Singapore Job Agencies – 10 Recruitment Agencies for Your Next Career Move

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You might have snagged your first job by spamming job ads on JobsDB, or asking your parents to pull some strings. But at some point in your career, you will realise that using a headhunter or recruitment agency is a lot easier and less time-consuming than making individual applications.

This usually happens once you’ve amassed enough experience to have companies come knocking on your door, instead of the other way around.


What is a job agency?

Whether it’s Subway sandwich artist or social media manager, entry-level or early-career jobs are easy enough to find on job search websites/apps that are open to the public.

But once it comes to more senior or highly-paid positions, companies prefer to handpick candidates rather than put out a job ad. Job ads attract all kinds of dodgy candidates, and looking for the right person in that hot mess is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

To prevent their HR employees from going berserk, many companies would rather engage a job agency (more commonly known as headhunter) to find the best talent for the position.

As a prospective employee, going through a recruitment agency is a way to cut through the noise and get you noticed more quickly by the company you want to be in. The recruiter or headhunter will tidy up your resume, tailoring it to what each employer wants.

Good headhunters can also give you inside info on what the employer is looking for, and offer advice for the interview. They’ll also try to make you sound good, since it’s in their best interests to close the deal and get you hired.

Best of all, recruiters are usually free to use. It is the employer who will have to pay them a commission when you get hired. If a recruiter tries to charge you a fee, look elsewhere.


10 Singapore job agencies for your next career move

Below are 10 recruitment agencies in Singapore to consider when you’re on the market for your next job.


Kelly Services

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Some general recruitment agencies which work across all industries have gained a bit of a bad rap, but Kelly Services has received good reviews for being a serious agency that has some good positions from MNCs. They serve a wide range of industries including banking, healthcare, sales, IT and engineering.



job recruitment agency singapore 2018

Along with Kelly Services, Adecco is probably one of the best-known full-service recruitment agencies with jobs in a wide variety of sectors, including banking, accounting, HR, manufacturing, sales, logistics and so on.


The GMP Group

gmp group job agencies singapore

One of the biggest and more reliable headhunting firms in Singapore, The GMP Group has lots of positions in reputable companies, especially in banking, manufacturing, IT and the chemical/oil and gas sectors.



job recruitment agency singapore 2018

Randstad is a big international name in recruiting, and their Singapore branch has received good reviews from users. They have banking, accounting, life science, IT, legal, construction and real estate jobs on offer.



job recruitment agency singapore 2018

Manpower is a recruitment agency under the ManpowerGroup, which has offices in over 80 countries and territories. They serve a wide range of industries, with the majority of their positions being in IT. They also have positions in oil, gas and energy, real estate, manufacturing, healthcare and banking.


3C Synergy

job recruitment agency singapore 2018

Recruitment agency 3C Synergy serves the construction, oil and gas, energy and real estate sectors. If you work in one of these industries, using a specialist rather than generalist agency is preferable as you’ll typically be matched up with more potential employers. They’ve also got offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong, which is handy if you’re looking to relocate.


Garner International

job recruitment agency singapore 2018

Garner International tends to work with lots of big, reputable MNCs, which is perfect if you’re trying to avoid getting hired by SMEs. Their positions are targeted at the PMET crowd and they also have highly-paid senior positions, so if you are at the stage of your career when you consider yourself a quality hire, send them your CV.


DP Search

job recruitment agency singapore 2018

Sure, there’s already an abundance of finance and IT jobs in Singapore — but DP Search can bring you even more opportunities, as they specialise in these two types of jobs across all industries. Their positions are geared towards executive-level employees all the way to COO or CIO level, so it’s worthwhile staying in touch with them over the years.


JAC Recruitment

jac recruitment

Although the company was founded in London, JAC Recruitment has heaps and heaps of Japanese clients. If you’ve got Japanese language skills or have experience working in a Japanese company, that can be a distinct advantage. Besides that, they’ve got a wide range of positions in sales, marketing, legal, F&B, banking, HR and more.


Frazer Jones

frazer jones job agencies singapore

This global agency specialises in HR recruitment, and other than their local positions they also have a database of jobs located all over the world. So if you’re an HR professional who’s always wanted to work overseas, Frazer Jones could be your ticket out of here.

Have you ever gotten a job through a recruitment agency? Share your experiences in the comments!


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