Here’s Why You Might Never Have to Overpay for an Engagement Ring in Singapore Again

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Weddings in modern Singapore often involve many wedding traditions, like engagement rings, wedding photoshoots and gatecrashes. Young Singaporean couples are getting more adventurous, creative and resourceful.

This year alone we’ve seen gatecrashes being done in more and more daring costume themes, while wedding photoshoots are also getting more and more unique. There’s even one local photoshoot where the bride and groom were dressed as characters from Diablo, the video game that brought the couple together.

So why is it that when it comes to buying an engagement ring, Singaporeans are still not making use of the new resources that are available?

How do you buy an engagement ring in Singapore?

For most Singaporeans, buying an engagement ring is deciding what your budget is, and then going to a famous brand jeweller and hoping they have a nice diamond that you can afford. Most of the time, the hard-earned money that you’ve saved up ends up paying for the jeweller’s brand name, and not because the diamond you want costs that much.

And even the Singaporeans who are a little bit smarter and ask for the diamond’s certificate and specifications? They end up going online for the “expert” consultation and advice they hope to get free on forums.

But Singaporeans who know better would rely on the newest way in Singapore to buy engagement rings – Fonder Diamond.


Fonder Diamond is the newest way for Singaporeans to buy engagement rings

Buying an engagement ring is not just about setting a budget, it’s also about getting the diamond that you want. Fonder Diamond allows you to search for the diamond of your choice by providing a database of over 100,000 diamonds. This is the largest range of diamonds in Singapore! You can use filters to easily find your “ideal” diamond.

You can filter the diamonds by their shape, so you aren’t limited just to the traditional round diamond. You can also filter by the 4Cs of diamonds – Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity. These are the four major factors which will affect the cost of a diamond.

Most jewellers will tell you that Cut is the most important – the ability of the diamond to reflect light depends on how it’s cut. The better the cut, the better the diamond looks under natural light.

Carat refers to the size – the higher the number the bigger the diamond. The bigger the diamond, the more expensive it’ll be. Fortunately for Singaporeans, most fingers are slender enough that a 0.3 to 0.5 carat diamond is more than enough.

As for Colour and Clarity, while they do affect the value and price of a diamond, the differences between the grades are often barely noticeable to the untrained eye. Thus, you can often reduce the cost of a diamond by going for a lower grade in colour and clarity.


But even with all the filters, there are still so many diamonds! How do I choose?

This is where the Fonder Diamond team can help out. Boasting years of experience in the diamond industry, they’ve added an additional filter called the “Super Ideal Cut”. Now this is a term that is often thrown around in the industry, but Fonder Diamond defines it as the “light performance” of the diamond. The lower the score, the better.

That means that for Fonder Diamond, a “Super Ideal Cut” diamond should look better under natural light compared to one that does not have the label.


But wait… how do I know that I’m getting a good diamond at the best price?

That’s the best part of having a database. You get to determine your budget and then find a diamond that meets your needs. For example, let’s assume I have a budget of $4,000 for my diamond (not including the ring setting and other costs).

I use the filters to make sure I’m only look at good diamonds. The most expensive is a 0.56 carat diamond going for $3,992. It is a “Super Ideal Cut” with a “light performance” of 1.8.

However, thanks to the database, I discover I can get a slightly bigger 0.57 carat “Super Ideal Cut” diamond that is just as good, if not better, with a “light performance” of 0.9! And the best part is, it costs $3,690. That’s a difference of $300.


Fonder Diamond ensures that you are getting a good diamond at the best price

With the Fonder Diamond database, it’s not just about finding a cheaper diamond. It’s also about setting your budget and finding a better diamond that does not burst your budget.

What’s more, if you can find a comparable graded diamond being sold elsewhere for a lower price, Fonder Diamond is willing to match the price, ensuring that they’re always offering the best price.


Fonder Diamond is the future of engagement rings in Singapore

Most Singaporeans are only going to buy one diamond ring in their lifetime. Today, information and knowledge about diamonds are readily available online and technology allows us to compare thousands of diamonds from the comfort of your home. We should take the effort to learn more about diamonds and use tools like Fonder Diamond’s database to find the diamond we want.


Are you in the market for an engagement ring? Check out Fonder Diamond’s website and find your diamond.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Fonder Diamond.

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