Last Minute Hacks to Plan Your Perfect Valentine’s Day

Last Minute Hacks to Plan Your Perfect Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming tomorrow and you’re still swamped at work with little time left to plan a romantic night out. That’s okay. We get that you’re busy and you’re completely prepared to face the inevitable black face when you say “but I had work to do” when you have to explain why the night’s activity is going to be “Netflix and chill”.

Ok fine, everyone’s busy, but that doesn’t mean that special day should be anymore less memorable for you or your date. Here’s some hacks to get that last minute planning down pat! We’ve got your back!


Prepare Valentine’s day at home

If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you’ve not finished planning your Valentine’s yet. At this time, most restaurants are either fully booked or almost there (which doesn’t sound so classy for the price tag).

Go grocery shopping at your neighbourhood supermarket and cook up some dishes at home to pair with some wine, music, and candlelights. You can also make use of oils you already have at home (everything except vegetable oils) to give each other massages.

…Just make sure your home looks inviting.


Take advantage of home delivery services

If you’re in the mood for roses, order a delivery for a bouquet to her office.

If you do not have the time to go grocery shopping yourself, order them online and have the goods sent directly to your home. Some grocery buying services online such as Honestbee can deliver within 2 hrs, you can even order stuff from other partner merchants such as wine shops from them. Food delivery services are also aplenty! Order-in and put them in nicely arranged plates and your date may never know the difference! UberEats has partnered with following restaurants to provide some Valentine’s Bundles:

– Bella Pasta
– The Library
– La Nonna
– Kuvo, Spizza (Club Street)
– Joe & The Juice
– Kith

Feel free to save yourself the trouble of getting hot and bothered.


Stalk her social media channels

This really isn’t as creepy as it sounds. If you’re still stuck on what to get your lady this Valentine’s day, try stalking her Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest channels to see merchants she’s been following, items she’s been liking and what she’s pinned on her board.

With so many retail companies going online these days, it’s hard to keep track of merchants one likes, hence girls sometimes follow accounts and pages to keep abreast of the latest trends and styles from companies. Pick a merchant from that list, browse their catalogue, and head down to the retail shop to pick the item out. If you’re worried about picking the wrong item, jewelry pieces are usually a safe bet. If not, get her a voucher.


Pack a picnic under the stars

If you drive, why not beat the mainstream Valentine’s crowd and drive your date to a quiet park for stargazing in the night? Just check your kitchen for any fruits, biscuits, and alcohol before heading to work on Valentine’s day. At this time of the year, your kitchen will probably still have mandarin oranges, bak kwa, and other miscellaneous snacks, nuts leftover from Chinese New Year.

Pack these in a basket together with a comfy blanket/towel and you’re all set. If you’ve not enough food, stop by Cold Storage to pick up some ham and sushi, and you’re prepared to pick up your date.


Book a “Staycay”

This option is actually the priciest of the lot. However, if you’re strapped for time and have cash to spare, staycations can make for a mini romantic “getaway” with minimal planning. Middle-range hotels like Oasia keeps things classy, while boutique hotels make for quirkier and eccentric experiences with their themed decor. Price ranges usually differ between $200+ to $300+ per night (depending on the hotel you choose).

Sadly, many hotel options have already been fully booked at this last minute. So for your convenience, we’ve put together a list of available popular hotels (or what’s left of them anyway) and their prices this Valentine’s night:

The Moon Hotel
Address: 23 Dickson Road, Singapore 209507
Price: From $80++ per night
Source: Agoda

Kam Leng Hotel
Address: 383 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209001
Price: From $80++ per night
Source: Agoda

Studio M
Address: No. 3 Nanson Road, Singapore 238910
Price: From $185++ per night
Source: Agoda

Hotel Re At Pearl’s Hill
Address: 175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169879
Price: From $136++ per night
Source: Best Singapore Hotels

The Scarlet Hotel
Address: 33 Erskine Road, Singapore 069333
Price: From $198 per night
Source: Best Singapore Hotels

Amara Singapore Hotel
Address: 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539
Price: From $303++ per night
Source: Best Singapore Hotels

New Majestic Hotel
Address: 31-37 Bukit Pasoh, Singapore 089845
Price: From $340 per night
Source: Best Singapore Hotels

Wangz Hotel
Address: 231 Outram Road, Singapore 169040
Price: From $447 per night
Source: Best Singapore Hotels

Oasia Hotel
Address: 8 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307470
Price: From $290++ per night
Source: Far East Hospitality

Hotel Vagabond
Address: 39 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207630
Price: From $346++ per night
Source: Agoda

The Club Hotel
Address: 28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708
Price: From $386++ per night
Source: Agoda

Naumi Hotel
Address: 41 Seah St, Singapore 188396
Price: From $544++ per night
Source: Agoda

**Prices based on cheapest available room during time of press.


Hotels booked under the Far East umbrella are also entitled to a further min 5% off published prices with the following promo codes:

Oasia Hotel Novena, Singapore: OASIANOV
Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore: OASIADT
Orchard Parade Hotel: ORCHARD
The Elizabeth Hotel: ELIZABETH
The Quincy Hotel: DIRECT
Oasia Kuala Lumpur: OASIAKL
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore: RENDEZVOUS
Village Hotel Albert Court: ALBCOURT
Village Hotel Bugis: BUGIS
Village Hotel Changi: CHANGI
Village Hotel Katong: KATONG

Source: Far East Hospitality


If all else fails, buy a man-thong and boogie to a sexy dance routine

Sounds ridiculous. Downright tacky even. But if your significant other is the goofy sort, this idea can be genius. Your girl may just appreciate your willingness to prance around in a stringy cloth that barely covers your manhood for her entertainment. Doesn’t that simplify things?

Source: Harlem Globetrotters


Do you have any Valentine’s day hacks that we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments below!