5 Luxurious 4-Star Hotels in Asia That Are So Affordable, You’ll Feel Bad for Paying Less

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Hotels are expensive. Even in Asia, if you want to stay in a big name hotel such as Four Seasons, Hyatt, W, or St. Regis – your wallet is going to suffer. If you’ve kept up with our Airbnb articles, you know that choosing a short-term holiday rental for your vacation stay is much cheaper than booking a hotel.

Of course, not everyone is willing to sacrifice 4-star service for the sake of saving money. But does that mean you can’t save money on a great 4-star hotel in Asia? Of course not!

You don’t have to pay $350-$400 a night to stay in a great 4-star hotel. Just check out these super affordable hotels across Asia for your next holiday:


#1 The Singapore Staycation – PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Price: $200+ per night


When it comes to hotel rooms in Singapore, it seems like the more you pay for a deluxe room, the smaller the room gets. Not at PARKROYAL on Beach Road. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and spacious!

The bathroom is roomy as well, and features a window that allows you to gaze into the main room to watch T.V. while soaking in the tub (it doesn’t get much more relaxing that that!).

Another great benefit of PARKROYAL on Beach Road is that it’s in a great location – right next to Arab Street – so you’re within walking distance of great food and shopping!

This hotel has received high marks from many couples and business travelers for its great value, prime location, staff service, and room comfort/condition.


#2 The Kuala Lumpur Weekend Trip – Impiana KLCC Hotel

Price: $120-$190 per night


Kuala Lumpur (KL) is the perfect weekend getaway for those of you looking for a “metropolitan” weekend getaway. If you’re looking for a place that’s within walking distance of of KL’s prime shopping, nightlife, and food establishments – there’s no better value than the Impiana KLCC Hotel.

The rooms at this hotel are amazing! They’re very roomy, clean, comfortable, and offer a great view of the KL skyline. I don’t know about you, but I tend to judge the quality of a hotel by its bathroom too. And this one won’t disappoint! It’s sleek, modern, and has a spacious bathtub that definitely has room for two (I know, shameless *hint* there).

This hotel has received high marks from many couples, business travelers, and families for its excellent value, prime location, friendly staff service, and spacious rooms.


#3 The Penang Getaway – Lone Pine Hotel

Price: $200+ per night


There are three main reasons why people love going on holiday in Penang – the food, the food, and the food. If I were to add a few other things to that list, I’d add that there are plenty of cultural/historical sites to visit, decent beaches, cheap shopping, and of course – Ernest Zacharevic’s street art.

While there are plenty of decent hotels including the famed Eastern & Oriental (which is another good buy by the way at $250+ a night) near Penang’s famed Georgetown Street, if you prefer something a bit more secluded and just as luxurious – you definitely have to visit Lone Pine Hotel!

It’s a bit further out of Penang in Batu Ferringhi, but that’s the point – seclusion. It has its own private beach where you can Jet Ski and the rooms are fantastic!

You’re seriously getting 5-star treatment at Long Pine Hotel for a 4-star price. It’s incredibly spacious, cozy, and has a fantastic view. I should also mention that the balcony has a plunge pool on that’s perfect for couples wanting to take a nighttime dip while sharing a few glasses of wine.

This hotel has received high marks, especially from couples and families for its great value, secluded location, super friendly staff, and fantastic rooms.


#4 The Ubud (Bali) R&R Trip – The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa

Price: $130-$200+ per night


There aren’t many places more peaceful, serene, and rejuvenating in Asia than Ubud on the island of Bali. In fact, if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway to regain your sanity after months of non-stop 50+ hour work weeks, you should make Ubud your next destination.

True, there are plenty of Ubud 4-star hotels I’d like to put on this list, but one that really stood out for me was The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa.

Seriously, you’ll feel like some Victorian era English official when you stay here. The rooms are extravagantly decorated, ridiculously spacious, and the bathrooms are just jaw dropping. In fact, depending on the type of room you book, your bathroom could be as big as the main room – I’m not joking.

The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa also has several relaxing pools on its grounds (which you absolutely must explore!) so you can get your Zen on without crowds of families ruining the tranquility.

This hotel has received high marks, especially from couples for its terrific value, peaceful location, fantastic staff service, and opulent rooms.


#5 The Bangkok Shopaholic Excursion – Centre Point Silom Hotel

Price: $80-$180+ per night 


True, Bangkok has hundreds of super cheap hotels to stay in. However, the bad thing about that is that the low price comes either because the hotel is on the outskirts of the city or the hotel has poor service and amenities.

The point is that you want 4-star service you’d like to have an enjoyable and affordable holiday right?

Well, in that case, you’ll definitely enjoy the Centre Point Silom Hotel. Like all the other hotels on this list, it boasts a spacious bedroom AND has a kitchen/dining area right next to the bathroom. In short, you’ll feel like you’re staying at a cozy and modern apartment instead of a hotel room.

Of course, this hotel also has a roomy bathroom with a tub (a requirement if you want a relaxing stay in my book).  This hotel also has a saltwater swimming pool that has a great view of the Bangkok skyline.

It’s located right at the Bangkok Riverfront, is located right next to a Robinson’s shopping center, and is close enough to some of Bangkok’s Temple of the Dawn and the Grand Palace.

This hotel received high marks, especially from couples and business travelers for its value, great location, friendly staff, and its cozy rooms.


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All pricing data for this article was taken from Agoda.com.  


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