The Dummies Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring in Singapore
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14 February 2024
Wedding Ang Bao Rates in Singapore 2024—How Much Should You Give?
Wedding dinners in Singapore can sometimes be a mercenary affair. Don’t be fooled into thinking that wedding ...
31 January 2024
Singapore Wedding Banquet Price List (2023) & Saving Tips
Singapore Wedding Banquet Price List (2023) & Saving Tips
Weddings are big business in Singapore. Some people spend enough on their wedding photoshoot, gown and ...
28 March 2023
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Weddings & Engagements in Singapore – Cost of Dresses, Rings, Photography, Venues and Everything Else
Finding your one true love may be priceless but walking down the aisle in Singapore will cost you. If you’re ...
7 July 2021
JannPaul How to Read GIA Cert Diamond Consultation Online
Did You Know That 2 Diamonds With the Same GIA Cert (and Price) Can Look Very Different? Here’s Why
This post was written in collaboration with JannPaul. While we are financially compensated by them, we ...
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8 Alternative Wedding Venues in Singapore That Don’t Cost A Bomb (2019)
If we’re going to be totally honest, hotel wedding venues in Singapore are a snore for everyone but the ...
21 October 2019
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Earning Air Miles with Your Wedding Banquet — Which Credit Card is Best?
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5 Reasons to Get Married During Hungry Ghost Festival
The Hungry Ghost Festival, a.k.a. the “ghost month” or 7th month in the Chinese calendar, is almost here! ...
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Wedding Packages in Singapore – How Exactly Do You Choose One?
With so many bridal studios in Singapore and their respective wedding packages, it’s easy to get confused ...
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Prenup in Singapore – 3 Reasons to Sign a Prenup Even If You’re Not Rich
No matter what they say about the sanctity of marriage, if one of you is sitting on a goldmine of family ...
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Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography Rates in Singapore (2019)
Your wedding is probably the most significant (and expensive) milestone in your life, so it’s no surprise ...
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5 Tips to Buy An Engagement Ring Under $1,000 in Singapore
Venus is split in two camps: First, there are those who won’t settle for anything less than a flawless, ...
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3 Reasons You Might Want To Consider Getting Wedding Insurance (2019)
Weddings in Singapore can cost as much as a small house in another country. Yet it’s mind boggling how ...
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Shopping For A Diamond Engagement Ring? Here Are 5 Financial Tips You Must Know
Sure, we live in an era where it’s cool and trendy to rebel against diamond engagement rings, but remember ...
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Can You Pull Off a Destination Wedding for Under $10,000?
People usually associate destination weddings with newlywed celebrities frolicking on private islands for ...
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3 Things Couples Can Do to Keep Their Weddings Affordable For Their Guests
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Wedding Bands in Singapore – Guide to Choosing Affordable Wedding Rings
If there’s one piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing for most of your adult life, it would be your wedding ...
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Wedding Invitations in Singapore – 3 Money-Saving Hacks for Wedding Cards
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Wedding Dresses from $50 – 5 Online Shops for Super Affordable Wedding Gowns
As a bride-to-be who prides herself on being “pretty chill about everything”, even I find myself feeling ...
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Wedding Dinners and Packages: Why You Shouldn’t Take Everything That’s Offered to You
Wedding Dinners and Packages: Why You Shouldn’t Take Everything That’s Offered to You
Bridal photography and packages for wedding dinners: I used to think that when things come in a package, ...
28 September 2017
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Here’s Why You Might Never Have to Overpay for an Engagement Ring in Singapore Again
Weddings in modern Singapore often involve many wedding traditions, like engagement rings, wedding photoshoots ...
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5 Key Money Issues You Should Discuss For Your Actual Wedding
5 Key Money Issues You Should Discuss For Your Actual Wedding
Ah. Weddings. The romantic celebration of two people tying each other down. They are undoubtedly one of ...
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Wedding Gatecrashes: How Much Do You REALLY Need to Spend?
It’s not uncommon knowledge that banquets and weddings in Singapore costs a bomb. You’d think with all ...
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Singapore Wedding Banquet Price List 2017
Since I’ve hit my 20’s, marriage invitations have become an increasing obligation I can’t say no to, no ...
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How Early Should You Be Planning Your Honeymoon and What Should You Consider?
How Early Should You Be Planning Your Honeymoon and What Should You Consider?
Many couples either plan their honeymoon together with their wedding, or put it off till a later date when ...
12 May 2017