Painting Services in Singapore For HDBs and Private Properties (2019) – How Much Does It Cost?

painting services singapore

There isn’t much information online about painting services in Singapore. This could be because most painting companies are usually smaller companies staffed by older workers.

But painting walls is a back breaking job that involves a painstaking process of covering everything with newspapers and trying not to get high on the paint fumes. If you get professionals to do it, it could save you anguish and effort.

But who can you call, and how much does it cost?


Top 5 painting services in Singapore

Painting company Price of painting a 4-room BTO
5 Star Painting $600 to $900
Painting Service Singapore $720 to $1,380
Coozy Painting Service $1,500 to $2,500
Nippon Paint Service $1,300 to $1,600
Raffles Paint Service $1,600 to $2,000


5 Star Painting ($600 to $900)

5 Star Painting might not have anything to do with your favourite chicken rice franchise, but they are still worth your attention as they offer relatively inexpensive painting services. They can complete a 3- or 4-room HDB flat within 1 to 2 days.

They specialise in condo as well as HDB painting services, and can offer a free quotation for your home before you commit.

Tel: 6899 4084


Painting Service Singapore ($720 to $1,380)

Painting Service Singapore specialises in residential and commercial painting services for HDB flats, condos, houses and more.

They take about 1 to 2 days to completely paint a 3 to 5 room HDBF flat. They first turn up at your home for a free on-site quotation, following which their contractors will show up with your paints of choice. They have a wide selection of Nippon and Dulux paint in their catalogue.

Tel: 6240 6849


Coozy Painting Service ($1,500 to $2,500)

Coozy just might make your home cosier with a new paint job. Like the other painting companies on this list, they offer a free on-site quotation.

They also guarantee that your floor, tiles and furniture will not be stained, as their workers will take pains to cover and shift all vulnerable surfaces and items.

Other than wall and ceiling painting, they also paint doors, metal gates, bathroom pipes and more, in addition to being able to varnish wood, apply stone or sand effect spray texture coating and perform sponging, brushing and ragging. So if you are giving your home a huge overhaul and need some very specific modifications done, they should be able to help.

Coozy will go down to your property to give an accurate quotation of your paint job, but it will generally cost $1,500 for a 4-room HDB BTO.

Tel: 9738 3496


Nippon Paint Service ($1,300 to $1,600)

Nippon Paint is probably the most well-known paint brand in Singapore. Despite the name, these paints are actually made in Singapore, which is, well, more reassuring than some other countries we can think of.

They also have a painting service that will not only ensure your walls get covered evenly in your paint of choice, but also that your furniture stays intact.

Your appointment will begin with a free pre-painting site inspection, and you can also put your colour choices to the test using their free digital colour preview service, usually worth $100. They will then cover and protect your furniture and floor. When the painters are done, your furniture will be put back in its original place. Your paint job comes with a 1-year warranty.

While their services are obviously more expensive than DIYing or scouting for willing construction workers at nearby sites, they have a 0% interest free installment plan that lets you pay a bit every month.

Customers who use their painting services also get a chance to participate in a lucky draw where prizes such as free wall inspections worth $150 and free Mayer Air Fryers worth $69.90 are up for grabs.

Tel: 6319 7222


Raffles Paint Service ($1,600 to $2,000)

Raffles Paint produces eco-friendly and non-toxic paints. These paints can resist repeated cleaning and also have anti-fungal and anti-mould properties. You can buy their house brand paints, branded as R.ONE, easily from the site with no fuss.

In addition to being a paint supplier, they also offer painting services which enable you to have your entire home painted by professionals who’ve been trained to coat the walls properly and not destroy the surrounding furniture. You’ll also receive a free site inspection before painting starts.

It’s not cheap and you’ll have to pay a 50% deposit upon confirmation of your order, but on the bright side you’ll receive a warranty of two years for any natural paint peeling or discolouration.

Tel: 9384 4939

Have you ever used a painting service in Singapore? Share your experiences in the comments!