Cheap Lorry & Van Rental Singapore: Price List of 3 Commercial Vehicle Rental Companies

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Lorry or van rental is sometimes a necessity, such as when you are moving house, have a special event you need to set up equipment for or simply need to transport that pool table you bought on Carousell.

Here’s how much it costs to rent a van or lorry in Singapore.


Prices of cheap van and lorry rental in Singapore

Company Vehicle 1 day 1 month 6 months
Pan Pacific Leasing Nissan NV200, Toyota Hiace $70++ (with $300 deposit) $1,100++ $1,050++ per month
Index Credit Toyota LightAce $1,100 $1,100 per month
Legend Motors & Leasing Nissan NV200 $1,400 $1,300 per month

In compiling this list we reached out to a number of companies offering van rentals, but some of them would only lease out to companies, not individuals.

There was one company (not featured here) that kept insisting on finding out our business name before offering a quotation, the reason being that they wanted to check how big the company was and then adjust their fees accordingly. So do be aware of such tactics.

Also, take note of the extra costs incurred when driving: ERP, petrol, parking fees, and any maintenance costs. Usually van and lorry rental companies will require you to top up the petrol to full tank before returning, so do budget for it accordingly.


Pan Pacific Leasing

Pan Pacific Leasing is one of the big boys when it comes to commercial vehicle rental in Singapore. (They’ve got nothing to do with the hotel, though.) They have a 24-hour hotline, there’s GPS tracking and the vehicles are decently maintained. So basically, everything rolls along like a well-oiled machine.

Their vans and lorries include models like Toyota Hiace, Toyota Dyna and Nissan NV350. We’re not exactly experts in vans, but these sound pretty reliable.

They’re one of the few companies to offer daily van rental, which prices starting from $70 a day before GST. Models you can get at this price include the Nissan NV200, which is on the smaller side but is almost brand new, and the bigger Toyota High Ace.

As one of the few companies offering daily van rental and at a pretty accessible price point, these guys are ideal if you just need the vehicle to transport second hand furniture.

To rent, aside from having the appropriate license, you must be above 25 years old and have more than 3 years of driving experience.


Index Credit

Index Credit rents out both cars and commercial vehicles, including lorries, vans, trucks, pick-ups and eurovans.

They’ve got several van models of varying sizes, but if you’re looking for the most economic option, you can opt for their Toyota LiteAce. They do monthly rentals only so their services are probably more suitable for businesses or events.


Legend Motors & Leasing

Legend Motors & Leasing specialises in commercial vehicles, so you’ll find Isuzu light-, medium- and heavy duty trucks in their fleet. To drive one of these bad boys, you need to be between 23 and 65 years old and have at least two years of driving experience.

As they only have trucks with the smallest light-duty ones being 1.7 tonnes and 10 feet long, this is probably not the company to contact if you just need something to transport your new sofa in.

They’ve got a brand new Nissan NV200 on lease for at least 1 month.


Try Carousell for short-term van and lorry rental

It’s amazing what you can find on Carousell. Other than tuition services and used underwear, you can also find van and lorry rental services.

For vans a typical price seems to be about $80 per day, although there are some sellers claiming to rent theirs out for as little as $33/day.

Just make sure you meet up with the seller and actually inspect the van before handing over your money.


What if you don’t have a Class 3 or Class 4 license?

Driving a lorry or a van requires at least a Class 3 license (ie. a regular car driver’s licence), while some larger vehicles require a Class 4 license.

If you don’t have the right licence, you might want to use a service that comes with both van and driver. Examples of companies offering such services include Getvan and Lalamove.

Getvan charges from $25 per trip or $40 per hour for a Renault Kangoo van with driver. This includes 15 minutes loading and unloading time.

Lalamove is a delivery service with a fleet of motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries which you choose depending on what you need delivered. For a 1.7 metre van with a 350 kg and 160 cm x 120 cm x 100 cm limit, they charge a base fare of $30 and an additional $0.50 per kilometre. Any additional stops will cost you $8.

Have you ever rented a van or lorry in Singapore? Share your tips and recommendations in the comments!