Tiger Brokers Singapore Has Just Launched its Fund Mall — How Does This New Feature Benefit Investors?

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Investment used to be this cheem topic where Singaporeans procrastinated and did nothing about. 

But the pandemic left us with no excuse — with plenty of time (some of us) from work from home and fear for our job security, it’s no surprise to see an increase in investment activities during the first half of 2020.

Another noticeable trend is that investors are starting at a much younger age. These digitally-savvy investors have also leaned towards the accessibility and flexibility of mobile brokerage accounts.

While most of us were happy to start the foundation of our “crazy rich Asian” dreams in 2020, some are looking to level up in 2021 and unify their investment portfolios.

Here’s where Tiger Brokers’ Fund Mall fits in perfectly.

Before you go “simi is fund mall ah? Let us explain what a Fund Mall is!

What is Tiger Brokers’ Fund Mall?

Tiger Brokers Singapore invest Tiger Trade app Fund Mall

First you need to understand that every investment brokerage might offer different sets of stock markets and stock exchanges. While it seems great to have more than one brokerage to cover your ground, it’s actually chor (rough) as platform fees alone can eat into your profits.

So what Tiger Brokers did was to select public funds from world-renowned custodians with a wide range of fund categories such as money funds, bond funds and equity funds.

See, Fund Mall is kinda like ION Orchard where you have all the big brands and names under one roof. This giant “mall” allows investors like you and me to gain access to popular public funds and “add to cart” with our mobile phone — from the comfort of our sofa.

By the way, these public funds are not kuching kurak (small fry) names okay? Tiger Brokers did an analysis of the fund’s assets under management (AUM), their track records and investment strategies before including them in the list.

This is to ensure that the public funds are able to stand the test of time. Investors can also trust that Tiger Brokers has done its due diligence of providing the best funds available to its users.

How does Tiger Brokers’ Fund Mall work?

Currently, investors have a selection of 30 renowned funds (and growing), which cover numerous underlying assets.

The funds are classified into 3 categories:

  • Money market fund (individual bonds with short-term maturity and high liquidity)
    • Examples: US dollar-centric monetary instruments such as fixed deposits, cash equivalents and short-term bonds
  • Equity fund (stocks and shares)
    • Examples: Small to large-cap stocks, technology stocks, emerging market equity and exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Bond fund (buying a group of bonds that provides periodic returns)
    • Examples: Investment of bonds, investment-grade bonds, emerging market bonds and high-yield bonds

If you’re confused — don’t be overwhelmed by these big terms! All you need to understand is that the type of fund that you choose should be based on your personal requirements — returns, cash liquidity and risk appetite.

Image: Tiger Brokers Singapore

What’s also great is that Tiger Brokers’ Fund Mall and the Tiger Trade account are accessible within the same app. This means you can instantly diversify your portfolio, view transaction reports and earnings records in real time.

And since it is that convenient, you might be wondering “Is it safe ah? Is it too good to be true?” It’s always good to scrutinise where your money is going — here’s how secure your investment is going to be:

  • Every fund has to set up a corresponding Tiger Brokers prime account. When you buy a fund from Tiger Brokers, the prime account collects the money and links it back to its own fund account.
  • This entire process is required to comply with the local regulations (more below).
  • All funds and its fund managers have to be licensed and registered with their countries’ financial regulators. Examples of financial regulatory bodies are US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). 
  • These regulators act like guardians and ensure that your money is going to the right piggy bank. So, don’t worry, your money or assets aren’t running anywhere else other than your own pocket.

How to sign up for Tiger Brokers’ Fund Mall?

First you definitely need a Tiger Account. Duh?

If you don’t already have a Tiger account, SingPass users can use MyInfo to open an account with Tiger Brokers for a much quicker onboarding process.

After you open your Tiger account, here are the following steps:
Tiger Brokers Singapore invest Tiger Trade app Fund Mall

  1. Open Tiger Trade app  
  2. Click on Discover tab at the bottom
  3. Select Fund Mall. It should appear on the top of the app
  4. Click on Fund Screener to see your fund list
  5. Filter funds by type
  6. Once you have decided, select the fund and click Buy to enter the fund mall account opening process
  7. After the account is opened, you may buy a fund with cash.

It’s really that simple.

How much do I need to start?

The currency used to buy funds is USD and the minimum amount to kick start your Tiger Brokers’ Fund Mall investment is USD100. 

If you want to use other currencies in your account, you may do so but it takes 2 days for the currency exchange to complete. The only problem is you might rugi a bit on the currency exchange rates if they shift against your favour during this “lag” time. So think twice before taking this step.

Tiger Brokers currently doesn’t charge additional fees if you buy, sell or switch funds in Fund Mall. There is also no platform fee that eats into your profits. Yay!

Grow your wealth with Tiger Brokers’ Fund Mall

Still not convinced yet? Here’s a brief recap on what we like about Fund Mall:

  • A wide variety of public funds with transparent bull and bear records
  • Flexibility to choose funds based on personal requirements and strategies
  • Ease of opening the account with easy access under one single app
  • Low entry requirement for purchase amount
  • No additional fees charged
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Min. Commission Fee SG Stocks
0.06% of Trade Value
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Tiger Brokers Singapore treats all of its clients as privilege clients, with no tiers to segregate them. For those looking for convenience and accessibility to the global financial markets, Tiger Brokers might just be the right broker for you.

Download the Tiger Trade app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or access it from your desktop. For more information on Fund Mall, please click here.

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