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Vanessa likes her personal finance articles the way she likes her sitcoms—funny, entertaining, and leaving people knowing a little more about life. In another life, Vanessa was the biggest nerd in class and was *this* close to doing a PhD. That researcher is still in her as she now digs out the ins and outs of personal loans, T&Cs of credit cards, and ups and downs of alternative investments. When Vanessa’s not debunking finance myths, you’ll find her attending dance classes, fingerpicking a guitar, or fulfilling her life mission to make her one-eyed cat the most spoiled kitty in the world.

Credit Cards
HSBC Live+ Credit Card: With 8% Cashback on Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment, is this the Ultimate Lifestyle Credit Card?
Some credit cards reward you for dining, some are geared towards shopping rebates, and others are all about your entertainment spending. But what if you want all 3? Enter the...
9 hours ago
Guide to the HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) Letter (2024): When You Need It, How to Apply, and More
Whether you’re buying a Built-To-Order (BTO) flat or a resale flat from HDB, there’s one slightly leh chey thing you’re gonna need to prepare. It’s not a four letter word...
22 hours ago
Credit Cards
3 Best Credit Card Pairings for Maximising Cashback, Miles, and Rewards
We’ve all heard the clichés—you’re the cheese to my macaroni, the flip to my flop, the stars to my night. Well today, I’ve got a new one for you: you’re...
4 days ago
The 6 Best Subscriptions Worth Spending On Today
The other day, I wanted to show my mum a video on YouTube. I searched for the video, tapped on the right one, and an advertisement for some makeup wipes...
5 days ago
hdb-bto-june-2024-review-prie- location-application-rates
HDB BTO Jun 2024 Review: Locations, Prices, Site Plans, Expected Application Rates, and More
PSA: Apply for your Jun 2024 BTO flat by 26 Jun 2024 via the HDB Flat Portal. You know what’s special about the Jun 2024 HDB Build-To-Order (BTO) launch? Firstly,...
5 days ago
Credit Cards
12 Best Cashback Credit Cards in Singapore (Jun 2024)
Collecting air miles for your jet setting lifestyle admittedly sounds sexier than trying to scrounge for cash rebates. But if you’re still one of those people who believe that cash...
14 June 2024
5 Hair Salons for Curly Hair—How Much Does it Cost to Get a Curly Haircut in Singapore?
5 Hair Salons for Curly Hair—How Much Does it Cost to Get a Curly Haircut in Singapore?
As someone with naturally curly hair, my number one red flag for hairdressers in Singapore is being told that I should rebond my hair to “fix” it. To be fair,...
11 June 2024
21 Father’s Day 2024 Deals and Promotions: Dads Dine Free, 1-for-1 Cooking Classes, Up to $100 Off Gifts, and More
There are cool dads, and there are corny dads. There are sporty dads, and there are, well, “dad bod” dads. However you’d describe your own dad, if you clicked into...
10 June 2024
Credit Cards
Best Bank Offers in Singapore (Jun 2024): Win $12,000 NTUC shopping vouchers, 1,500 ION+ Points and More
Everybody loves credit card sign-up promotions, but not many of us realise the promotions don’t end with a welcome gift. Banks actually shower us with tons of lifestyle deals and...
7 June 2024
Best Credit Card Promotions in Singapore (Jun – Jul 2024): Citibank, DBS, HSBC, UOB, and More
Credit Cards
Best Credit Card Promotions in Singapore (Jun – Jul 2024): Citibank, DBS, HSBC, UOB, and More
This June, we’re giving away Category 1 Tickets for ASMeiR Max 2024 World Tour – Singapore (worth $656 per pair), a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 512GB (worth $2,458), an exquisite dining...
4 June 2024
Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore (Jun 2024)—Rates Up To 3.75%, Minimum Deposits From $500
Fixed Deposits
Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore (Jun 2024)—Rates Up To 3.75%, Minimum Deposits From $500
If you think that fixed deposits are only for conservative cash-rich aunties and uncles, think again. A fixed deposit (also known as a time deposit) account is a type of...
