Planning a Holiday? Here’s How To Save Yourself From Wasting Time and Money

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Do you spend all your spare time fantasising about your next overseas holiday? Do you religiously save up all your annual leave to use on travel? Then you want to plan your trips carefully, so you don’t miss out on ticking off those items on your bucket list!But planning can be tough, and with an infinite number of resources online, knowing where to start can feel like trying to choose 4D numbers.

Sure, you could just Google up a list of common tourist spots, but if you don’t plan ahead you might run into roadblocks—getting stuck in long queues, overpaying for tickets and so on—that could sour your holiday.


Save time and money by booking experiences

The laziest way to save time on planning is to go with a package tour. But not everyone wants to spend their time following some tour guide’s flag around and riding around in a tour bus all day.

Well, there is now an online platform that can help you plan your holiday activities easily and painlessly, so you can save time and money while ensuring you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Klook is Asia’s largest travel activity booking platform — not only does it enable you to plan and book your holiday activities easily, it also gives you the freedom to customise an itinerary that’s unique to your interests, while avoiding cliches and tourist traps.

Best of all, at least from a financial point of view, Klook offers a Best Price Guarantee. One of the things that can really mess around with your holiday budgeting is when a whole bunch of extra charges and fees are added into the cost of your activities. Klook not only makes sure they’re upfront about all charges but the best part is… if you find a lower price for the same activity or tour, they’ll refund you double the difference. So you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal possible, which means more money to spend elsewhere on your trip!

Planning for a holiday is a tricky balance of both keeping within budget and making sure that you’re able to visit all the spots you’d like to go to and not miss out on any key activities. This usually ends up in one big messy spreadsheet, so just how can Klook help you organise your holiday?


Shop for your own itinerary

Buying tickets to popular tourist destinations in advance is highly advisable, as failing to do so could mean enduring long queues, paying more, or missing out altogether should tickets get sold out. Whether you’re going to a theme park or a famous museum, always check if it’s possible to book ahead.

Klook enables you to browse and purchase tickets for all the events and activities you’re dying to experience and also helps you save money in the process!

As it is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of destinations and activities and the official partner of top attractions and operators worldwide, the platform saves you from: checking individual merchants’ websites or providers, comparing prices, worrying about having to pay for hidden admin fees and deciding which sites are reliable or safe.

All 30,000+ experiences in 120+ destinations have been handpicked by destination experts all over the world. Over 1,000,000 user reviews enable you to decide which attractions deserve to be on your itinerary.


Here are examples of some popular experiences you can enjoy on Klook:

7-day, 14-day and 21-day Japan Rail passes

Fast track entry to Taipei 101 Observatory

Admission tickets and express passes to Universal Studios Japan

Discounted entry ticket with unlimited rides at Fuji-Q Highland park

Discounted entry ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland

1-day and 2-day passes to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea

You can even plan for your trips on the go by downloading Klook’s mobile app, which enables you to make bookings on the go. Featured under 2015’s ‘Best of the Year’ in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the easy-to-use app makes searching for the best fit of activities extremely simple  whether you are planning for or already on your holiday.

Holidays aren’t always planned to the exact minute, and if you are feeling spontaneous, it’s easy to discover activities you might not have considered before. The mobile app also conveniently allows you to use the mobile vouchers provided instead of having to go through the hassle of printing your tickets out (unless otherwise stated). This makes finding things to do on the fly extremely simple, especially for those who don’t have that much time to plan their holidays completely in advance.

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Open-date tickets are also available in many booking categories, so even free-and-easy travellers who don’t like to over-plan can save money. You can essentially make a booking first and then decide how it fits into your itinerary later on. Many reviewers on the Klook website have shared that they enjoy the flexibility of moving plans around when going to popular attractions like Universal Studios Japan as they are able to to accommodate last minute plans and even bad weather.

Pro Tip: Klook even has special queues for their customers at certain attractions in places like Hong Kong. You can skip the queue in places like the Hong Kong Peak Tram and Ngong Ping 360, which really helps maximize your time on vacation.


Wait, it gets better at Klook’s year end sale

Klook EOY sale

Until 31 December 2017, Klook’s year-end sale gives you the chance to save even more when you travel.

Get a total of $100 off when you make bookings on Klook, available across the entire range of experiences on the platform.

This discount is available on top of the cost savings the platform offers, which is saying a lot, as Klook already guarantees the best prices you can find anywhere.

Simply check out with the promo code <YES100> to receive your first $50 off when you spend at least $450. You will then receive a second $50 coupon code via email, valid for your next purchase of at least $300.

Considering a 7-day Japan Rail Pass costs $332 and a 1-day pass to Universal Studios Japan costs $91, the minimum spending requirements are a breeze to fulfil.

Booking is easy, safe and seamless. The platform’s design is extremely intuitive, and strict security measures have been taken to ensure every booking experience is safe and secure.

Planning for overseas holidays has never been easier as Klook now eliminates the need to worry about queues and prices, and makes it easier than ever to figure out what to do at your destination. So it’s time to start reserving slots on your workplace’s leave calendar, looking for someone to babysit your cat and getting ready to take to the skies!


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