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Considering they’ve done my bathroom, my kitchen, and the meatballs in my fridge, IKEA may as well be my wedding guest. After all, I’ve always wanted my marriage to be a real lasting fixture. With a reliable assembly of guests. I guess you could say it’d be furnished with love. See what I did there? God damn, I crack myself up. Right, I’m quitting this job to do stand-up. In the meantime, you can read about IKEA decor in weddings, from Wedding Guide Asia!


Cheap and Chic Decor From IKEA

Bent on having these centerpieces at your wedding but not sure where to get them? For an affordable range of quality products, hands down, the best place to go to is IKEA.

Growing up, IKEA was the bee’s knees (still is actually). It was the place where I got into all sorts of memorable hijinks. Whenever I wasn’t swimming in Playland’s pool of balls, I was busy stuffing myself silly with their delectable Daim cakes and RM1 sundae cones. Years later, I still go back to the place and find myself mooning over their furniture.

The price of wedding decorations can really put one down in the doldrums, so here are WGA’s inexpensive picks from IKEA’s 2011 Catalogue:


Fiery Red


Idea #1: To create a romantic ambience, opt for these velvet block candles. Place some sweet-smelling potpourri, some crepe paper around it, and voila, you’ll have a centerpiece right there. Idea #2: Bring some life to your reception with potted plant centerpieces. Make a trip to the local DIY store and purchase a few bags of soil. Next, place your favourite flowers in the vases and group them together. Not only are they easy to make, they can also double as favours for your guests to bring home.

Luminous Purple

Purple is in vogue now. So why not have a stylish purple-themed wedding with these IKEA products? Idea #3: Place white pebbles or water into the vase and top the piece off with a miniature candle. For something more elaborate, wrap the vase with some ribbon and tie it up with string.

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For ideas and inspiration, get your free copy of IKEA’s new catalogue from their store in Mutiara Damansara. For directions, click here. Told you it’s still the bee’s knees.

So if you need something fresh that won’t bust your budget, look at IKEA! Especially good for wedding planners on the prowl. And if you’ve seen anything great for weddings at IKEA…Comment and let us know!

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