Pregnancy Test Kits Singapore – What’s the Difference Between $1 and $25 Pregnancy Test Kits?

pregnancy test kit singapore

Are you trying for a baby, or are experiencing telling signs like morning sickness and bloatedness? The easiest way to confirm your suspicion is to use a pregnancy test kit.

These days, the kits are accurate, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. But, the most expensive pregnancy test kits can cost 25 times more than the cheapest ones.

So why the price difference?


Price guide to Top 5 Singapore pregnancy test kits

Pregnancy Test Kit Price
HCG Urine Test Strips $1.00
Watson’s Pregnancy Test Kit $5.39
Guardian Pregnancy Test Strips $7.70
Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Compact $9.90
Predictor Early Pregnancy Test Kit $17.90
Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit $25.00


When should you take a pregnancy test?

Here are 5 signs you should take a pregnancy test.

  • You miss a period
  • You experience cramps but you don’t get your period
  • Tender breasts but again, no period
  • You experience nausea, frequent urination, and/or aversion to certain foods
  • You are exhausted and lethargic


What can the cheapest $1 pregnancy test kit do?

Qoo10 is selling ultra-cheap pregnancy test strips for about $1 per strip. These strips do what is advertised—they tell you whether or not you are pregnant, with over 99% accuracy. They are non-branded, but apparently there are some good reviews.

If you are trying for a baby and foresee yourself taking pregnancy tests frequently, you might want to give these a go as they won’t break the bank.


What can the most expensive $25 Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit do?

At $25, the most expensive Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit is so pricey (considering it’s going to be used for a grand total of 3 minutes) that you almost wish the Baby Bonus would pay for it.

While basic pregnancy test kits will just give you a Yes / No answer, Clearblue Pregnancy Test kit also tells you how many weeks pregnant you are.

It can also give you an accurate test answer up to 4 days before your period is due, so you don’t need to wait until you’ve actually missed your period to find out if you’re pregnant. And finally, the fact that the results are displayed digitally obviously makes this contraption a little pricier to produce.


Should you choose a brandless, Watson’s, Guardian, or Clear Blue pregnancy test kit?

The good news for those on a budget is that, used correctly, pregnancy test kits are generally very accurate regardless of price and can all be used effectively from the date of your first missed period. The main difference is that more expensive kits might be able to provide you with more information, or be used effectively at an earlier stage.

If you are trying to conceive and foresee yourself doing pregnancy tests regularly, you might want to go for the cheapest tests you can find, preferably those that are sold in packs of multiple strips.

On the other hand, if you do not want to get pregnant and this is a one-time pregnancy scare, look for a pregnancy test kit that can be used as early as possible into the pregnancy.


How to use a pregnancy test?

Always read the instructions first, as kits might vary slightly, and you don’t want to give yourself a heart attack because you misinterpreted the pregnancy test kit’s response.

In general you just pee onto the designated spot on the test and wait about 3 to 5 minutes for it to give you an answer. Many tests can give you an answer as early as 4 days before your period is due.


So you got two double lines. What’s next?

The first step is to get a pregnancy blood test, which is the ultimate confirmation of your pregnancy, and can also check for warning signs of issues with your pregnancy that could result in a miscarriage or be life-threatening.

The most inexpensive way is to first visit a polyclinic (or private GP) and tell them you are pregnant so they can issue a referral letter which will enable you to enjoy subsidised prices at a hospital. Alternatively, you can visit a private gynaecologist if you are prepared to pay unsubsidised prices.

If you do not wish to proceed with the pregnancy, abortion is legal in Singapore but must be performed in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, although most doctors will stop at 23 weeks. Costs generally range from about $300 to $3,500. You must undergo counselling by a qualified abortion counsellor and watch a video before you undergo the procedure.

Have you ever been pregnant in Singapore? Share your tips and tricks with other mothers-to-be in the comments!