3 Ways This Telco Pampers Its Customers with Awesome Rewards & Surprises

Circles.Life — best telco in Singapore that has awesome rewards and promotions

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Which telco to choose or switch to?

This is a topic that every Singaporean has to think about every now and then. When your network signal is too weak or you realise that another telco is offering better perks, it is time to port to a different company. Thanks to SIM-only, no-contract plans, porting over to another telco is now easier than ever.

Beyond the basics such as what the plan entails (e.g. amount of data, talktime, price and so on), telcos can offer intangibles that make you feel loved as a loyal customer.

Circles.Life is one such telco that aims to “give power back to its customers” through rewards and other awesome benefits.

Here are 3 ways Circles.Life pampers customers with enviable rewards and surprises — showing that it’s more than just a data plan provider or a telco. Read on~

Cue stronk FOMO feels.


1. Rewards galore

Circles.Life is one of the top telcos that doles out some of the most generous rewards to its customers…Look out for upcoming giveaways, a little bird told us that July’s is gonna be HUGE!


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For instance, Circles.Life previously offered a $10,000 cash prize via a social media contest called #theweirdchallenge, where both existing and future customers were invited to upload an Instagram Reel of themselves turning their uniqueness into a skit.

The spirit of the competition was to celebrate one’s quirks and to dare to be different. The Grand Prize of $10,000 and a 1-year unlimited plan went to the person who was able to best celebrate their inner weirdo. Other prizes included a 1-year unlimited plan for the runners up, while other consolation prizes included $100 each (Top 30). 500 participants also received unlimited data for a month and the early bird submissions snagged a $20 Grabfood voucher!


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Another past Circles.Life IG giveaway was their #BeBold campaign, in which users stood a chance to get their wish granted.

Here’s what went down:

  1. Existing customers were asked to write down something they’ve always wanted to do, but never had the guts to.
  2. The winner, determined from voting on an Instagram poll, had their wish granted by Circles.Life! She won a mystery flight and free GoRoam services throughout her trip.
  3. To thank them for penning their thoughts, Circles.Life rewarded all participants with 5GB of data!


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Recently, in anticipation of the upcoming school holidays in June and July, Circles.Life offered the chance to win a FREE yacht trip. Existing and future customers who signed up for and activated a SIM Card by 29 June 2022 stood the chance to win the grand prize of a yacht trip and five consolation prizes consisting of sunset dinner cruise trips.


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Circles.Life also organises regular social giveaways, including biweekly giveaways on its Instagram. You can win iPads, $50 Grab vouchers, 6 month Unlimited Plans and popular artiste merchandise. Woohoo!

By the way, Circles.Life also gives out prizes via its in-app Quests (jump to section below for more deets).


2. Giving back to the community and to customers

The team behind Circles.Life has a big heart, which is evident in the way they actively promote the spirit of doing good for the community…while benefiting their customers as well!


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In one of Circles.Life’s past initiatives, held in conjunction with their fifth birthday in 2021, the telco partnered with small local businesses who were suffering due to the impact of Covid-19 and the circuit breaker. One of these business owners that benefited was Ice Cream Cart sellers Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Chieng outside Whampoa, Serangoon, Ang Mo Kio and Takashimaya. The telco paid for and arranged for the ice cream vendors to offer all Circles.Life customers free scoops of ice cream! This kind-hearted action not only helped the ice cream sellers, but also resulted in a sweet treat for Circles.Life users. 


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During Christmas 2021, Circles.Life organised A Circles Life Christmas event with its very own Circles Santa. The telco delivered over 1,000 mystery gifts to their customers, and even hand-delivered the top nominations via their very own Santa (all customers got to nominate a friend or family member to receive a gift as well). The Christmas gift included local favourites such as iced milo, teddy chocolate cookies and Circles.Life merch. This even came with a cute physical cert to prove that you’re on Circles.Life Santa’s “nice list”. Hohoho!


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And on 14 March (3/14) this year, Circles.Life celebrated Pi Day (where Pi is 3.14), also known as Circles Day, by encouraging Singaporeans to embrace their quirks and uniqueness. On that day, customers could also redeem free coffee, $31.40 two-week trials at F45 and 31.4% off their annual subscriptions.


3. Focusing on those who matter

Circles.Life genuinely values their customers. That’s why they make it a point to keep their ear to the ground and pay attention to what customers are saying, engage with them and do their best to constantly improve themselves in order to make customers happy.

Live chat with customer service
For instance, they offer a live chat service with customer service officers. They understand the frustration of customers hanging up the phone after being on hold for too long, which sometimes happens when trying to contact customer service. Their customer service live chat is available on Facebook Messenger or via the Circles.Life app from 8am to 11pm.

Implementing customer requests — rewards feature
They’re also highly responsive and have the habit of implementing features that customers ask for. For instance, customers were saying they wanted to be rewarded for staying with Circles.Life, hence the company implemented a rewards feature called Quests. This in-app feature lets customers complete quests like “complete your profile” in exchange for a chance to spin a rewards wheel and win prizes.

Through Quests, customers enjoy the chance to win $10,000 worth of non-telco prizes every month, including Airpods Pro and iPads, as well as telco prizes like free data. These rewards are available only to existing customers — it’s the company’s way of rewarding customers for choosing them.

To date, Circles.Life has doled out over $120,000 worth of prizes, including over 100 Airpods Pro and over 50 iPads.

Implementing customer requests — creating special plans
Another example of the company’s responsiveness is their willingness to create plans that existing customers ask for.

For instance, they discovered that their users had a ton of unused data and wanted to help them find a way to fully utilise it. So, they created a Multi-SIM plan that allows users to share data across more devices, with up to three multi-SIMs. This is quite novel for Mobile Virtual Network Operators like Circles.Life, which is a testimony to their innovation and willingness to give customers what they want.


Circles.Life gives power back to the people (you!)

Circles.Life truly values their customers and wants to empower them. They are one of the more generous telcos in terms of doling out rewards.

Their frequent rewards, loyalty benefits and engagement opportunities make them a very value-for-money telco.

Don’t want to miss out on all these rewards? Find out more or sign up for a plan with Circles.Life today to get in on the fun!