Find Out How This New Entertainment, Mobile & Broadband Bundle Suits Any Lifestyle AND Saves You More Than $400 Over 2 Years

StarHub HubBundle Netflix Disney+ Mobile SIM Only Broadband

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Every day, we’re faced with so many choices that it just gives us decision fatigue. What do we eat for lunch in a hawker centre with 20 stalls; what clothes to wear to work; or even what entertainment, mobile and broadband provider would best suit our needs?

To avoid analysis paralysis, we need to prioritise our needs based on our budget, lifestyle and habits, available free time (for entertainment), preferred content and consumption patterns (what time and if solo or with someone; how much data we may need), and so on.

Well, StarHub has launched a new HubBundle that packages entertainment, mobile and broadband all into one bundle (more on that soon!). For one, we feel this is a well-rounded package, plus its attractive price point will surely fit everyone’s lifestyle!


Value-for-money, no matter your lifestyle

Let’s first look at what’s offered with StarHub’s new HubBundle:

Components A la carte price/month Bundle price/month Savings/month
Netflix $15.98 (Standard) $79.90 $16.98
Save $407.52 over 2 years
Disney+ Currently included with StarHub’s TV+, Broadband or Mobile+ plans for new and existing customers; otherwise $11.98
SIM Only plan with 5G  $38
1Gbps Broadband $42.90
TOTAL $96.88

Psst… That $16.98/month savings really adds up, growing to more than $400 over 2 years. Whether you decide to spend this extra money on an extended family staycay in a top-tier hotel or organic groceries, let’s take a look at how people from varying lifestyles can benefit from what’s offered in the HubBundle.


For binge-watchers

You’re a completist by nature, and cannot let anything go before it’s complete. It’s good news for projects you’re working on, but when it comes to serials on Netflix or Disney+, that means sleepless weekend nights (or at least until you finish Season One). Let’s be honest, you’ve considered attempting a 50-hour Marvel movie marathon.

Because you burn through your playlists so quickly, it’s good to have 2 video streaming platforms at your disposal — Netflix and Disney+. Add to that a reliable internet connection and good WiFi coverage to support your High-Definition and Seamless-Streaming dreams anywhere in the home, even the toilet (so you don’t miss a thing). On that sleepy commute to and from work, you can continue where you left off with the support of a good mobile plan and data (StarHub was awarded best video streaming experience by OPENSIGNAL Singapore in June 2021).

You’d have 70GB mobile data that’s included in the plan — no worries about busting your data limit!


For the family-focused

Your life revolves around your family, and you build your spare time to suit your loved ones, including your in-laws, parents, spouse and kids. Weekends are a treat for the kids, but not so much for you, as they’ll ask to watch Frozen for the fifth time in a row. Meanwhile, your parents might want to rewatch The Unbeatables, and you’re still halfway through the latest season of Money Heist.

But that’s okay! You have other forms of enjoyment to keep you occupied as Elsa sings Let It Go yet again — but you’ll still be sharing the same physical space as your family. Even better, as Netflix (2 screens) and Disney+ (up to 4 screens) offers diverse content that can be accessed concurrently, everyone can enjoy their favorite shows at the same time, powered by Smart WiFi at home.

Running errands outside (forgot the milk, again)? You can also stream on this #1 mobile network when out of range of your home WiFi signal with barely a break in your connection.

You could catch up on some stand-up comedy on Netflix while wearing earphones, surf on your mobile phone for home improvement ideas (or answer urgent work emails) — and you’ll be sure that whatever you do, no one’s Internet connection will break with the best WiFI coverage (StarHub was rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Broadband, by the Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore 2021).


For the super sociable

If your friends describe you, they’d immediately identify you as a social butterfly, flitting from social engagement to social engagement. Super sociable, you’re always on the go and talking to people, be it your family, friends or new acquaintances. This also means you’re fantastic at networking, and your phone is forever abuzz with new messages and notifications.

Even at home, you’re always hosting a party (keeping to the current limits of course) with food, movie nights and sometimes wine tasting sessions for the adults at night. Being the provider of all things food, humour and entertainment is just up your alley.

Sure, there are times when you’re out running errands solo or commuting alone. But that doesn’t mean you stop connecting. You’re always on social media and scrolling through your feed to be on top of trends so there’s always something to talk about. You’re also up to date on the latest dramas, movies, internet memes, news, gossip (ahem) and more.


For the free spirit

Your interests are like the sea, ebbing and flowing with the tides. Similarly, your free-spirited nature means that you don’t like to be permanently tethered to something — such as your mobile plan. That’s why you chose to go with a SIM Only plan with 5G, which allows you flexibility.

Likewise, your entertainment decisions really depend on your mood. You might watch a series partway, skip to another drama’s final episode, then watch a movie before returning to Show #2. Netflix or Disney+? You really can’t decide, but you’d definitely appreciate having both!

And when you’re at home, you’re either lounging around listening to music via YouTube, playing video games, surfing the internet or watching a show. Whatever it is, your stable home broadband connection sees that you get what you desire. This applies when you’re outside too, and your mobile data’s got you covered.


StarHub’s new HubBundle for any lifestyle

A household name in Singapore, StarHub has brought great services that include a SIM Only plan with 5G to help you get aboard the 5G network, 1Gbps Broadband with Free Smart WiFi worth $199, the latest and hottest entertainment, and more — no matter your lifestyle!

Lifestyle Who are you? What you need
Binge-watcher – Burns through playlists quickly
– Watch at home and while commuting
– 2 video streaming platforms
– Reliable internet connection and good WiFi coverage
– Good mobile plan with enough data on a reliable mobile network
Family-focused – Balances the needs of family members and self
– Watch at home on multiple devices and outside while running errands for the fambam
– Diverse content and multiple screens at a time
– Smart WiFi at home
– Stream while running errands outside on a #1 mobile network
Super sociable – Social butterfly who flits from social engagement to social engagement
– Likes to keep up-to-date on the latest content so there’s always something to talk about
– A mobile network connection and data that can keep up with your flurry of social activity
– Reliable WiFi at home to support your party entertainment needs
– Access to the latest entertainment so there’s no FOMO
Free spirit – Your interests are like the sea, ebbing and flowing with the tides
– Don’t like to be permanently tethered to something
– Plans that offer flexibility, such as a SIM-Only plan
– Entertainment options to suit any mood you’re in or interest you have

At just $79.90/month with savings of more than $400 over a span of 2 years, StarHub’s HubBundle is well worth the money. Plus, it’s the first all-in-one bundle in Singapore that combines the perfect quartet of broadband, mobile, Disney+ and Netflix too.

Find out more and sign up for StarHub HubBundle here.