Want to Open A Mobile Brokerage Account? 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing This Investment Route

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Practically almost anything can be done on your mobile phone these days, be it banking, shopping, signing invoices, and even investing.

Just so you know, Singapore’s mobile penetration rate was 159.1% in 2019 — AKA we actually have more mobile phones than people in our country.

It makes perfect sense for retail investors like us to turn to mobile brokerage accounts. This saves us time and money and helps us multi-task during our daily commute, instead of the days of yore where trading could only be done by calling your broker. This also means that everyone can invest, since there is now less of a barrier to entry for first-time investors.

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However, before you chop-chop-curry-pok jump on the bandwagon and open an account with a mobile brokerage, here are 5 things to consider before choosing this investment route:

1. Is your broker truly mobile?

For a service to have a truly mobile solution, it’s more than just using the mobile-optimised version of the website on your phone or creating an app that simply loads the website URL in a window.

Many of us use our mobile phone when we are on the go — this means we need the login process to be seamless, the menus to be easily visible, definitely speedy loading, and the agility to perform functions such as transferring cash or checking on stock prices without leaping through dozens of hoops.

Can you imagine squinting at your phone screen or trying to click the right dropdown menu if you’re just using a version of the broker’s website that’s better designed for desktop trading? If you’re constantly on the move, you’re in for a challenge.

It’s like trying to transfer money using your bank’s internet banking website on your phone instead of using an app like PayLah!, which can do the job in halved the time spent.

So if you are going to open an account with a brokerage firm that has a well-oiled trading solution for mobile phones, it’s definitely going to make your trading life much easier.

Tiger Brokers mobile app

One such online trading platform is NASDAQ-listed company (TIGR) — Tiger Brokers Singapore, which has a dedicated one-stop mobile and online app, Tiger Trade. You can access the global financial markets and manage your own investment portfolio via Tiger Trade. It is this simple! Yay for convenience!

2. Do you get round-the-clock support?

It’s only natural for us mobile phone users to immediately reach out for our phone at various times — even during the wee hours of the morning, or when we are experiencing insomnia — to check the time, check our social media, read the news, and even manage our trades (sometimes, our day is so packed that we only get to our personal matters after 2am).

So, if your broker has a mobile app, it should be well aware of these consumption habits.

If I’m investing, I can’t afford to wait around — I may not have time later to call support for help, and the stock price might suddenly fluctuate. Timing is everything.

It’s nice that the Tiger Trade app offers various communication options such as feedback, a help centre and an online chat. Send a message and receive a prompt response, 24/7, even on public holidays, outside of working hours, and even weekends.

3. Are the prices on point?

SGX stocks on Tiger Trade app

Just like how I would expect to pay a premium for the services of a personal butler at a restaurant versus that of a vending machine style eatery, fintech solutions such as mobile brokerages are less expensive and more affordable for everyone.

If you think you’ll be getting a mindless robot that might make rubbish decisions, many fintech-driven investment solutions are actually still managed by a team of savvy humans who are experienced investors themselves. With the help of technology, they don’t need to help each and every individual on a 1-to-1 basis so fees can be much lower.

In comparison, calling your broker to make a trade on the phone used to cost $50 or more for a 1-way transaction. But with the presence of online brokerages, you will only pay $10 to $25 per trade; and mobile brokerages sweeten the deal further, going as low as USD$0.01 per share (minimum USD$1.99 per trade) for commission fees for trades in overseas markets.

Here are some latest commission fees that Tiger Brokers charges:

  • Singapore stocks: 0.08%, no minimum charge (From now till 31 December 2020)
  • Hong Kong stocks: 0.06%, with a minimum HKD$15 per trade
  • Shanghai/Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect: 0.06%, with a minimum RMB15 per trade

4. Can I trade on different markets?

Why sign up for a brokerage when it will only limit your exposure? No matter how awesome the brokerage app may be, or how low the fees are, if it doesn’t allow you to trade the markets you are looking at, it’s a no-go. After all, you’re only here to invest.

Find a mobile brokerage app that connects you to the major stock markets around the world. Even if you’re just planning to trade on SGX for now, when you’re more experienced, you’ll eventually want worldwide exposure. It’s also much less of a hassle to have your chosen mobile brokerage grow with your needs than needing to switch halfway through.

5. Are there other comprehensive tools and resources available?

If your mobile brokerage app is really easy to use, but so bare bones that you need to manually search for the latest news updates, stock price history and so on, it’s not really a good all-in-one mobile solution.

Just like how stockbrokers have all the information at their fingertips, choose a mobile brokerage that offers relevant information, resources and tools to help you make better investment decisions.

Tiger Brokers mobile news

For example, the Tiger Trade app has a news tab that serves up timely industry news about the markets. Even if you’re not planning to make any trade soon, being constantly updated about important stock market developments can beef up your investment knowledge, market sensing and help you make an informed trading decision down the road.

The Tiger Trade app also has a “Calendar” tab. Use it to stay abreast of upcoming major stock market events (i.e. major announcements, and the release of important economic data).

Before you sign up for a mobile brokerage account…

Just do a final check that the platform you’re using is licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. If you’re looking at Tiger Brokers and its handy Tiger Trade app, we’ve already done the necessary checks. And yes, that means you’re in safe hands. 

Tiger Brokers Nasdaq announcement

Just to recap, Tiger Brokers (Singapore):

– Offers one of the lowest commission rates, from as low as US$1.99 per trade

– Has a user-friendly one-stop mobile app, Tiger Trade, with access to global markets and resources/tools

– 24/7 support available

– Speedy, seamless and simple account opening process – offering a hassle-free way to access the global financial markets

Opening an account is also seamless and quick, and SingPass users can use MyInfo to open an account with Tiger Brokers for a much quicker onboarding process.

Tiger Brokers launches Singapore equitiesFrom now until 31 December 2020, Tiger Brokers is offering Singapore stocks at 0.08% per trade with no minimum charges (terms and conditions apply).

Tiger Brokers Singapore treats all of its clients as privilege clients, with no tiers to segregate them. For those looking for convenience and accessibility to the global financial markets, Tiger Brokers might just be the right broker for you. For more information, please click here.

Download the Tiger Trade app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or access it from your desktop.

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