singapore inflation rate 2019
Singapore Inflation Rate 2022 – What Is It & Why Does It Matter?
OK, confession time. Even though I know that Inflation is Very Bad and I should do all I can to stay ahead ...
27 October 2022
singapore airlines sia@home restaurant a380
How Much Do Singapore Airlines’ Home Delivery & Inflight Meals Cost Anyway?
Editor’s Note: We will never get those quiet, WFH Covid-19 pandemic years back. But we lived to tell our ...
8 September 2022
stashaway review
StashAway Review — StashAway vs Syfe vs Endowus, Fees, Portfolios
You might have heard of a little robo advisor called StashAway. OK, it’s not so little — this startup has ...
10 August 2022
singapore personal finance myth
6 Personal Finance Myths Singaporeans Need To Stop Believing
When it comes to finance issues, we get wisdom from our parents, friends, lecturers, siblings, and our ...
5 April 2022
old with no children senior citizens
No Kids? Singaporeans Without Children Can Do These 5 Things to Plan for Old Age
Singaporeans are becoming extinct thanks to our spectacularly low birth rate. Many have chosen to live ...
16 March 2022
practical activities to do in singapore
Is Your Child Spoiled? 5 Activities Singaporean Parents Can Do to Not Raise Brats
No matter what the government says about the joys of parenting, most of the Singaporean kids you see around ...
15 March 2022
children march holidays
March Holidays: 5 Meaningful and Free Activities for Children in Singapore
Singaporean children are some of the world’s most over-scheduled. Even during the March school holidays, ...
14 March 2022
shopping singapore
4 Financial Mistakes Singaporean Women are Making
Neither men nor women have it easy in Singapore when it comes to staying afloat in an expensive city and ...
8 March 2022
3 Important Basics That Singaporeans Need to Have in Place When They Plan For Retirement
3 Important Basics That Singaporeans Need to Have in Place When They Plan For Retirement
Ask Singaporeans what’s the number one thing they need for retirement, and the obvious answer will be not ...
1 March 2022
3 Reasons why Singaporeans are not happier even with higher incomes
3 Reasons Why Rising Household Income is Not Making Singaporeans Happier
Money is at the root of pretty much everything Singaporeans are stressed about. Work-related stress is ...
15 February 2022
Consequences of Inflation
How Singaporeans are Being Hurt by Inflation (and Don’t Realise It)
If you’ve been keeping up with the news of Singapore’s inflation rates in 2022, you might be in a state ...
26 January 2022
3 Money-Related Questions Nosy Relatives Like To Ask During CNY
3 Money-Related Questions Nosy Relatives Like To Ask During CNY
For those who are stuck visiting relatives they barely know, Chinese New Year is probably the most hated ...
18 January 2022
new year resolutions singaporean needs to make
5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Singaporean Should Make
There’s a reason many people think making New Year’s resolutions is an exercise in futility. Reaching for ...
30 December 2021
electric car singapore
Is It Finally Worth It to Buy an Electric Car in Singapore?
The Singapore government once dismissed electric cars as a lifestyle purchase. But now that climate change ...
29 March 2021
female finance investment blog
International Women’s Day: 10 Female Finance & Investment Blogs to Follow
These days, Singaporean women are just as likely to be seen making stacks of cash or investing in assets, ...
1 March 2021
short selling gamestop
What the Heck is Short Selling? Here’s What We Learnt from GameStop
Love it or hate it, the great GameStop kerfuffle of 2021 has done an important public service: It’s brought ...
3 February 2021
The “Great Lockdown Recession”: Is This a Good Time to Start Investing?
The “Great Lockdown Recession”: Is This a Good Time to Start Investing?
Covid-19 has been devastating for many workers and industries, but investors are divided as to whether ...
29 April 2020
Budget 2020 Singapore — Careers and Employment Support, Measures to help local workers
Budget 2020 — How Workers of All Ages Can Stay Employed, Keep Growing, and Seize New Opportunities
This post was written in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. While we are financially compensated ...
electric car BlueSG singapore
BlueSG Car Rental in Singapore – Are Their Prices Really Worth It?
Despite obtaining your driver’s licence when you were young enough to remember how to draw bar diagrams ...
11 November 2019
e scooter ban
Should E-Scooters be Banned in Singapore? 5 Alternatives to an Outright Ban
Update: Effective from Nov 5 2019, e-scooters have been banned from footpaths. You can only use them on ...
8 October 2019
early retirement singapore
Early Retirement in Singapore — Is the FIRE Movement Possible Here?
Just like how miles chasers live for the day they fly SQ Suites, or how BTS fans can finally die happy ...
27 September 2019
haze in singapore
Haze in Singapore: 7 Ways Singaporeans Can Prepare Themselves & Stay Healthy
So it looks like the haze isn’t going to go away anytime soon. While haze seems pretty harmless by and ...
20 September 2019
ntuc fairprice xtra vivocity
NTUC FairPrice Xtra at VivoCity — 7 New Features to Woo Online Shoppers
Our favourite supermarket NTUC FairPrice has just opened a massive new store at VivoCity, and we hear that ...
13 September 2019
scoop wholefoods
Zero Waste Grocery Shopping? We Visit Unpackt, Scoop Wholefoods & The Source To See If It’s Possible
Thanks to growing awareness about wasteful packaging (save our world~), eco-conscious stores like Unpackt ...
12 September 2019
cash singapore
Cashless Society? Wait Long Long. 5 Reasons Why We Still Use Cash in Singapore
Like a lot of Singaporeans I know, I own several credit cards and my phone is loaded with Apple Pay, FavePay ...
9 September 2019