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Vanessa likes her personal finance articles the way she likes her sitcoms—funny, entertaining, and leaving people knowing a little more about life. In another life, Vanessa was the biggest nerd in class and was *this* close to doing a PhD. That researcher is still in her as she now digs out the ins and outs of personal loans, T&Cs of credit cards, and ups and downs of alternative investments. When Vanessa’s not debunking finance myths, you’ll find her attending dance classes, fingerpicking a guitar, or fulfilling her life mission to make her one-eyed cat the most spoiled kitty in the world.

HDB BTO Feb 2024 Review: Locations, Application Rates, Prices, and More
The Feb 2024 BTO and SBF Exercises are open from 21 to 28 Feb 2024, 11:59pm. Apply online via the HDB Flat Portal anytime within this period for either a...
22 February 2024
Budget 2024 Summary: 10 Things You Need to Know
“Let me assure everyone: We will always have your backs,” Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong told Singapore on 16 Feb 2024 as he presented the nation’s 2024...
16 February 2024
11 Best Halal Buffets in Singapore (2024)—Starting From $29.50++
Whether you’re a Muslim or are dining with Muslim friends, you’ll be pleased to know that many of the best buffets in Singapore are halal-certified. We’re not just talking about...
15 February 2024
Valentine’s Day Credit Card Promotions 2024—7 Ways to Save Money This Valentine’s Day
Credit Cards
Valentine’s Day Credit Card Promotions 2024—7 Ways to Save Money This Valentine’s Day
So you’ve done your best to plan an affordable date, but your significant other has other plans—it’s a hotel staycation, expensive luxury watch, or nothing. You don’t want to break...
6 February 2024
18 Valentine’s Day 2024 Set Menus Under $100/pax, Starting From $34++
18 Valentine’s Day 2024 Set Menus Under $100/pax, Starting From $34++
It’s been said that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So on the day of love, you better get the food right. That being said, your...
5 February 2024
CNY Reunion Dinner 2024—12 Chinese Restaurant Set Meals Under $60++/pax
We feel it too—that impending anxiety of what’s to come at a Chinese New Year (CNY) reunion dinner. Relatives will be relatives, and it isn’t Chinese New Year if you...
22 January 2024
Li Chun 2024: The Most Auspicious Date and Time to Deposit Money This Chinese New Year 2024
Li Chun 2024: The Most Auspicious Date and Time to Deposit Money This Chinese New Year 2024
You might not know it by name, but perhaps you’ve noticed snaking queues at cash deposit machines on a particular day during the Chinese New Year (CNY) period. That date...
19 January 2024
Think You’re Having a Rotten Week? Read These Reddit Threads
Yesterday while waiting for the lift to head into the office, I asked my colleague to confirm what day of the week it was: “Is it Thursday today?” “Yeah,” he...
19 January 2024
17 Popular Vet Clinics in Singapore and Their Prices—Consultation, Vaccinations and More (2024)
People always poke fun at pet parents, saying that furkids are like children, except they will never “grow up”, earn money and take care of you when you’re old. They’re...
12 January 2024
Personal Loans
Should You Take A Personal Loan To Help With The Rising Costs Of Living?
“Things are cheaper than before!” said no one ever. When it comes to living costs, there’s a lot that Singaporeans are up against. Singapore was ranked as the world’s most...
11 January 2024
Credit Cards
OCBC INFINITY Cashback Card—The Best Unlimited Cashback Card in Singapore? MoneySmart Review (2024)
For the uninitiated, there are mainly 5 unlimited cashback cards in Singapore’s credit card scene. Of these, I consider only 4 to be truly “unlimited” both in terms of cashback...
3 January 2024
A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Guitars: Vintage Guitars, Boutique Guitars, and More
Would you pay US$1,587,500 for a guitar? This staggering figure is the actual price that Kurt Cobain’s left-handed Skystang I guitar sold for last month at auction (alongside an unopened...
14 December 2023
Why Investing In Guitars Beats Investing In Property
Forget brick-and-mortar houses. Skip your S&P 500 shares. Today’s choicest investments could be made of spruce, mahogany, and 6 steel strings. Guitars are better investments than property, said memorabilia expert...
12 December 2023
HDB BTO Dec 2023 Launch: Locations, Prices, Application Rates, and More
Was 2023 supposed to be your year to finally get a Built-To-Order (BTO) flat? If you clicked on this article, I suppose that day has yet to come. Listen up,...
10 December 2023
The Best Entry-Level Luxury Watches to Buy in a Falling Market: Top Picks From Our Resident Watch Collector
High Life
The Best Entry-Level Luxury Watches to Buy in a Falling Market: Top Picks From Our Resident Watch Collector
It’s time to buy that Rolex. Well, if you really want a Rolex for the Rolex. If you’re eyeing a luxury watch as an investment piece, things are a bit...
29 November 2023
Travel Safety: Tips for Women, LGBTQ+, and Persons with Disabilities
I once had a creepy guy approach me in a Uniqlo store overseas. He grabbed my hands, called me beautiful, and begged me to let him take a photo of...
27 November 2023
Best Black Friday Deals and Promo Codes: Shopee, Dyson, Zalora, And More
Food, beauty, electronics, home living, toys, fashion—everything goes on sale for one special day each month. And this November, after the 11.11 sales, we get a second chance at snagging...
24 November 2023
6 Best Pet Birthday Cakes in Singapore For Dogs, Cats, Hamsters And More
For my cat’s past 2 birthdays, these are the homemade birthday “cakes” I made for her: I thought my handiwork had improved—that latest birthday cake ain’t half bad, right? A...
10 November 2023
“How Should I Invest $100k?”: We Rate Advice From Reddit
If life gives you $100,000, can Reddit tell you how to turn it into a money tree? “Put it in UOB One.” “All in Bitcoin, thank me later.” “Use the...
8 November 2023
Japan Rail Pass Prices Have Increased By 70%! Here Are 7 Must-Know Travel Hacks To Save Money in Japan
It’s no secret that Singaporeans love visiting Japan. And as most Japan aficionados would know, the unlimited travel Japan Rail (JR) Pass is a cost effective way to get around...
31 October 2023
Are Travel Aggregators Secure? Harder to Claim From?—Your Questions About Travel Aggregators, Answered.
Ah, Expedia,, Agoda… Names that almost roll off the tongue when we think about jet-setting to a new destination or planning that dream vacation. Most of us have probably...
The Price To Pay For Flying Cheap: Do Budget Airlines Compensate You For Flight Delays and Cancellations?
What if we told you that flying cheap might come at a higher price?  In May 2023, we surveyed 1,730 Singaporean adults on flight delays and cancellations. We found a...
27 October 2023
Credit Cards
KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card—MoneySmart Review 
KrisFlyer miles chasers, the KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card might be the easiest, most fuss-free miles card for you. This card lets you earn KrisFlyer miles directly with no conversion fee...
25 October 2023
How to Handle a Layoff: A Step-By-Step Guide
When our colleague’s friend, Bernard*, was told to go to the office early on a Monday morning “for a chat”, he had a bad feeling. Monday was not a usual...
10 October 2023
Are Typewriters Good Investments? Or Just For Nostalgic Sentiment? We Find Out From a Typewriter Enthusiast
Out with the old? More like out with the new. Retro is in, and there’s one old school item that’s met a recent resurgence in popularity. You could say something...
28 September 2023