Chinese New Year

haidilao singapore
4 Hot Pot Alternatives To Haidilao – Xiao Fei Yang, Beauty In The Pot & More
I felt a little happy when I read the news about food critic Chua Lam getting flamed for his blasphemous ...
23 March 2020
lo hei yu sheng singapore
Yu Sheng Singapore Price Guide (2020) – Plus, “Huat” To Say When You Lo Hei!
Oi, all of you jiak kantang one ah. You have less than a month to brush up on your mandarin if you want ...
22 January 2020
chinese new year 2019
Chinese New Year Budgeting (2020) – How Much Does It Cost To Follow Tradition?
As one half of a young, married couple who’s just moved into our own place, I am only just starting to ...
6 January 2020
donate old secondhand items: where to donate clothes singapore
Where to Donate Secondhand Items in Singapore: Clothes, Books, Furniture & Others
So you finally read that Marie Kondo book and went on a decluttering spree. Now, you’re left with a ton ...
11 April 2019
CNY part time jobs fairs singapore
7 CNY 2019 Part-Time Jobs: Where To Earn Money If You Are Too Free
So, you’ve got a bit of time on your hands over the Chinese New Year break. You’d like to make a bit of ...
11 January 2019
cny goodies 2019
CNY Goodies 2019 Price Guide: Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Lapis, Love Letters & More
Chinese New Year is the absolute worst time in the year to fall sick. Not because it’s inauspicious to ...
10 January 2019
CNY events 2019 singapore
10 Must-Go Chinese New Year 2019 Events: Chingay Parade, River Hongbao, Huayi & Others
Ask a Singaporean what their plans are for Chinese New Year, and you’re likely to receive one of two answers: ...
10 January 2019
cny reunion dinner 2019
CNY Reunion Dinner 2019 – 14 Chinese Restaurant Set Meals Under $60++/pax
Just like, um, everything related to Chinese New Year, CNY reunion dinners are really expensive. Gone are ...
9 January 2019
abalone promotions singapore cny
Cheapest Abalone Promotions in Singapore for CNY (2019)
Writing these Chinese New Year articles has been extremely illuminating. For one thing, I discovered that ...
8 January 2019