5 Reasons to Get A Nespresso Subscription — With A Nespresso Machine for $1

Nespresso Subscription Singapore - Original Line Coffee Machines from as low as $1

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Many of us have eased into our #WorkFromHome life, investing in ergonomic office chairs, sit/stand desks, an extra monitor and handy headsets for our Zoom meetings.

One thing remains the same for many of us though — our routine coffee habit.

Rather than swinging by a cafe to grab a $5 cuppa, sometimes the most convenient way is to make it yourself, in the comfort of your home.

With Nespresso, you can get a fresh and aromatic cup of café-style coffee at the touch of a button. Just the right amount of roasted coffee grounds is sealed for freshness in each capsule, so there’s no mess and no fuss involved.

Your used capsules also get a second life — easily recycle them with Nespresso and you might even win prizes made of the recycled aluminum of used Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso’s range of carefully selected coffee beans are masterfully processed from a range of traditional to modern techniques. Their coffee experts in Switzerland ensure that the aroma and quality of each of their different single origin and coffee blends delight the taste buds of coffee lovers. And with Nespresso Subscription, you can enjoy these coffees starting from $35/month.


1. 4 Custom Subscription plans available from $35/month

How many cups of coffee does your household consume a month? I like the flexibility that Nespresso Subscription gives with its 4 plans, that each includes a different Nespresso Original line machine:

Nespresso Subscription plans (available with Original line coffee machines)
Consumption Price Coffee machine and plan
30 cups of coffee a month $35/month Inissia Single
60 cups of coffee a month $45/month Essenza Mini Bundle
90 cups of coffee a month $65/month Essenza Plus Bundle
120 to 150 cups of coffee a month $85/month Lattissima Touch

These plans that are in tune with my coffee consumption habit is a nice touch from Nespresso, and it’s a good gauge of which plan I should get if there are other coffee drinkers in my household.

Each Nespresso Subscription plan runs for at least 12 months.


2. Own a Nespresso machine for just $1 (Original line coffee machines)

Ah yes, did I mention that each subscription plan comes with a Nespresso machine you can own at only $1?

Here’s a quick look at the features of the different Nespresso machines that come with each plan:

Inissia Single Essenza Mini Bundle Essenza Plus Bundle Lattissima Touch
Plan type $35/month $45/month $65/month $85/month
If your household drinks… 30 cups of coffee a month 60 cups of coffee a month 90 cups of coffee a month 120 to 150 cups of coffee a month
Black or Milk? – 2 buttons for Espresso or Lungo coffees – 2 buttons for Espresso or Lungo coffees

– Additional Aeroccino3 Milk Frother to make creamy milk coffees (cappuccinos, lattes)

– 2 buttons for Espresso or Lungo coffees

– Additional Aeroccino3 Milk Frother to make creamy milk coffees (cappuccinos, lattes)

One-touch integrated milk and coffee solution, with 6 coffee selections and milk recipes to choose from: Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato…
Water tank capacity 0.7L 0.6L 1L 0.9L
Colours available Ruby Red, Black Ruby Red, Intense Grey, Pure White & Lime Green Limousine Black, Cherry Red Silver & Black
Usual retail price $198 $238 $358 $548

With Nespresso Subscription, you only need to make a one-time payment of $1 together with your 1st monthly fee — no matter what plan you take — and the machine is yours to keep*.

Once your subscription plan begins, your chosen machine will be delivered to your doorstep and you can start enjoying Nespresso with your Nespresso credits.

The nice thing about having a Nespresso machine is that each touch of a button delivers the exact amount of water, temperature, pressure and speed. This is a foolproof and convenient way for you to enjoy cafe-style coffee at home.

*You’ll need to stay on the plan for at least 12 months


3. Flexible use of monthly credits

Your monthly subscription fee is fully converted into Nespresso credits that can be used on any Nespresso product. Choose to shop conveniently online, on the Nespresso app or at any Nespresso boutiques.

Other than coffee capsules, you can also use your credits on Nespresso accessories to enhance your coffee experience, such as espresso cups, capsule dispensers or milk frothers, and more.

These credits are also valid for up to 6 months after your subscription ends.

For example, if my household drinks 2 cups of coffee a day, I would get the $45/month plan. If I buy 60 capsules for the first month (capsules are priced from $0.70 each) — I can enjoy free delivery on my first order using my Nespresso credits — I would have used only $42 of my $45 worth of my monthly credits for the first month. This means I will accumulate $3 + $45 = $48 of credits for my 2nd month that can be used on other Nespresso products or coffees at any Nespresso boutique.


4. Enjoy the wide range of exceptional coffees from Nespresso

With my own Nespresso machine, I can savour coffees of diverse aromas and flavours. There are different ways to enjoy them too — with milk poured in, with milk froth, black, or as an espresso shot.

Nespresso Subscription - Original line coffee machines from $1

Nespresso offers a range of coffee blends, ranging from dark roasts to balanced, lighter blends, as well as limited edition releases throughout the year – small batches of rare and unique coffees.

Some of our favourites are the World Explorations Lungo coffee range — that will take you on a journey around the world, to experience the different ways coffee is appreciated in iconic cities from Tokyo to Cape Town.

Espresso lovers would gravitate to the Ispirazione Italiana range, seven intense blends of espresso and ristretto inspired by the culture and coffee traditions of Italy’s cities like Rome and Naples. 

Tip: For a personalised coffee recommendation to best suit your palate, check out Nespresso’s Coffee Selector

Check out the full range of Nespresso coffees here.



5. Additional benefits after your first 12 months on the Nespresso Subscription

After 12 months, your subscription is automatically renewed — with added perks. This time, you’ll get an extra 10% credits but you will continue to pay the same price per month.

10% is a pretty sweet deal:

  • $35/month becomes $38.50 worth of credits per month = ~5 more capsules/month
  • $45/month becomes $49.50 worth of credits per month = ~6 more capsules/month
  • $65/month becomes $71.50 worth of credits per month = ~9 more capsules/month
  • $85/month becomes $93.50 worth of credits per month = ~12 more capsules/month

These additional credits really do add up. That’s an extra $42-$102 worth of credits gained in your 2nd year of subscription.

To start your coffee journey, get started on the Nespresso Subscription here.


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