6 Not-Super-Expensive Suitcases for Singaporeans Looking for Quality Luggage That Lasts

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Try to stop a Singaporean from escaping overseas on public holidays like Chinese New Year and National Day and you’re in for a very ugly scene. Why is the turnover rate at local workplaces so high? Answer: Bosses who reject leave applications and ruin your holiday plans.

Seeing as how so may Singaporeans are very frequent travellers, it pays to get a suitcase that isn’t going to fall apart the minute you rescue it from the conveyor belt.

A cheap suitcase can only take so much abuse, and a busted wheel or torn seams can sound the death knell for that knock-off you bought at Lucky Plaza.

Here’s a sampling of lower-to-upper mid range suitcases for those who are sick of having to replace their luggage every few years.


American Tourister Stream-Alpha Spinner 77

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.37.20 PM

Maybe it’s because they advertised on Xiaxue’s blog. American Tourister is one of the most popular suitcase brands amongst young Singaporeans. The bright, cheery colours are appealing to people who hate boring black, and while definitely more expensive than the suitcases at the Lucky Plaza store, prices are still affordable enough to put this brand on the lower end of the mid range category.

The 77cm American Tourister Stream-Alpha comes in several colours including egg yolk yellow. This is one suitcase you know you’ll be able to spot on the conveyor belt.

Where to get it: Available on at the sale price of $196, down from $280, with free shipping.


National Geographic Abroad 28” Trolley Luggage

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.16.26 AM

Most of us know National Geographic as that magazine, but some of you might also remember they had a retail store at VivoCity years ago. That’s crashed and burned, but you can still buy their products online. They’ve got suitcases, travel bags and other travel paraphernalia.

Their suitcase prices are on the lower end of the mid-range spectrum, and they generally look nice and are of decent quality. The Abroad Trolley Luggage in yellow would look like a Minion if you dressed it up in blue overalls, which is great if you hate boring black suitcases or, uh, like Minions.

Where to get it: Available on at the sale price of 129.90 SGD, down from 239.90 SGD, with free shipping.


Victorinox Spectra 29” 8-wheel Travel Case

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.36.46 PM

Victorinox, the company behind Swiss army knives, also has a strong presence in Singapore’s luggage market. Their suitcases are no nonsense, yet super sleek—let’s just say nobody will think it’s a “Beverly Hills Polo Club” suitcase you picked up at the pasar malam.

The Spectra 29” 8-wheel Travel Case made of 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate seems super hardy, while still looking quite cool. While the price might make first-time suitcase buyers balk, this is one of the highest quality pieces you can get at this price.

Where to get it: Available on for $689 with free shipping.

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Samsonite Black Label Richmond Spinner 75cm

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.26.07 AM

Samsonite is to the suitcase world what McDonald’s is to the fast food world. These are the quintessential luggage makers. While their products aren’t cheap, they make some of the more durable suitcases on the market.

HSBC is now giving away the Black Label Richmond Spinner, worth $950, free to eligible customers who sign up for their credit cards. Sign up for the HSBC Visa Platinum or HSBC Revolution credit card and then charge $1,000 within a month from the issuance of the card, and you qualify for the luggage.

Where to get it: Available free to people who sign up for HSBC Visa Platinum or HSBC Revolution and charge $1,000 within first month.


Bric’s Milano Life 30” Ultra-Light Spinner

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.38.22 PM

Most frequent travellers of the non-backpacker variety have heard of suitcase heavyweights like Samsonite, Rimowa, Tumi and Victorinox. Bric’s Milano is slightly less well known in Singapore, but belongs up there with the world’s most stylish and most popular travel brands. So if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like buying “unknown brands”, relax lah.

This spinner made of PVC and Tuscan leather trimmings is impossibly stylish, and will make you exude a George Clooney-ish charm at the airport, until you almost get a hernia trying to haul it off the conveyor belt, that is.

Where to get it: Available on for 795 USD (1,080.25 SGD), ships for free with promotion code upon checkout, but note that you will be made to pay GST.


Tumi Alpha 2

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.54.58 PM

This 30” suitcase looks pretty boring, but being from Tumi it’s going to be hardier than most of the other suitcases getting kicked around by airport staff.

Okay, I’ll be honest here, these things are not cheap. But what’s different? At 3 kg, these things are much lighter than most suitcases of that size—it’s at least 1 to 2 kg lighter than all the other the suitcases on this list. And it manages to be that light without sacrificing durability, unlike those paper thin nylon suitcases you see at some roadshows.

And okay, I know this list was supposed to feature only not-super-expensive suitcases. But to put things in perspective, this suitcase you can use for a good fraction of your life costs less than a handbag from Chanel or Prada.

Where to get it: Available on for 1,710 SGD with free shipping.

What suitcase do you usually use? Tell us in the comments!

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