention Lotte Mart and you’ll immediately think of South Korea. That’s because it is one of the biggest hypermarts in the country, and carries everything from groceries and beauty products, to toys and toiletries. What’s great is that RedMart is the first and currently the only company in Singapore to work with Lotte Mart (yay!), so we can get some of the Korea-only items sent along with our usual groceries. One of our faves is this sparkling lemon cider that is oh-so-refreshing, especially after a K-BBQ meal.

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From Japan:
Nestle Kit Kat Sweet Potato Flavour Mini Chocolate 11-pack, $6.95

From matcha to strawberry cheesecake, Japan’s unique seasonal Kit Kat flavours are legendary, and their autumn-themed sweet potato flavoured mini chocolates are perfect as stocking stuffers this Christmas. But chances are, you might just want to hoard extra for yourself.

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Life Foods Riced Cauliflower — Frozen — Jetro Special 500g, $7.50

Frozen cauliflower doesn’t sound like the most romantic product on earth, but Japanese brand Life Food’s Riced Cauliflower is a hit with health-conscious Singaporeans. Fantastic as a rice substitute, the tiny florets mimic rice’s grainy texture. This helps keep blood sugar levels from spiking and ensures you stick to your carbohydrate quota while still enjoying your “rice”.

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From Thailand:
N&P Organic Asparagus 180g, $4.95

By reducing the distance our food travels to reach us, this saves energy, ensures produce is fresher and supports farming communities within the region. This organic asparagus from Thailand showcases RedMart’s commitment to be eco-conscious and deliver the freshest produce to our doorsteps.

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From Australia:
Cobram Estate Australian Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml, was $14.90 now $12.22

This 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil is perfect for those who prefer a lighter olive oil. It has a fresh and fruity flavour and has won awards, so you know you are getting a quality product. Comes with an inbuilt pourer for convenience.

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From Chile:
Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon [Festive Giftpack] 750ml, was $32.50 now $23.40

Chile is one of the most celebrated producers of New World wine, and this cabernet sauvignon proves it. With an intense cherry and plum bouquet, with vanilla and toast finishes, it will surely be a welcome addition to any dinner party. Excellent when paired with beef and pepper sauce, spicy dishes and ripe cheese like Gruyere or a veiny blue.

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More bang for your buck with RedMart

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Quick guide on how to access RedMart’s International selection:

1. On your internet browser: From the RedMart on Lazada website, click on Weekly Highlights > International Food Options

2. On the Lazada app: From the RedMart section, click on the “Categories” tab > Weekly Highlights > International Food Options


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