4 June 2024
Savings Accounts
10 Best Savings Accounts in Singapore with the Highest Rates (Jun 2024)
First UOB, then Standard Chartered. Banks have cut rates on their flagship savings accounts, and that means the highest interest earners are being reshuffled. Which savings account will earn you the...
3 June 2024
Top 53 Free Things to Do in Singapore (Jun 2024): i Light Singapore, Children’s Festival feat. Inside Out 2, and More
Bored as well as broke? We’ve got good news for you. This June, there’s no way you’ll miss out on the festivities with the slew of markets, events, and activities...
31 May 2024
“If You Can Get Pregnant, We Can’t Hire You”: A True Story About Hiring Discrimination
Should women have opportunities to work? That seems like an unnecessary question. It’s 2024, for Pete’s sake. Women have been in the workforce since the 19th century, with the 20th...
31 May 2024
Travel Insurance
Guide to the Best Family Travel Insurance in Singapore: Cost, Coverage, Age Limits and More
Feeding one extra mouth at home is one thing, but travelling with another little human is a whole different ball game. From missed flights to lost belongings, a lot can...
29 May 2024
Buying a House? Here are 8 Terms You Need to Know Before You Meet Your Realtor
For many of us, buying a home might be the biggest purchase of our lives. Ideally, we want to get it right. I’m not just talking about choosing the right...
27 May 2024
Travel Insurance
6 Best Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Coverage in Singapore (May 2024)
COVID-19 might be the last thing on your mind…but it could be the first thing to ruin your next trip. Whether you end up quarantined overseas or have to cancel...
24 May 2024
7 Underrated Destination Dupes for Youths—Save Money and Avoid Crowds
Travel addicts and wanderlusting young ‘uns, listen up. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting a world-renowned travel spot but baulked at the price tag, you’re not alone. We’ve all been...
24 May 2024
Guide to Budget-Friendly Curly Hair Products in Singapore (All Under $30!)—For Naturally Curly, Permed Hair
I have naturally curly hair, which is pretty unusual for a Singaporean Chinese. My thick, curly ‘fro often shocks and astonishes people, who most often ask me at least 1...
21 May 2024
Climate Vouchers 2024: How to Claim Your $300 & What to Buy With Them
Is the recent sweltering weather inspiring you to get a new air conditioner? Upgrade your fan? Invest in a bigger fridge? Good news. Thanks to an enhanced government programme, you...
17 May 2024
15 Best Mother’s Day 2024 Dining Deals in Singapore: Mums Dine Free, Credit Card Promos, And More
Many of my core memories with my mother take place over good food. They say mum’s cooking is the best cooking, but for my mother, no cooking is the best...
10 May 2024
Credit Cards
Korea’s Biggest Water Music Festival is Making its Debut Splash in Singapore—Here’s How to Snag Tickets
The coolest festival with the hottest music acts is washing up on our shores. Waterbomb Singapore 2024 is South Korea’s biggest water music festival, and it’s coming to Singapore for...
6 May 2024
“I Wear My Rolex into the Sea”: 4 Watch Collectors on Why You Should Wear Your Luxury Watch
The other night, I came across a YouTube video of John Mayer interviewing Ed Sheeran about his watch collection. The video was over an hour long and I told myself...
26 April 2024
What Having Unlimited Pocket Money Taught Me About Saving Money
I grew up with unlimited pocket money. I know. That sounds kinda crazy to me too—at least now as an adult. But back then, when I was a kid in...
24 April 2024
Duit Raya Singapore Guide 2024: How Much Green Packet To Give
In Singapore, Muslims give out duit raya (Raya money, green packets) during Syawal, the month after Ramadan. While duit raya is a widespread custom among Muslims in Singapore, it isn’t...
4 April 2024