MoneySmart Editorial Guidelines




We, the team at MoneySmart, are focused on making sure you get the right information to make the right financial choices. We’ve set in place the following guidelines to ensure editorial integrity regardless of whatever content we put out. This way, you can enjoy not only our advice and recommendations, but also MoneySmart’s suite of comparison tools, with clarity and confidence.


Key Pillars

  • Helpful: We believe that our content can empower you to make the best personal financial decisions for yourself, and achieve your goals.
  • Clear: Therefore, our content is committed to being objective and informative, regardless of whether it is paid for or not.
  • Frank: We are upfront about our sponsored content and clearly indicate on the piece if an advertiser paid for it.
  • Personal: If we find a product does not have anything relevant or valuable to you, the reader, we won’t write about it.

Building Trust

  • Our editorial content reflects our continuous effort to be clear and analytical. It is fact-checked to the best of our ability.
  • When we review products and policies, we ensure our opinions are based on facts, and are of value to you, our readers.
  • We are especially stringent with ensuring that our editorial integrity is not compromised by an advertiser.
  • Sponsored content will still retain our tone of voice and our commitment to honesty and accuracy.

Staying True

  • All editorial content reflects the views of the MoneySmart editorial staff or our independent contractors.
  • Reviews of products and policies are based on our expert knowledge of the personal finance industry in Singapore.
  • Whether reviews are favourable or not does not affect writer performance evaluations or compensation.
  • Our editorial staff does not receive any direct compensation from advertisers.


Revenue, the MoneySmart way

We know that you’re looking for the best personal financial products and you want them quickly. You don’t need to know every single option in order to make the best decision. That’s why MoneySmart curates only the best financial products in the market to present to you. And we’re constantly adding more! Every day, some financial products become less appealing and new products rise to take their place. And when they do, we’ll tell you. For free!


We can provide you with this service because we earn a referral fee from our partners when you apply for their products through us. And because we have several partners and are always on the look-out for more, we remain impartial while the revenue we earn goes back into helping you. Let us help you make better personal financial decisions by giving you the confidence to do so through our suite of comparison tools.

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