5 Things Singaporeans Should be Pessimistic About in 2018
5 Things Singaporeans Should be Pessimistic About in 2018
Not to be a wet blanket, but it looks like 2018 isn’t shaping up to be such a great year. The job market ...
5 January 2018
expensive habits 2018
5 Expensive Habits Singaporeans Should Consider Breaking in 2018
Anyone who claims they have no bad habits is lying, or at a job interview. We’ve all got some nasty little ...
2 January 2018
Bitcoin and 5 Other Bubbles in the Past 20 Years
Bitcoin and 5 Other Bubbles in the Past 20 Years
Those of you who are kicking yourselves for not jumping on the bitcoin wagon earlier might find some cold ...
15 December 2017
employee engagement singapore
3 Ways Employers can Boost Employee Engagement and Stop Their Workers From Turning into Zombies
Do you have colleagues whose default facial expression at work is “sian”? Who try to get by doing the bare ...
12 December 2017
work-life balance
3 Principles Singaporeans Should Live By to Achieve a Good Work-Life Balance
Sometimes, achieving work-life balance can seem as hard as finding a cure for cancer. Long working hours ...
1 December 2017
singapore government raising taxes
How Will the Government be Raising Taxes and How Can Singaporeans Deal With It?
When the government warns us that we’re soon going to pay more for something, you can bet it’ll happen. ...
27 November 2017
dbs api platform singapore
DBS Launches World’s Largest API Platform – Why Should You Even Care?
Earlier this month, DBS launched what they claim is the world’s largest API platform by any bank. Some ...
22 November 2017
money gift
5 Ways to Give Money as a Gift Without Awkwardness
Nobody in Singapore would ever say no to free money, yet we find it so awkward to give money as a gift. ...
15 November 2017
high speed railway
5 Ways the KL-Singapore High Speed Railway Will Have an Impact on Singaporeans’ Wallets
I’ll hazard a guess and say that Singaporeans are probably more excited than Malaysians about the KL-Singapore ...
14 November 2017
singapore vehicle growth rate
6 Factors That Will Affect COE Prices Now That the Vehicle Growth Rate is Going to be 0%
The Singaporean Dream got a little more out of reach when the LTA announced recently that they were cutting ...
8 November 2017
singapore vehicle growth rate
Are COE Prices Really Going To Explode With a 0% Vehicle Growth Rate?
Singaporeans on car forums found themselves despairing when the LTA announced that they would cut the vehicle ...
6 November 2017
online reviews
Here‘s Why You Shouldn’t Rely Solely On Reviews Before Buying Something
Whether you’re hunting for a good facial cream, a drone, make-up, a watch or what not, the choices online ...
2 November 2017
How is the Definition of Success Changing in Singapore?
How is the Definition of Success Changing in Singapore?
For several decades, the Singapore model of education worked very well. We churned out students proficient ...
24 October 2017
5 Things Singaporean Workers Can Anticipate in the Future
5 Things Singaporean Workers Can Anticipate in the Future
The options facing young workers in Singapore today are vastly different from what their parents had to ...
23 October 2017
older pmets singapore
3 Things That Could Push Companies to Hire Older PMETs and Not Just Fresh Grads or Foreigners
Singapore’s dog-eat-dog work environment brings to mind young office workers on the brink of burn-out, ...
19 October 2017
good parenting bad money values
4 Surprising Ways Good Parenting Can Lead to Bad Money Values
When I was in my teenage years, I used to argue with my parents whenever they opposed my plans of getting ...
13 October 2017
99-year hdb flats
99-year HDB Flats – 5 Things Singaporeans Should Recognise About Them
Pool together all your resources, buy a home, and become an overnight millionaire by selling it off years ...
9 October 2017
President Halimah Yaacob Istana SIngapore
3 Powers President Halimah Yaacob has that Affect Singaporeans’ Finances
After the initial furore surrounding Halimah Yaacob being, err, elected as president, Singaporeans have ...
2 October 2017
5 Shocking Lessons You’ll Learn During Your First 2 Years of Work
5 Shocking Lessons You’ll Learn During Your First 2 Years of Work
It’s been almost 3 years since I graduated as a marketing major. Not counting my internships and the miscellaneous ...
25 September 2017
gig economy singapore
4 Reasons Singapore Should Embrace the Gig Economy
Every time you read about the gig economy in the local news, you get the feeling that freelancers and gig ...
18 September 2017
home renovation singapore
4 Ways to Protect Yourself From Losing Money When You Pay for Packages
There are few things worse than spending your hard-earned money on a big renovation package in anticipation ...
14 September 2017
cashless merchant qr code
Cashless Payments in Singapore – 7 Reasons Why Merchants Should Get Onboard
There’s been a lot of talk about how the government hopes to transform Singapore into a cashless society. ...
11 September 2017
cashless singapore credit card
Singapore as a Cashless Society: Why We Should Be Looking Forward To It
In this year’s National Day message, PM Lee pushed for Singapore to become a cashless society, in line ...
8 September 2017
cashless payments singapore
Ignoring This One Point About a Cashless Society Could Have a Huge Impact on Singaporeans’ Finances
Now that the government has been clear that they’re aiming to turn Singapore into a cashless society in ...
4 September 2017
location singapore buying hdb
Here’s Why Location Won’t Matter As Much in The Future When Buying a Home in Singapore
Location, location, location. It’s no secret that Singaporeans prioritise convenience, especially when ...
4 September 2017