Chinese New Year

Post-CNY Weight Gain: 8 Ways to Shed the Kilos — Without Spending A Single Cent
Like me, you’re probably guilty of overeating (and overdrinking) this Chinese New Year.  Nevermind the ...
19 February 2021
New Norm 2021: How to Have a Chinese “NewNormal” Year (#CNNY)
New Norm 2021: How to Have a Chinese “NewNormal” Year (#CNNY)
Chinese New Year 2021 will indeed be one for the books. While we celebrate with family over reunion dinner, ...
HSBC SmartMortgage interest offset home loan to save money
Feeling Festive, Feeling Thrifty! 5 Smarter Ways to Save Money Now
This post was written in collaboration with HSBC. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
haidilao singapore
4 Hot Pot Alternatives To Haidilao – Xiao Fei Yang, Beauty In The Pot & More
I felt a little happy when I read the news about food critic Chua Lam getting flamed for his blasphemous ...
23 March 2020
lo hei yu sheng singapore
Yu Sheng Singapore Price Guide (2020) – Plus, “Huat” To Say When You Lo Hei!
Oi, all of you jiak kantang one ah. You have less than a month to brush up on your mandarin if you want ...
22 January 2020
chinese new year 2019
Chinese New Year Budgeting (2020) – How Much Does It Cost To Follow Tradition?
As one half of a young, married couple who’s just moved into our own place, I am only just starting to ...
6 January 2020
donate old secondhand items: where to donate clothes singapore
Where to Donate Secondhand Items in Singapore: Clothes, Books, Furniture & Others
So you finally read that Marie Kondo book and went on a decluttering spree. Now, you’re left with a ton ...
11 April 2019
CNY part time jobs fairs singapore
7 CNY 2019 Part-Time Jobs: Where To Earn Money If You Are Too Free
So, you’ve got a bit of time on your hands over the Chinese New Year break. You’d like to make a bit of ...
11 January 2019
cny goodies 2019
CNY Goodies 2019 Price Guide: Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Lapis, Love Letters & More
Chinese New Year is the absolute worst time in the year to fall sick. Not because it’s inauspicious to ...
10 January 2019
CNY events 2019 singapore
10 Must-Go Chinese New Year 2019 Events: Chingay Parade, River Hongbao, Huayi & Others
Ask a Singaporean what their plans are for Chinese New Year, and you’re likely to receive one of two answers: ...
10 January 2019
cny reunion dinner 2019
CNY Reunion Dinner 2019 – 14 Chinese Restaurant Set Meals Under $60++/pax
Just like, um, everything related to Chinese New Year, CNY reunion dinners are really expensive. Gone are ...
9 January 2019
abalone promotions singapore cny
Cheapest Abalone Promotions in Singapore for CNY (2019)
Writing these Chinese New Year articles has been extremely illuminating. For one thing, I discovered that ...
8 January 2019