Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)

Working from home or remote work is going to be a lot more prevalent now that Covid-19 has rewritten our future. Rather than spending more time working because of your laptop’s crappy trackpad, invest in a good quality mouse that will have you clicking away with finesse.

If you’re a gamer, you might already know what features to look out for when selecting an ergonomic mouse. But for those of us whose idea of gaming is Neko Atsume, here are some things to consider when shopping for a mouse:

Does the size fit?

It should be just right for your hand, enabling you to grip the mouse with your full palm. But if you travel often with your laptop, you might want to opt for a more compact mouse.

Comfy enough? 

Rolling and clicking it should be smooth and easy, and feel comfortable.

Wired or wireless?

Wired mice are cheaper but you have to deal with cables. Wireless ones require you to either plug a transceiver into your computer’s USB port or connect via bluetooth. Your computer must have the right USB port for the mouse’s transceiver. For this reason, bluetooth mice tend to be compatible with a wider range of computers. USB is easier to set up though — just plug and play. Just don’t lose the dongle.

Is it programmable?

Only if you want to program your mouse buttons to perform certain functions.

Price comparison of best wireless mouse in Singapore

Brand Price
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 $19.90
Logitech Wireless Ultra Portable M187 $23
TakeASeatErgonomic Mouse $29.90 – $39.90
Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optimal Mouse $39.90
Razer Atheris $84.90
Apple Magic Mouse 2 $99
Microsoft Arc Mouse $118
Logitech MX Master 3 $169

Best value-for-money portable mouse: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)
Image credit: Microsoft

This little wireless mouse with its delicate clicking sound is best suited to those looking for a portable mouse to take on the road. It’s light, weighing at just 90g. 

It’s kitted out with right and left buttons as well as a scroll wheel, and has an ambidextrous design that makes it suitable for left handers, too. It comes in a range of non-techy colours like cyan and purple, and there’s a small built-in compartment for your nano receiver to ensure you don’t lose it.

The mouse runs on one AA battery with a battery life of about 6 months, and connects to your computer using a USB.

This is a great and affordable option for a travel mouse, but its small size might not be something you’d want to use at home every day. Unless you just turned five, there’s no way you’ll be able to grip it with your entire palm.

Price: $19.90

Where to buy: Microsoft.com

Most compact portable mouse: Logitech Wireless Ultra Portable M187

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)
Image credit: Logitech

This eye-catching portable wireless mouse is miniscule. It weighs in at a mere 51.19g and measures 81.9mm x 49.4mm x 31.8mm. It plugs into your computer with a nano receiver that can be stored in a built-in compartment on the mouse.

In terms of functionality, it’s got three buttons, a scroll wheel and a 6-month battery life, which is the norm as far as portable wireless mice go. It runs on a single AAA battery.

Other than the typical black and white, it comes in some striking colour combinations including blue and red, and orange and blue.

If travelling light is of utmost importance to you or you’re a Lilliputian, this is one of the smallest high quality portable wireless mice you’ll find on the market.

Price: $23

Where to buy: Lazada, Hachi, Shopee

Best value-for-money ergonomic mouse: TakeASeat Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)
Image credit: TakeASeat

This ergonomic mouse is contoured to enable the wrist to use it in a less strenuous manner. It has a very high arch so your hand does not have to lie flat.

Other than its ergonomic shape, it’s actually quite a basic mouse, with back and forward buttons on the side and a scrolling wheel in between the right and left click buttons. There is also a resolution button under the scrolling wheel.

There are two versions of the mouse, wired and wireless with a USB transceiver.

This is one of the cheapest options if you’re feeling the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome and need a more comfortable mouse, but don’t expect any fancy functions. As is common with ergonomic mice, it’s on the bulky side so you probably won’t want to carry it around with you.

Price: $29.90 (wired) / $39.90 (wireless)

Where to buy: takeaseat.sg

Good ergonomic mouse: Anker 2.24G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)
Image credit: Anker

This wireless vertical mouse will make all your Jaws nightmares come true, thanks to its extremely angular, fin-like shape.

