How to Make Cheap Calls On Your Mobile Phone?

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Phone calls: they used to be a lot cheaper. Either because everyone in the house shared the same phone, or because somebody had no friends to call. But even if childhood was a real pain, it wasn’t as bad as the phone bills I’m racking up today. Between work and a (rock star) social life, Hoiio is the only thing that keeps my phone bills down to a number I can count (i.e. not high).

What Is Hoiio?

Hoiio is a free smartphone app. It reduces your phone bills by turning outgoing calls into incoming calls (more on this below). It’s available on the iPhone, Blackberry, and any Android phone. Hoiio was started in 2010, and has since accumulated some 160,000 odd users.


Main Attractions

Hoiio has a Callback feature, which converts outgoing to incoming calls. This works both ways; both you and the other party are considered to be receiving incoming calls. As with a normal call, the other party’s phone can display your ID as it appears in their phonebook. However, Hoiio also gives you the option to conceal your identity. Unlike many other VoIP apps, Hoiio is also integrated with your phone book: there’s no need to dial a PIN or access number. Just pick the name and call.

With Hoiio, local calls are 3.8 cents per minute. If you have free incoming, use Hoiio for long conversations; it’ll be cheaper than an outgoing call.

Hoiio also lets you dial land lines or mobile numbers overseas. The rates are a lot cheaper than what your phone company charges:



4.9 cents / minute


6.5 cents / minute


6.8 cents / minute

Hong Kong

7.7 cents / minute


7.7 cents / minute


9.2 cents / minute


Which all happens to explain the growing rash of Youtube prank call videos.

Man Smashing Phone
Phone call: 3.8 cents a minute. Caller anonymity: free. Resulting hilarity: priceless.


On certain occasions (Christmas, New Year, promotional periods, etc.) Hoiio offers further discounts. Also look out for occasional lucky draws.


Other Features

Hoiio can operate just like Skype or Fring, routing your calls through the internet. It also lets you send text messages (SMS) anywhere in the world for 8.8 cents each. For businessmen, Hoiio offers group chat, call filtering, and video conference calls.


How to Pay

You pay for Hoiio through Hoiio credits. These are purchased with a credit card, and are depleted as you make your calls. Credits are transferable, so you can send them to friends and family members.

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Do you use Hoiio or any other services that help reduce your phone bill? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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