4 Popular Holiday Destinations You Can Still Afford To Travel To Over the Labour Day Weekend

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This Labour Day, other than simply making sure you’re not labouring, it’s time to let yourself live a little after a year of toil. And what better way to do so than to get out of the country? As this isn’t the SG50 long weekend, you need not worry about feeling media-imposed guilt.

Now, if you have suddenly decided that you need to get away this long weekend for whatever reason,  you might be thinking that ticket prices are completely out of your budget. Despite the beginning of your long weekend being about 48 hours away, there are a couple of destinations that are still reasonably priced if you book now:


1. Kuala Lumpur

While ticket prices to Bangkok and Phuket have ballooned to close to over 3 times the usual amount, KL is close enough such that even inflated air tickets are fairly cheap. At the moment, you can get tickets on Malindo Air and Air Asia, the cheapest combination of which allows you to fly on Friday and return on Sunday for a very reasonable $100+. Alternatively, take a coach ride for about $70.

Every Singaporean knows KL is party city, and over the Labour Day weekend it’s going to be crazy,  so we suggest you start hydrating and catching up on sleep over the next 24 hours.

Cost: $70 to $100+


2. Macau


Air ticket prices to Macau aren’t terribly inflated at the moment, and you can still get return tickets on Tiger Airways in the low $300+ range without having to go on leave before or after the long weekend. 2 or 3 days is a good amount of time for Macau, which is tiny.

If you’re a really hardcore gambler you’ll probably find yourself trying to turn this weekend trip into an all-expenses-paid one. The rest of you, be content with the Portuguese egg tarts.

Cost: $300+


3. Hong Kong


Why not escape from our high population density, shopping malls and skyscrapers… to a city with an even higher population density, bigger shopping malls and taller skyscrapers? If you feel invigorated by Hong Kong’s vibrance rather than stressed out by its fast pace, a weekend trip might be on the cards.

Ticket prices still remain reasonable, and you can obtain a return ticket in the low $300s by flying with Tiger Airways and Scoot or Jetstar and Scoot if you’re willing to go on leave on Thurday. However, even if you fly on Friday and return on Sunday, at the time of writing there are still budget airline tickets at $300++.

Cost: $300++


4. Shanghai


While flights to major Chinese cities tend to get booked up over public holidays, this time it doesn’t seem to have happened. Tickets to Shanghai on Malaysia Airlines are still a very affordable $400+, which is not far off from its usual price during off peak periods, although this might have something to do with the fact that Chinese travellers have been avoiding the airline since the recent incidents.

Shanghai is huge, but many Singaporeans nip over for the weekend just to shop, eat and party on the Bund. If you’ve never been to Mainland China, this is a good chance to experience the intensity in a relatively small dose.

Cost: $400+

Are you going anywhere this Labour Day Weekend? Share your plans in the comments!

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