When is the Best Time to Sell Your Old iPhone?

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You wanted to sell your old iPhone for months but were too lazy. Now Apple has gone and released the iPhone 6, rendering your old phone virtually worthless. Great. Is your iPhone doomed to live out the rest of its days as an alarm clock?

Not necessarily. Check out these infographics compiled by NextWorth on the average eBay selling prices of iPhones.

When is the best time to sell your iPhone?
Release of iPhone 5S/5C
When is the best time to sell your iPhone?
Release of iPhone 5
When is the best time to sell your iPhone?
Release of iPhone 4S

Apple is like that girl who posts cryptic messages on Facebook—they can’t wait to tell you all about it, but not before acting all coy. A few months before Apple announces the launch of a new iPhone, the rumour mill starts.

About two months before the official announcement is made, people start seriously speculating that a new iPhone is in the works, and prices begin to plummet dramatically.

Following the release of the new iPhone, prices might start to stabilise a little, but your phone has already lost at least 30% of its original value.

Here are some tips to make the most of your sale if you intend to upgrade to the new iPhone:

  • The moment you first get wind of rumours that a new iPhone is going to be released, immediately try to sell your old phone on eBay.
  • Use a spare phone for the next two or so months until the actual release of the new iPhone.
  • If the new iPhone has already been released and you haven’t upgraded, prices might or might not start to fall dramatically. If you don’t want to let go of your iPhone unless the price is right, try your luck on eBay by setting a high reserve price (meaning you don’t have to sell it unless a certain bid amount is reached) and see if anyone bites.

How did you sell your previous iPhone and at what price? Let us know in the comments!