Accidentally Left Your Lights On? Here’s How Much Electricity Will Cost Singaporeans in 2016

electricity costs singapore

The free falling price of oil is fast becoming a concern for countries like Venezuela, where they’ve declared a state of emergency over their skyrocketing inflation, but for the lucky ones here in Singapore, we’re not only enjoying cheaper petrol and lower public transport fares, but now electricity costs 19.50 cents per kWh. To put that in perspective, electricity costs have never been less than 20 cents in years.

But before you start holding rave parties every night, all week long, lower electricity costs doesn’t mean you can afford to leave your appliances on 24/7. Well, other than your refrigerator, of course.

Here’s how much your electrical appliances are costing you today:

electricity cost singapore


If it’s not already obvious from the chart, the highest electricity costs come from those with heating and cooling elements, like your washing machine, refrigerator and air-conditioning system. So make sure you get energy efficient versions of these, and avoid using the hot and warm water functions of your washing machine.

Want to save even more on your utility bill? Paying your utility bill using your credit card can actually earn you cashback rebates that will help offset your electricity cost.

Are you surprised by the lower cost of electricity? Which of your appliances is costing you the most?