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Malaysian bride Shelby faced down the bull of any wedding: the budget. With some creative, lateral thinking, Shelby worked out some low cost solutions that didn’t compromise on quality. In this article, Wedding Guide Asia explores how she did it. If you’re looking for a budget wedding yourself, take a page from Shelby’s book. Heck, just steal the whole book; the woman knows what she’s doing!

Here at WGA, we love nothing more than receiving stories from our real brides (aka you guys!). Albeit one of the biggest constraints of a wedding being the budget, one savvy Malaysian bride Shelby took this in her stride, popped on her thinking cap and got creative…


Officers raising swords in salute


Shelby’s Story:

It’s a little bit of a matchmaking story as a mutual friend introduced the two of us. At first I was a bit apprehensive as Chew and I come from such different worlds – I’m a doctor who is quite carefree whereas he’s an older, army officer whose idea of a good time is to browse through a hardware store! But, as they say, love works in mysterious ways and the next thing I knew… we were in love and he popped the question just six months into the relationship!

The Wedding:

Planning the wedding wasn’t the easiest as I was working in Perak and he was in Kedah. Yes, it was LDR turned into LDP (Long distance planning!). We wanted something different from the norm so opted for a ‘Paris in Spring’ theme which meant using colours such as deep purple, fuschia and Tiffany blue. Because I had a limited budget, with the help of my bridesmaids, we handmade most of the decor!


Pretty bridesmaids with custom hair-pieces


DIY Hairpieces
For the hair, I made these bird hairpieces after being inspired by my all-time favourite SATC! Do you guys recall:

Carrie: I wore a bird on my head!
Miranda: Is that what that was? I thought it was a feather?
Carrie: It was a bird.

… Sex And The City: The Movie …

With some mini hair clips, faux birds, fake flowers & some TLC, I made these cute bird accessories for myself and my bridesmaids. If you’d like to try it yourself, please check out my blog for step-by-step instructions 🙂


The Decor:

Thank God for ‘a little help from my friends’:) As I said, my bridesmaids helped me out with our DIY decor, which was a great way to work within my budget. For the guest place cards we cut out butterflies and perched them on wine glasses.

My florist was very accommodating budget-wise and transformed my floral designs from paper to petal! IKEA serviettes, personalized with Mangosteenskin’s lovely hand-carved stamp, lined the wedding favours, which were manicure sets.

Tables were named after my favourite bits of Paris, i.e. Collette, Laduree macarons, Sacre Couer, Chloe, etc. My wedding cake was streamed with butterflies (from that I had seen My choice of cake topper designer was unavailable at the time so I used a wooden toy couple that I had found in the children’s department during an Isetan sale. They only cost RM6 a couple!

There were also fruit jellies, pink Pringles and personalized rock candies at the candy station aka bonbonniere. If you look at the pic above you can see we had “Shelby loves Chew” imprinted on the candies.


Drawing of a tree


Instead of a guestbook, I had a canvas with a tree trunk painted on it for my guests to ‘Leaf A Print’.Something different!


Don’t you love how the groomsmen were in their officer outfits? Chew and I walked in to the song ‘Nothin On You’ by BoB feat Bruno Mars under blades of glory. The best part of the banquet was the video montage tribute to my father. Everyone told me it brought a tear or two to their eyes.

I’d previously read the WGA post on ‘something old, something new’ – so for my something old, I wore a pair of Mimpi Murni earrings as they were the first gift Chew ever gave me.


Le French Moustaches


The French moustaches I made for my photobooth proved to be tons of fun.


Young bridesmaids


Even the flowergirls’ dresses were penny-pinchers as I bought the cloth and my aunt helped sew them together.


Shelby's portrait


We ended the night with a couple of boogies on the dance floor and of course, the inevitable bouquet-toss! I have to admit that a DIY wedding is tons of stress but watching my work unfold into such a joyous occasion made all the blood, sweat and tears worth it.

Hope you enjoyed my lil story & best of luck with your wedding, girls! 🙂 xxx Shelby

Shelby’s Little White Book:

Make-up: Janine

Wedding Gown: Suan from AfterTwelve

Groom’s Tuxedo: Fit & Match

Wedding Bands: De Gem

Flowers: Golden Cherie

Photography: Catchlights

Emcee / DJ: CH Tan of Dreamz

Dinner Reception: The Westin Hotel

A DIY wedding has that personal touch; everything’s more memorable when you do it yourself. And you’ll save money too!

Ever been to or had a DIY wedding? Comment and tell us about it!

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