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Spoilt kid turned free-spirit, I’ve struggled finding and funding myself taking a road less travelled. These days, I enjoy writing lifestyle topics that bring value to life and its future, injecting humour to otherwise boring topics. Who said personal finance can’t be fun? In my free time, you can find me chasing American dramas, and having the occasional glass of wine over conversations with friends.

dbs home loan singapore
Home Loans
DBS Home Loan – Which of Their Home Loan Packages Should You Choose?
Mention DBS bank to any Singaporean and they’ll automatically think of the convenience withdrawing cash, the long queues at ATMs, and their acquisition of POSB. It’s common knowledge that DBS...
18 October 2022
singapore personal finance myth
6 Personal Finance Myths Singaporeans Need To Stop Believing
When it comes to finance issues, we get wisdom from our parents, friends, lecturers, siblings, and our own experiences… But are they always accurate and trustworthy? It’s tough enough having...
5 April 2022
prenatal insurance maternity insurance
Health Insurance
Prenatal or Maternity Insurance Plans in Singapore: Are They Worth Buying?
As new parents, having your first child is like taking a bungee jump. You’re excited to experience this whole new stage of life, yet you’re tremendously afraid something might go...
4 March 2022
Last Minute Hacks to Plan Your Perfect Valentine’s Day
Last Minute Hacks to Plan Your Perfect Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s day is coming up in a week’s time and you’re still swamped at work with little time left to plan a romantic night out. That’s okay. We get that...
7 February 2022
Term Life Insurance – Why You Should Start Here When Figuring Out What Coverage You Need
Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance – Why You Should Start Here When Figuring Out What Coverage You Need
If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already in the midst of deciding on an insurance policy. With so many types of term life insurance in the market, it can...
8 October 2020
wedding packages hd
Wedding Packages in Singapore – How Exactly Do You Choose One?
With so many bridal studios in Singapore and their respective wedding packages, it’s easy to get confused with which ones to narrow down, much less pick one. What elements of...
10 June 2019
online shopping sites singapore
Female Readers List Their Favourite Online Shopping Sites and Why They Think It’s Cheaper
As a Singaporean female (or just any ordinary common folk), I’m always on the lookout for cheap and quality buys online. As the Hokkien saying goes, “ai pee, ai chee,...
27 December 2017
travel agents vs direct purchase
Travel Agents vs Direct Purchase: Which is More Cost Effective?
I’ll never forget my last trip to China when my dad booked a tour package and we got scammed into buying $100 tea leaves. At one of the stops, a Chinese guy...
22 November 2017
online reviews
Here‘s Why You Shouldn’t Rely Solely On Reviews Before Buying Something
Whether you’re hunting for a good facial cream, a drone, make-up, a watch or what not, the choices online are ENDLESS. And the variety doesn’t help indecisive people like me...
2 November 2017
budget airline price
6 Times Taking A Budget Airline Flight Will End Up Costing You More Money
I vaguely remember my last holiday to Taiwan with my parents. We’d camped out on all the budget airline sites like Scoot, Jetstar, AirAsia and just picked the dates and...
1 November 2017
travel insurance bali volcano eruption
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance and Volcanos – What You Should Know If You Are Travelling To Bali
So the news has been flooded with updates of Mt. Agung’s geochemical, seismic activity and what not. Why? Because the Bali volcano has been expected to erupt for the past month...
25 October 2017
fixed deposit linked home loans singapore en bloc
Home Loans
Fixed Deposit Linked Home Loans – Are the Interest Rates Really More Stable?
Fixed deposit linked home loans! It’s the latest innovation the banks have come up with in the mortgage sector and it looks like it’s here to stay. For a while....
24 October 2017
good parenting bad money values
4 Surprising Ways Good Parenting Can Lead to Bad Money Values
When I was in my teenage years, I used to argue with my parents whenever they opposed my plans of getting that (admittedly shitty) temp job, choosing an internship, backpacking...
13 October 2017
Wedding Dinners and Packages: Why You Shouldn’t Take Everything That’s Offered to You
Wedding Dinners and Packages: Why You Shouldn’t Take Everything That’s Offered to You
Bridal photography and packages for wedding dinners: I used to think that when things come in a package, it’s automatically value-for-money. In fact, the more things inside, the better. But...
28 September 2017
cost of refinancing home loan singapore 2017
Home Loans
What is the Cost of Refinancing in Singapore and is it Worth It?
So you’ve just seen how much you’re paying this month on your home loan, and you’re seriously considering switching to another bank with the lower interest rates… Except you don’t know if...
26 September 2017
5 Shocking Lessons You’ll Learn During Your First 2 Years of Work
5 Shocking Lessons You’ll Learn During Your First 2 Years of Work
It’s been almost 3 years since I graduated as a marketing major. Not counting my internships and the miscellaneous job hopping, I’ve been working for almost 2 years now. To...
25 September 2017
hdb 3gen flats singapore
HDB 3Gen Flats – 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying One
In a world where land space is precious and houses are becoming increasingly smaller, we Singaporeans are always struggling to find ways to afford bigger housing. With executive apartments an almost...
12 September 2017
location singapore buying hdb
Here’s Why Location Won’t Matter As Much in The Future When Buying a Home in Singapore
Location, location, location. It’s no secret that Singaporeans prioritise convenience, especially when choosing the location of our home. I remember how I’d used to stare at HDB’s sales launch site for...
4 September 2017
korean makeup i'm startice singapore
Korean Makeup – Is I’M STARTICE the best place to get your K-beauty fix in Singapore?
So social media has been exploding recently with the opening of mega Korean marketplace at Big Box, “I’M STARTICE”, selling all kinds of stuff from the land of SHINee and BTS. But...
28 August 2017
home loans loan jargon infographic
Home Loans
Home Loans: All the Crazy Jargon Bankers Like to Use, Explained in Simple English
Sometimes adulting can be really difficult. Especially when we’re trying to get a home in Singapore and we know zilch about the terms used in home loans. All these home...
23 August 2017
joint account
Savings Accounts
Getting Married? Here’s Something To Consider When Planning Your Finances
You’ve already found THE ONE and you’re planning to start a life together. But alas! You and your beloved discuss how to divide the household expenses and it’s just a...
16 August 2017
5 Ways to Save On A Resale Flat Renovation
5 Ways to Save On A Resale Flat Renovation
Social media these days are awash with beautiful pictures of people, homes and what not. It’s no wonder then, that Singaporeans have increasing expectations when it comes to interior designs. Can’t blame...
15 August 2017
amazon prime now singapore
Amazon in Singapore: Why Is It Such a Big Deal
Amazon‘s Prime Now service launched a few weeks ago in Singapore, and they had a rough start. Their delivery services were falling behind, and initially excited Singaporeans were now furious at what seemed...
15 August 2017
car insurance singapore
Car Insurance
7 Things That Matter The Most In Your Singapore Car Insurance Policy
Yay! You’ve just successfully purchased a car and you can’t wait to bust it out on the roads to drive it. Now you just need to get that mandatory annual...
14 August 2017
American Express Osaka
Want to Fly Business Class to Osaka or New York? This Promotion Could Help You Do Just That
Singaporeans reportedly work the longest hours in the world. But we also travel so often that Bangkok is now introducing passport scanners for us. Can’t blame us right? With all that hard work, everyone...
10 August 2017