It’s got five buttons, a very sensitive optical sensor and next/previous buttons which make web surfing just a little quicker. Connect it to your computer by plugging in a USB transceiver which can be stored in a built-in slot. It’s not really the most compact of mice to travel with though.

As far as functionality goes, this is a fairly basic ergonomic mouse with so-so functionality and a decent but not exceptional sensor. So your main reason to buy it would be for the comfort of using it.

Price: $39.90

Where to buy: AnkerSingapore.com

Best portable gaming mouse: Razer Atheris

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)
Image credit: Razer

Razer Atheris is a portable gaming mouse that is actually more suited to those who travel with their laptops than gamers per se. As far as gaming is concerned, it does a decent job if you’re gaming on the go, but you will want a sturdier version for your at-home sessions.

The portable bluetooth mouse has a highly sensitive, precise optical sensor, reliable connectivity, as well as ambidextrous design. The battery life is an impressive 350 hours.

While being portable and lightweight at 66g, the mouse manages to incorporate some ergonomic features into its design with a lightly contoured surface that moulds to your palm more than that of a standard super-tiny portable mouse.

All in all, it’s a serviceable mouse that can perform the dual function of helping you get work done and being used for some light gaming.

Price: $84.90

Where to buy: Razer.com

Best looking mouse: Apple Magic Mouse 2

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)
Image credit: Apple

In typical Apple fashion, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is just what you need to turn your home office set-up into a minimalistic beacon of design. Officially, it works only on Mac OSX v10.11. That being said, you can technically program it to work on your Windows PC.

When this bluetooth mouse moves across your mousepad, it’s got that “sleek” feel that Apple products tend to have. In fact, the entire product looks pretty damn sleek, with its smooth, seamless exterior unbroken by unsightly buttons or clunky trackpads.

The built-in batteries are rechargeable, so you don’t need to worry about changing them.

As a device, it’s pretty basic other than being better looking than the average mouse. Is it worth paying $99 for? Probably not, unless your Apple-powered home office is already stunning and you just want to complete the look.

Price: $99

Where to buy: Apple.com/sg/

Best-looking portable mouse: Microsoft Arc Mouse

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)
Image credit: Microsoft

This ultra slim bluetooth portable mouse has a striking look. While normally arched, it can snap flat for easier storage when not in use, instantly making it almost half the size. It also happens to be a pretty damn good-looking piece of hardware.

In terms of functionality, it’s serviceable for basic software users, with both horizontal and vertical scrolling. At 82.5g, the mouse is lightweight. It runs on two AAA batteries which can last up to 6 months.

In terms of comfort, the arc does make it a bit less flat than regular portable mice, but it’s not the most ergonomic of designs.

While there’s nothing this mouse can do that a good portable mouse can’t, users buy it for its cool-looking arc design and foldability.

Price: $118

Where to buy: Microsoft.com

Most functional mouse: Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech, Razer, Microsoft And More – 8 Best Wireless Mouse For Work And Play (2020)
Image credit: Logitech

This device looks more like a Transformer than a wireless bluetooth mouse, with its super high arch and dramatic design.

It’s built for performance, with a very precise scrolling wheel that somehow still manages to remain very quiet. The sensor works on almost any surface, including glass. There’s also a thumb wheel for horizontal scrolling, and the buttons are strategically placed to enable your hand to move as little as possible. All the buttons are customisable and mappable to keys on your keyboard.

This mouse is bulky to travel with, but is great for home use. The ergonomic shape is very comfortable to use and designed to reduce strain on your wrist. Its battery life of 70 hours on a full charge is not fantastic, but understandable given its many functions.

If you’re willing to spend $169 on a mouse, this is possibly the most you’ll get out of one in terms of functionality. Worth it if you work in tech or engineering and know how to make full use of the functions or if, like many of us, you spend long hours in front of the computer and are killing your dominant arm.

Price: $169

Where to buy: Lazada, Hachi, Shopee

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