5 Unique Travel Ideas for Singaporeans Who’ve Already Been Everywhere

5 Unique Travel Ideas for Singaporeans Who’ve Already Been Everywhere

We all have that friend who struggles to decide where to go on holiday every few months because he’s already been virtually everywhere in the world. Heck, maybe we are that friend.

So how do you pick your next holiday destination when you consider Paris and London boring, and have been to more countries than you can count?

Here are five unique travel ideas for when you’re really out of inspiration:


1. Let a friend/ or tour agency pick your destination for you

Back in 2017, there used to be a local start-up called Anywhr which plans holidays in surprise destinations for Singaporeans who’ve already been everywhere. All you had to do is tell them your preferences, and indicate which places you don’t want to go to—which, for the more well-travelled amongst us, means you can simply give them a long list of every city you’ve already visited.

You then show up at the airport at an appointed date and time, and only then will you receive information about your destination and accommodation. (Anywhr has since shuttered.)

Half the excitement seems to be the anticipation of packing for a holiday to an unknown destination. So, give this a shot if the novelty of the experience sounds appealing to you.

Going on a surprise travel holiday doesn’t have to cost a hideous amount of money. Give your friend (or tour agency) a budget of $1,000 or $2,000 per pax and tell them to include the cost of accommodation and flights.


2. Try a new experience at a destination you’ve already visited

Just because you’ve ticked off all the boxes on Klook’s checklist doesn’t mean you truly know a destination. If you’ve been to a huge number of destinations, consider trying brand new experiences in a place you’ve already visited. You’ll see that destination in a new light and get to know it a bit more intimately without feeling like your holiday is just a repeat of previous ones.

For instance, if you’ve already been to Chiang Mai to marvel at temples and chillax at hipster cafes, sign up for a residential Vipassana Meditation course at Wat Doi Suthep instead.

Best of all, because you’ve already been to the destination and are somewhat familiar with it, you should already know where to get reasonable accommodation and food and avoid scams.


3. Visit smaller cities/towns and off-the-beaten track places around major cities you’ve visited

So you’ve already been to major world cities like London, New York, Bangkok, and Tokyo? Try flying in to these destinations, but this time with the goal of visiting smaller cities/towns and off-the-beaten-track locations in the vicinity.

For instance, if you’ve already been to Rome so many times you’re no longer amazed by the Colosseum, fly there and then take a train, bus or rental car to Siena or the Roman Castles. You could also take a train to Naples in about 1 hour+ and visit Pompeii.

One advantage is that smaller, lesser-visited towns and cities tend to be more affordable in terms of food and accommodation than huge, major cities.


4. Go on a cruise

Don’t knock cruising until you’ve tried it. Going on a cruise can be a great experience for those who just want to unwind without having to do too much planning. Cruising is a completely different experience to checking into a hotel at a fixed destination.

The right cruise ships have amazing facilities, ranging from rock climbing walls to ice skating rinks and Las Vegas-worthy shows. Unless you’re on a cruise to nowhere, you’ll also get to step off the ship and explore various destinations.

While the upfront cost of going on a cruise may seem daunting, bear in mind that the cost of all accommodation, food and entertainment on board will be covered. It’s up to you to get your money’s worth—so head straight for the seafood table.


5. Experiment with staying in a new type of accommodation

So your idea of an awesome holiday is one in which you spend your time relaxing at a beautiful resort? (Who cares about museums, right?) Then you might enjoy revisiting favourite destinations to try out new types of accommodation.

For instance, if you’ve stayed at a fancy beach resort with a sea view and private pool in Bali, the next time you go there try staying at the Bubble Hotel in Uluwatu, which features rooms made up of big transparent bubbles surrounded by greenery and with a view of the ocean.

You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money, either. Airbnb is a great source of unusual accommodation options, and you can book a stay on a boat in Amsterdam or a castle in France, if you so desire.

What’s your favourite way to travel? Do you buy travel insurance?